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Analysis of a received word2 s8 8 fm2013


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A way for breaking down your prophecies, so you can understand them and make a plan to help you to see fulfilled the plan of God in your life.

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Analysis of a received word2 s8 8 fm2013

  2. 2. BREAKING UP YOUR PROPHECIES. You can divide your work in many differentforms, you can do it in the way you fit youmore, however here are some parts that youneed to consider. Once you divide your word, it will be easierfor you to work out an strategy in order to getto the fulfillment of the prophecy.
  3. 3. BREAKING UP A RECEIVED WORD Calling. Is god calling you for intimacy.To be ready for a change.To have your own ministry.To work in your Church.For a New Gifting. Promises. Of protection.Favor.Blessing.Anointing.
  4. 4. BREAKING UP A RECEIVED WORD MessagesNotice the characteristic. Present, future. Personal, familiar, Church setting. Get ready. Look forward, envision the results. Decree and declare something to come Trust in the Lord Promises.
  5. 5. BREAKING UP A RECEIVED WORD Warnings Be aware. Inspect, search and detect. Stand on the word. Use the Armor of God. Make a strategic plan.
  6. 6. BREAKING UP A RECEIVED WORD CONDITIONALS Follow the instructions. Be obedient. Do your best. Don’t quit. Work step by step.
  7. 7. BREAKING UP A RECEIVED WORD IMPARTATION Receive in faith. Activate the gift by using it. Don’t despise small beginnings. Learn from others. Ask for guidance.
  8. 8.  REPETITIONS Prophecy, word or phrase.Get ready, time is near.It will surely happen.
  9. 9. FOLLOW UP Finally, periodically you need to hear or readyour word. You need to review your plan of action. Has the Prophecy been fulfilled in part or notat all? Is there anything that is stopping it? I will strongly advice you to write down everyprophecy you have received, it doesn’tmatter how simple it make look like.