Most common dreams


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Most common dreams

  1. 1. MOST COMMON DREAMS Interpretation of Dreams Seminar, Module 4
  3. 3.  We’ll be discussing a list of typical dreams that people dream.  The circumstances, emotions and actions in the dream will help you to find out a more accurate interpretation of your dream.  Take some time to meditate on them.
  4. 4. DREAMS ARE SYMBOLIC  Most dreams are symbolic, which is to say that the pictures and scenarios are:  Fantastic,  Exaggerated, or  Unrealistic.  Symbolic dreams usually originate from your unconscious bringing to the surface issues about your life.
  5. 5. DREAMS ARE SYMBOLIC  In most cases, the persons and objects that you see in your dreams may represent something different than what you are seeing.  A person may represent authority, wisdom, generosity, etc.; depending the function, level of authority or responsibilities of the person.  Therefore we need to be aware of what a person can represent.
  6. 6. DREAMS ARE SYMBOLIC  Objects as well can represent something more than what they are.  A symbol speaks in many different ways:  Has an adjective to describe it.  Creates an emotion.  Propels us to an action.  Can be a connector with persons or another objects in your dream.
  7. 7. LITERAL DREAMS  However, we have another type of dream that is more literal in nature.  The first thing is that you have to realize that your dream its a literal dream and you need to pay attention to it.  A literal dream tells you something specific, usually without some imagery.  This simple way of dreaming can make the dream easier to interpret.
  8. 8. DREAMING OF YOUR HOUSE  A house normally would represent your personal life.  In a house there are many different rooms where specific activities take place.  Consequently the activities that are taking place in the dream could be taking place in your life as well
  9. 9. DREAMING OF GOING BACK TO SCHOOL  Implies a need or a call to learn something.  To review your knowledge  To get and update of your understanding of things.  A teachable spirit.
  10. 10. DREAMING OF HAVING A TEST  You are being tested,  Another chance for you to excel in something that you have previously failed in your life.  A call to have a look to your interior, to the circumstances that are hindering your blessings and your success.
  11. 11. DREAM ABOUTH VEHICLES  This can point out the calling that you have, the type and size of the vehicle can determine the size of your ministry.  It’s important to see if you are the one driving, or riding or if you have lend your vehicle, or if you are driving another’s vehicle.
  12. 12. DREAMS OF FLYING  They can point to the ability to soar in the spirit , and to be able to soar over difficult circumstances.  Also the ability to see things from above as God sees them.  To be able to look into heavenly things.
  13. 13. DREAMING OF FALLING TEETH  Falling to use God’s given wisdom in your daily affairs of life..  Lacking discernment..  What type of teeth is or are the falling ones?  Relate it with the function of each type of teeth.
  14. 14. DREAMING OF BEING NAKED IN PUBLIC.  Positive:  You are vulnerable, exposed.  Nothing to hide.  People don’t notice it, or have nothing to say about it.  You are confident and know where you are standing  Negative:  You are vulnerable.  You are embarrassed, not feeling comfortable.  Hidden things of your life been exposed.  See people around you or place where you are to be able to evaluate where your
  15. 15. DREAMING ABOUT STORMS  Menacing clouds, can point to enemy’s attack.  Danger approaching.  Rain on your parade.  Showers on the other side may represent a shower of blessings from God.  Times of refreshing and growth.
  16. 16. DREAMING OF PAST RELATIONSHIPS  Temptation of falling on old type of thinking and behavior.  The type of relationship we had before, could point to the area of temptation.  If it was a godly relationship could act as an invitation to renew your intimacy with God.
  17. 17. DREAMING OF TAKING A SHOWER  Cleansing process in march.  Removed guilt and condemnation.  Could be in private or in an open space where others can see you are been cleaned  Invigorating< renewing energy.
  18. 18. DREAM OF BEING CHASED  Reveals certain fears.  Who is chasing you could give a clue of your fears.  The enemy could be trying to find a right time to launch an attack
  19. 19. DREAM OF FALLING  Insecurity, not been affirmed.  Plans, ideas, collapsing.  A warning that something in your life is tumbling down.  Could be health, finances, relationships, your ministry, etc.
  20. 20. DREAM OF DEAD RELATIVES  This could be pointing to some generational issues in your life, especially if you have in your dreams grandparents, uncles, etc.  The emotions and activity in the dream will point out to the genealogical issue.  This can be blessings and God gifting abilities that can be accepted, or curses that need to be cut off.
  21. 21. DREAMING OF ANIMALS  One of the most common dreams with animals is dogs.  Symbol of friendships, loyalty protection.  Betrayal if dog growling, attacking, biting.  Cats is a second most common one.  Check your feelings
  22. 22. DREAMING OF SNAKES.  One of the most common dreams for Christians.  In General, will point out to the works or presence of the enemy.  The type of snake will determine the menace that is waiting for the opportune time to attack.
  23. 23. DREAMING OF CLOCK AND WATCHES.  Time for something to happen.  Time to act and do something.  Time to wake up.  The hour is very important.  Could be pointing to scripture passages as well.
  24. 24. DREAMS WITH SCRIPTURE VERSES  Will speak about the plans and strategies of the Lord.  Encouragement, release of anointing, authority.  Confirmation of your calling or ministry.  Where you are standing before God.
  25. 25. DREAMS OF DYING  See the type of death and you could find to what you may be dying.  You could be dying to old bad habits, ungodly relationships.  Some blessings or opportunities could be about to died.
  26. 26. DREAMING OF BIRTHS  Something new is about to come your way.  Could be something that is about to change.  New season coming in the life of the dreamer.  Its very interesting to pay attention to the
  27. 27. NIGHTMARES  Unpleasant scary dreams, very common in children and or New Believers.  Could be repetitive.  Could point out to generational enemies.  Pay attention to what is the focus of the
  28. 28. THAT’S ALL FOR NOW.  Next week  Next week we will study about nightmares,  Also about the nine rooms in a House, the activities that take place in them, and the connection with our dreams about houses.
  29. 29. AND NOW LABORATORY  Dream interpretation.  An interpretation example.  Your turn to work in couples
  30. 30. CG MINISTRY: LEARNING TO PROPHESY  Marco Lafebre  CG Ministry Learning to Prophesy.  We meet every Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at CTF Airport Campus in the Overflow Room #3 under the Mezzanine.  You are invited to come.