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Sydney, Australia a Hot Bed for Luxury Real Estate by Marco Kozlowski

Luxury Real Estate Expert Marco Kozlowski says Sydney and other Australian cities are a perfect place to begin your real estate investment journey. High property demand and large tax breaks for investors makes Sydney a great place to start.

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Sydney, Australia a Hot Bed for Luxury Real Estate by Marco Kozlowski

  1. 1. Sydney, Australia a Hot Spot for Luxury Real Estate by Marco Kozlowski Experts have been researching some of the best up-and-coming places to invest in luxury real estate, and many list Sydney, Australia as one of the best places for success. According to Julian Lorkin of BBC News, housing prices in Sydney have skyrocketed and the real estate bubble does not look like it will burst any time soon. Research shows that Australia is only behind Canada and Belgium with the third-highest price-to-income ratio. Lorkin states that a combination of overseas money, tax breaks, and a shortage of housing have led to this hot-bed of real estate in Sydney. Understanding the real estate market internationally is what has brought luxury real estate expert Marco Kozlowski immeasurable success. With an upcoming trip to Australia, Kozlowski has been gathering information to provide the best results for those looking to get into the market of real estate investments. Sydney has seen the most growth in Australia partially due to low interest rates which sent housing prices upwards; also contributing is the lack of enough housing for all people living in Sydney. Marco Kozlowski is an internationally known business coaching expert and has been helping many prospective investors wade their way into large real estate markets such as the one in Sydney. The skyrocketing prices in Sydney have inspired some savvy homeowners to join together with neighbors to sell large pieces of land at these adjusted higher prices; BBC News journalist Julian Lorkin states that now investors make up half of all new mortgages. Current and prospective Australian investors and property owners are sitting well as they receive large tax breaks, and under Australia’s negative gearing arrangements domestic investors also receive tax breaks for losses they earn on investment properties. All of these factors have led luxury real estate magnate Marco Kozlowski to believe Sydney is the best new place to begin investing in real estate. For many years foreign investors monopolized the housing market, for example, the Chinese were buying every available property up for auction around the coveted area of the Sydney Harbor; the Australian government took note and began raising fees towards those foreign investors to help promote domestic growth. Kozlowski has spent much of the last few years gaining invaluable knowledge and experience in the international luxury real estate market and sees these domestic tax breaks and the negative gearing arrangements as the perfect opportunity for new investments. Though some worry that this rise in housing prices may cause a bubble burst, BBC News Julian Lorkin states that economists believe that a gradual rise in rates will prevent that. Economists believe that when the Reserve Bank of Australia inevitably raises rates, if they do it slowly and gradually, giving homeowners the opportunity to get out if desired, they will prevent a mass panic and exit, and therefore a massive real estate crash. All in all, the Sydney, Australia real estate market is at an all time high, and Luxury Real Estate expert and coach Marco Kozlowski is looking forward to his visit to help others find that wealth and success.