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Hot spots for foreign luxury real estate investments

Luxury Real Estate Expert Marco Kozlowski looks towards the international future of real estate investments.

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Hot spots for foreign luxury real estate investments

  1. 1. Hot Spots for ForeignLuxury Real Estate Investments by Marco Kozlowksi Real Estate InvestmentExpert,MarcoKozlowski,namesAustraliaasone of the hottestspotsfor foreignreal estate investmentsrightnow. Manyforeigncountriesbesidesthe USare increasingly puttingininvestmentsforAustralianproperties. Marco Kozlowski hastraveledthe worldsharinghis expertiseinluxuryreal estate andinternationally-renownedbusinesscoaching. Chinahas mostrecentlybeenthe biggestcontributoronthatfront. Theirown real estate marketsare droppinginvalue rapidly,while the people continue tosucceedinbusiness. Lookingfor placesto use theirgrowingwealth,theyturntoinvestinginforeignreal estate. Australia’sclose proximityandcontinuingstrengthintheirreal estate marketmakesthemthe prime candidate. The UnitedKingdomhasalsodemonstratedconsiderableinterestininvestinginAustralia. A large percentage of people whomove outof the UnitedKingdomendupinAustralia. Australiaoffers thema flourishingjobmarket,aswell ashavingappeal due toclimate andculture. EvenUAE and surroundingregionsshowinterestinAustralia partiallydue toAustralia’scloseness. All foreign investors,however,are mostdrawnto the low interestratesinAustraliaandthe provenincrease in value of the Australianreal estate marketovertime. The most popularcitiesforcurrentinvestmentsare Melbourne,Perth,andSydney. Queenslandisalsodoingverywell withalarge amountof new developmentopeningupalarge amount of potential forforeigninvestors. WesternAustraliaandNew SouthWalesare alsopotentiallygood options,whereasTasmania,the northernandsouthernareas,andCanberraare the leastpopularfor investing.