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Luxury Real Estate Success with Short Sale by Marco Kozlowski
Real estate investments can be a great career path if you kn...
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Luxury Real Estate Short Sale

Marco Kozlowski has made a name for Himself as a luxury real estate expert and world-renowned business and wealth coach. Follow Kozlowski for tips on finding success for your business.

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Luxury Real Estate Short Sale

  1. 1. Luxury Real Estate Success with Short Sale by Marco Kozlowski Real estate investments can be a great career path if you know the tools and tips to wealth and success. Luxury real estate expert Marco Kozlowski has gained the knowledge to help others with his eBook and would like to give some small tips in order to promote more success. Kozlowski has found much of his success through real estate short sale which means finding properties facing foreclosure and working with investors to turn a profit. The first step is to find homeowners who are facing foreclosure; these are what he refers to as “motivated homeowners”. You can gain access to these people through the “Pre-Foreclosure List” which can be either bought with monthly payments from companies, or found in public records. You must make sure that the lists you have are the most up to date, as properties may change daily. As you gather all the information and research, be sure to keep updating for the best possible results. As a world-renowned business coaching expert, Marco Kozlowski has stressed the importance of good communication and negotiation skills. Once you have found a motivated homeowner facing foreclosure, you must use your negotiation skills to find willing lenders. You will have to explain all possible outcomes and stress the opportunity for wealth, because lenders will be agreeing to take less from the property than the home currently owes, this should be covered when you relay lender liabilities. Be sure to communicate all possibilities to the homeowners as well, as real estate can never be an absolute, it is important to discuss fully with lenders and homeowners. Negotiations will come back once more as you work towards a price that works for homeowners and lenders, so come ready with figures you are willing to negotiate. Finally you will build your short sale packet including a disclosure form, purchase agreement, and hardship letter. You are now ready to apply these tips to find your real estate investment success through short sale.