2000 marco julia_european_foodservice_summit


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2000 marco julia_european_foodservice_summit

  1. 1. www.efss.ch1 -10 European st thFoodservice SummitThink Tank and Congress for the Restaurant Industry
  2. 2. I I I Content & Community I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Early in 1999, the three of us, Gretel, their vision of the future. After an Today, after a decade of loyal support G The attendees of the European Foodser- land, regional China, India, Ethiopia, David and Chris, came together and opening Wine Tasting Challenge that from the foodservice industry we all re- vice Summit have been asking ourselves Morocco, and West Africa among many identified the need for a new kind of evening, the first banquet was topped spect and admire, the 10th European ”What comes after what comes next“ for a others. This world cuisine is now part of foodservice industry meeting, one off with industry icon Ueli Prager, Foodservice Summit welcomes more decade now. Our goal has always been to the European national palate. During the with a truly European focus. Our belief founder of Mövenpick, receiving a than 250 leaders from over 20 different address the challenges that the industry same time, new management techniques, was that the industry was in search of a special Lifetime Achievement Award. countries representing all corners of the confronts to capitalize on new opportun- new sources of funding and new forms of way to combine content and commu- The EFSS was on its way. globe. The promise of the 1st EFSS that ities and to minimize unforeseen risks in ownership have become standard. nity, of sharing both cutting edge we were at the beginning of a ”Euro- ever shifting market environments. There ideas and a long tradition of convivial This booklet is a visual reminder of pean Decade“ has come true. Every- are no more written rules or guarantees, G While it has been a remarkable decade social gathering. each of our friendly get-togethers dur- thing is only possible because of the but by creating a community of leaders the challenges identified ten years ago – ing the following years. Remarkably, strong support and loyal attendance and learners we can share ideas and face nationalism, social welfare, real estate At that first planning session we more than a dozen of the original par- each year from all of you, who continue the future together. sites, and governmental regulations – are promised to bring our three different ticipants from the first days in 2000 to hold us to our promise to design a even more complex and daunting today. observational perspectives together – will be attending the 10th Summit this different kind of conference for a dif- The new European Decade, 2010-2020, the media, commercial and economic year. ferent kind of leader. presents enormous opportunities from research, and teaching – to design a changes in technology, migration, aging conference that would strive to move But, even before it was time to close With this promise still our guide after populations, digital natives, and big but the industry forward. We called this the final first session, the founders ten years, the planning for next year’s more ineffective central governments. new model the 1st European Food- realized that we would have to find event will start when the Board meets service Summit, a name reflecting a new home to meet the needs of over a glass of champagne immediate- G We started in 2000 to set an agenda for G The advent of a true consumer society, the both our focus and our lofty goals. the industry. With the help of our ly after we leave the stage. the European decade. We have seen the sophistication of a new generation of food- new volunteer Board of Advisors, for creation and expansion of the Euro as a service and hospitality customers and man- With this in mind we quickly decided the 2nd EFSS the decision was made So please know that at the heart of our world leading currency, the introduction agers, and the growing stability of the Euro that the setting for the Summit needed to move to the beautiful Lake promise is our sincerest thanks to all of of home grown multi-national restaurant zone combines to create new economic to be unique, exciting, and border- Side Casino at the Zurichhorn on you, our friends, our partners, our concepts, the rapid acceptance of multi- imperatives for regional cooperation and less. Zurich was our obvious choice. the lake. This allowed the Summit community. ethnic cuisines from Japan, Vietnam, Thai- competitive market realignments. Not sure of how many guests we to expand to a maximum of 250 Gretel, Chris and David would attract, we chose the historic guests. Strong and continued financial To Our Dear Summit Friends I I I The three Partners/Hosts I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Sheraton Arabella as our host hotel, and personal support was given beautifully nestled on a mountainside by our Educational Partners. The Res- FoodService Europe & The University of Central GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Concept/Advisory Board with the sound of Swiss cowbells just taurant Study Tours in Zurich planned Middle East, the leading b-to-b Florida is home to the Institute, European Institute Teija Andersen, outside the windows. The conference and organized by Jürg Landert and magazine for the multinational Center for Multi-Unit for Economic and Social Fazer Amica, FIN-Helsinki itself would be at the main meeting his crew are one of the Summit’s restaurant industry is published Restaurant Management Studies, is focussing on retail- David Bosshart, space in the Gottlieb Duttweiler Insti- perennial and much sought-after high- by the Deutscher Fachverlag in the new Rosen College ing and the service industry. GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler tute, with planned capacity for lights. GmbH in Frankfurt/Germany. of Hospitality Management. Main activities: congresses, Institute, CH-Rüschlikon around 125. But, by the opening The company owns more than Located in Orlando, seminars, consumer and Ignasi Ferrer, session, the list of participants had With the move to the Lakeside, we 90 titles, which cover 12 Florida, the center offers management research. For The Eat Out Group, grown so large that a second room also began the special relationship the economic sectors - food baccalaureate degrees, more than 40 years the in- S.L., E-Barcelona needed to be set-up in the GDI EFSS has with Marche International and foodservice are one customized executive dependent and future-orient- Henry McGovern, Library with closed circuit televisions and the team of culinary stars assem- of the strengths of the education courses and ed institute known as the AmRest, PL-Warsaw and a champagne bar. As they say, it bled by Oliver Altherr. Each year, at publishing house. Largest conducts focused GDI has been developing Tony Hughes, was ”standing room only“. the end of the first day, the confer- publication ‘Lebensmittel research for the corporate and providing knowledge GB-Birmingham ence attendees slowly saunter down Zeitung’. restaurant industry. and innovative solutions. Christopher C. Muller, The first agenda included presenta- the pier to embark on a ”Cruise to www.food-service-europe.com www.hospitality.ucf.edu www.gdi.ch UCF, USA-Orlando tions from a broad variety of experts, Nowhere.“ There we spend a glorious gretel.weiss@dfv.de cmuller@mail.ucf.edu david.bosshart@gdi.ch Herwig Niggemann, highlighted by Professor Rolf Jensen evening aboard a classic Lake Zurich W. Niggemann, D-Bochum speaking about his best selling book steamer, dining on impossibly hand Sotiris Seimanidis, ”The Dream Society“, Jürgen Knauss crafted delights, renewing old friend- Vivartia S.A., GR-Maroussi telling about how McDonald’s cus- ships, and making new memories. Gretel Weiss, tomized its advertising message for Some hint that there are more deals Deutscher Fachverlag, the German market, and a closing plen- struck on the boat than during the D-Frankfurt a. M. ary panel of industry leaders sharing entire rest of the year on land. All lessons (2000 - 2008) compiled by Prof. Dr. Christopher Muller, UCF Restaurant Study Tours and Marianne Wachholz, FoodService Europe & Middle East. Jürg Landert and Partners, All photos (except 1st Summit) by Thomas Fedra. www.jlz.ch, CH-ZurichThe three partners/hosts: Chris Muller, Gretel Weiss, David Bosshart
  3. 3. 2 0 0 0 : W H AT C O M E S A F T E R W H AT C O M E S N E X T ? 2 0 0 1 : N E W P R E D I C T I O N S | N E W P E R S P E C T I V E S | N E W P AT H S FOR SUCCESS Ueli Prager The Lessons I I I I I I I I I G Restaurant Branding and Company 1 European st Marco Scandroglio Simonetta Carbonaro Branding Are Built on the Creation of a ‘Good Story’ G Customers Will Pay for a Good Story: Foodservice Summit Think Tank and Congress for the Restaurant Industry 2 European nd - With Greater Frequency - With Increased Loyalty Annette Mützel Foodservice Summit - Accepting Higher Prices Think Tank and Congress for the Restaurant Industry Francois Dapremont , G Leaders are: - Changing Agents - Visionary I I I The Lessons I I I I I I I I I I - ‘Servants’ G Gaining a Temporary Monopoly Has Become a G Customer Trust comes from: Vital Corporate Requirement. - Flawless Execution G The Primary Function of Branding is Reduction - Distinctive Products & Services of Uncertainty. - Focused Symbolic Imagery G Fresh Is the Most Powerful Word on Menus today. G Restaurants are Retailers of Time. G Restaurants Become the Second Kitchen, the G Convenience & Value Are Defined by Second Living Room and the Second Apartment. Consumers. G The Euro Customer Does not Exist. We Are Facing Jürgen Knauss G Nothing Works unless One Believes in It. a World of Growing Differences and Growing G Who Will Lead? Similarities. - The Better Story Tellers G The End of Market Share: Competitiveness in the - The Visionary Change Agents Future Foodservice World Is all about Time-share, - The Allies of ‘Generation D’ Leisure-share and Stomach-share. - The Legendary Brand Partners G Time Becomes the Ultimate Currency of the Future. Craig Childress Carsten Gerlach Mark McKeon - The Radical Pionieers G There is a Growing Need to Be Consumer Centric. G Global Trends: One Size, One Taste, One Product for a Mass - Desire for Fast Casual Rolf Jensen Market Is no Longer Good Enough. - Targeting the Single Adult Female André Lacroix Craig S. Miller G In the Past, People Lived their Lives by Chance. - Frantic Focusing on Talent Retention Dennis Lombardi Today, We Live our Lives by Choice. - The Reawakening of ‘Environmental G We Know More than We Can Say. Tacit Know- Design & Psychology’ ledge Is Probably the Most Important Source of - Concession by the Baby Boomers of Innovation. the Internet to ‘Generation D’ G Hire Senior People, they Add Value. G Be Ready to Question! G Working Women Are Crucial Drivers of Change.Christian Picart G Consumers’ Question Is not any More: What Am I Going to Eat Today? But: How am I Going to Eat Today? G Quick Casual: a Category Nobody Yet Owns.
  4. 4. 2 0 0 2 : P L AY I N G THE AT T R A C T I O N G A M E 2 0 0 3 : S T R AT E G I C I N G R E D I E N T S FOR FUTURE SUCCESS Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco Jochen Pinsker Stelios Haji-Ioannou Ian Neill Jordan Mozer Thierry Bégué Michael J. Bailey Denis Hennequin Peter Kruse DeeDee Gordon Sten Magnus 3 European rd 4 European thFoodservice Summit Foodservice SummitThink Tank and Congress for the Restaurant Industry Think Tank and Congress for the Restaurant Industry I I I The Lessons I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I The Lessons I I I I I I I I I I G Females will lead the market with their male “accessories”. strong, direct relationships with their customers.G Trend Diffusion Is Almost ‘Instantaneous’ Women’s growing mastery of multi-tasking, networking, caring G Use the “lifecycle” to balance: right markets, right products,G New Consumers Will Look for the Comfortable and other requisites of modern life makes them a more powerful right people. Chains which failed to constantly identify their ‘Hybrid Space’. influence on future society than men. strengths and weaknesses and re-invigorate their concepts faceG Companies Will Win if they Can Identify the G Consumers want “healthy convenience in an entertaining box”. the threat of becoming me-too commodities. ‘Sustainable Competitive Experience’. They respond to emotions, passion and excitement, not just G ”Outsource” to the customer. Getting guests to do some of theG Design Is Strategy. practical benefits. work – like selfservice queueing or leaving their hotel bedroomsG Markets Develop from ‘Experiment’ to ‘Core G Going abroad demands a strong footing at home. Cross-border tidy – may be perceived favourably if it contributes to signifi- Offer’ to ‘Differentiation’ to ‘Customer Relation- transfer of concepts and brands is risky unless real strengths cantly lower prices. ship Management’. have already been developed in the country of origin. G Trust the concepts of price elasticity and price discrimination.G The Future Is: G Chains’ share across European markets is growing. The top 100 If products or services are made cheaper – by cutting out frills - Between the Bread Christopher C. Muller European foodservice companies, led by QSR chains and con- and encouraging purchases outside of peak demand periods – - Radical Freshness tract caterers, pushed up sales by over 5% last year. people will consume more of them. - Public Livingroom G We are locked in a cycle of “institutionalized imitation”. A G Invest in people and teams, on a local, global, geographic - Meal Solutions “temporary monopoly” can be a crucial competitive weapon: level. Your people are your biggest source of competitive - Asia Goes Europe The real rewards go to companies who are first in a market niche strength.G Enhanced Connectivity Enhances Environmental rather than simply engaging in “karaoke capitalism”. G Identify the cultural differences. Localize the global brand. Suc- Uncertainty. Train for Tolerance of Instability! G Learn to use the differences between “articulate knowledge” cessful global and cross-border brands succeed when manage-G The Restaurant Industry Must Become an and “tacit knowledge”. Knowledge distilled from hard-won ment allows for a local cultural dimension. Employer of Choice. experience can be just as strong a competitive weapon G A magic story is hard to beat! Adding an extra dimension ofG Don’t Try Harder – Try to Do it Differently. as articulate or written-down knowledge. customer involvement is a vital weapon for global brands.G Develop a Culture of Change: Don’t Try to Steer G Pick your market battleground: “the survival of the fittest” or G The restaurant industry is forever young. Challenge and chance or Regulate in Detail. Help Unconventional the “survival of the sexiest”. Techniques like outsourcing and for foodservice brands and concepts: permanent rejuvenation Thinkers Get to the Top. Lead like a Facilitator, rightsizing have helped big businesses stay fit but future success in terms of design, image, assortment and employee profile, not a Conductor. may increasingly be won by “sexy” companies which build without diluting the core of the brand. Sebastian Gruetz
  5. 5. EVENTFood Magicians The location – Lake Zurich – is the same every year. On stage or, to be more precise, the foredeck is the ensemble from Marché International. And the much admired star of the evening is food, very, very fresh food. Prepared from scratch, grilled, roasted, smoked or otherwise cooked ... Last September, this spectacular culinary production once again captured the attention of participants of the European Foodservice Summit during the boat trip to round off the first day. And, as ever, it was intensive pleasure for all the senses. State of the art catering by professionals for professionals – uplifting and refreshingly rustic: a cult feature of the Summit infotainment package. This year, the high-grade international congress for the foodservice sector is being held from 23 (optional Restaurant Tour/Get Together) to 25 September, as always in Zurich and for the 10th time running. www.marche-international.ch, www.efss.ch Photos: Thomas Fedra
  6. 6. 2 0 0 4 : T H E N E W B AT T L E FOR MOUTHS, MINDS AND MARKETS 2 0 0 5 : I N N O VAT I O N AND RE-INVENTION FROM THE CORE 6 European th Foodservice Summit Think Tank and Congress for the Restaurant Industry Reinhold MessnerDebra A. Benton Martin Lindstrom David Bosshart 5 European thFoodservice SummitThink Tank and Congress for the Restaurant Industry Attila Dogudan Piotr Mikolajczyk I I I The Lessons I I I I I I I I I I 1. Winner Performance in Foodservice: Simon Kossoff Make or buy the best restaurant managers. Jeremy Rifkin Develop or buy top level people for strategic jobs. From Gretel Weiss 2. Food Trends: Menus are becoming more femi- nine. Italian cuisine has developed to our culinary frame. Bread based meals continue to rise. From Gretel Weiss 3. To keep up with the ‘Tween market’ we should all go home and learn to play computer games. From Martin Lindstrom 4. Successful brands are based on fear, love or mastery. From Martin Lindstrom 5. There is a difference between a ‘Culinary’ Star and a ‘Media’ Star. From Jamie Oliver-Presentation 6. ‘Stories with legs’ create super brands. From José Luis Nueno Christian Eggers Paco Underhill Andreas Hacker Herwig Niggemann 7. Customers long for authenticity which is created by: strong brands – strong chefs – I I I “Innovation is for everyone” I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I strong ingredients. From David Bosshart G stop believing in TINA (There Is No Alternative). G quality, authenticity, attention to detail – give people a great 8. ‘Manipulation’ creates needs for new product G real markets will reflect financial markets as we all become con- offer and then manage the queue. rules and paradigm shifts. From Herwig Niggemann nected to each other. G “What’s in it for me?” – customers ask that every day, and never 9. Create new business models for new guest G hail the concept of the ‘drink snack’ as caffè latte gives milk an forget that they can always go somewhere else. needs. From ‘Hot Concepts on Stage’ adult format. G the initial “food contact” frequently decides whether we like a G the emergent European fast-casual segment scores by being country or not. 10. Amenability & profitability are linked: Giving innovative (fresh), efficient (fast) and sexy (attractive). G work to live or live to work? That choice differentiates the Ameri- good restaurant is architecture + communica- G smash your brand! Getting back to your brand’s essence enables can Dream and the European Dream. But there could be a bal- tion + operations. From Paco Underhill you to determine if it is still working. ance between personal accountability and social responsibilty. 11. Expect acceptance then give acceptance. G smell is a potent marketing weapon – it “transports us across G food = fashion = art = authenticity. Foodservice is on the fashion From Debra Benton thousands of miles and all the years of our lives” (Helen Keller). edge and the way it is projected needs to be constantly re- 12. Success comes from the best sites, best G we really don’t need our toes to climb mountains – you have to freshed. brands, best people. From the CEO Panel move mountains in your mind. G Spain is one of the healthiest markets in Europe – Florida, Texas and California rolled into one.
  7. 7. 2 0 0 6 : F U T U R E S T R AT E G I E S F O R B U I L D I N G C U LT U R E , 2007: CHANGE THE C O N V E R S AT I O N WITH THE CUSTOMER DEVELOPING PEOPLE, MANAGING GROWTH I I I The Lessons I I I I I I 1. Competitive spending spurs new markets 2. Grasp the power of fresh 3. Connect with the discovery mind- set to give your business a competi- tive advantage 4. Big bold flavours are replacing rich, creamy and heavy; foreign foods Louis Le Duff Jon Luther Alain Coumont don’t have to be authentic to in- spire 5. Look for perceived healthful Ralph Krueger 8 European th options 6. (New) Beverages are increasingly considered as ‘liquid foods’ Christopher Hart Foodservice Summit 7. Green is the new black, worldwide 8. Communal tables help both singles Think Tank and Congress for the Restaurant Industry and seniors to reconnect Andrew Lynch The LessonsI I I I I I I I I 1. ‘Discontinuous Innovation’ Knows no Time, no Master Plan 7 Europeanth 9. People spend more and more time out and hand-held foods match that lifestyle 2. Culture Conflicts = Opportunities 3. Three Layers of Technology Interface Foodservice Summit 10. When integrated with products and brands, design sells to Balance: Think Tank and Congress for the Restaurant Industry 11. Customers need to be advised and - Substitution guided like children - Displacement 12. Great taste – in food, ambience, - Complementarity Simon Threadkell service – is no longer an option; it is 4. Restaurant Design is Moving from ‘Pub- a competitive requirement lic Living Room’ to ‘Public Apartment’ 13. Brand consistency = design, menu 5. Customers Seek: and talent management - Fit Bodies Andreas Karlsson 14. Have excellent and expanding ex- - To Look Good pectations of your people’s current - To Be Living Healthy abilities and future potential 6. Restaurant Customers Want More 15. Find your own village of origin; build and More to Be Entertained as Well Cesar Brea on the culture of your brand tribe as Being Fed 7. Are You the Manager Your Employ- 16. Keep your cash flow greater than ees Would Call ‘Great’? Guillermo Moreno your ego 8. ‘Chi Va Piano Va Sano e Lontano.’ 9. ‘Men Like to Go where Women Are, not the other Way around.’10. ‘Food Is Integral to the Design & Design Allows the Food to Speak for Itself.’ Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille Henry McGovern11. Brands Have to React to Emerging Trends to Remain Relevant Karl Fritz Vanessa Kullmann12. Using Technology Means Finding the Kent Hahne Cliff Burrows ‘Human Anti-depressant’13. Technology is the Application of Science to Commerce and Business (Including Behavioral Science)14. Make Your Restaurant a ‘Trust Factory’15. If You Don’t Have an Idea, Rent One!16. Find the Five Strands: - Positive Process - Team Player - Reach Beyond Your Grasp - Execute Like a Champion - Be in the Moment Tony Hughes Paul Bringmann Franco Costa
  8. 8. 2008: BUSINESS IN THE TIME OF SOCIAL NETWORKING 2009: SETTING A COURSE FOR A NEW HORIZON www.efss.ch 10 E u r o p e a n th Foodservice SummitRobert Brozin 9 European th T h i n k Ta n k a n d C o n g r e s s f o r t h e R e s t a u r a n t I n d u s t r yFoodservice Summit Spiridon Soukas Lori Ann DaytnerThink Tank and Congress for the Restaurant Industry I I I Bites for Thought I I I I I I I – Essentials from the 9th European Foodservice Summit – 1 Is Food the New Oil? 2 ‘Prime Costs’ Mirror the Quality of Life Morten Solberg Nilsen Norbert Walter David Bosshart Christopher C. Muller Jochen Pinsker 3 Great Performers Are Great Operators 4 There is No Tomorrow Without Training 5 It’s the People Who Make the Chicken 6 Great Brands Are Built From the Inside Out 7 Prepare Now for ‘The Cloud’ of the One Machine John Vincent Hanns Hatt 8 Look for the Reconciliation of Your ‘Physical’ and ‘Online’ Brand 9 Google Isn’t a Search Engine, It’s a ‘Find’ Engine Kevin Todd Steven K. Winegar Marcus Cload Kjell A. Nordström Christian Gansch 10 ROPO: Research Online Purchase Offline 11 Digital ‘Immigrants’ vs. Digital ‘Natives’ 12 If You Have Business During the Week, And On Weekends, And at Night, “It Helps” 13 Performance is Cheaper Than Advertising 14 Employees Who Enjoy Their Work Do a Better Job Walter Seib Jim Parker 15 Frontline Level Leadership Kim Rahbek Hansen Gretel Weiss 16 1. Employee, 2. Customer, 3. Shareholder 17 Those Who Own the Oil Own the Nations. Those Who Own the Food Own Humanity Marije Vogelzang James Woodbridge Edward Mohr Gretel Weiss Mikhail Goncharov 18 Trust the Supplier vs. I Need to Know 19 Buy Wisely, Cook Carefully, Eat it All 20 The Right Attitude Turns Average into Great 21 Welcome to The Age of Hyper-Authenticity 22 We Are Closer to September 2015 Than We Are to Sept. 2001
  9. 9. www.efss.ch Educational partners The Coca-Cola Company is the METRO Cash & Carry is interna- Impulses . Success . Emotions - world’s largest beverage tionally leading in self-service For professionals from company and Coca-Cola is wholesale, operating more than professionals recognized as the world’s best- 620 stores in 29 countries. As www.salomon-foodworld.com known brand. Through the most partner for professionals we offer widespread distribution system our customers a large choice of top in the world, consumers in more quality products all under one roof. than 200 countries enjoy the www.metro-cc.com Company’s beverages. www.cocacola.com Foodservice and hospitality mar- kets in nearly 170 countries rely on our 22,000 associates to keep their operations clean and sani- tary. Innovative and unparalleled Nestlé Professional is an inspiring custom cleaning programs, and growth partner that delivers effective problem-solving relation- Duni enhances atmosphere and creative, branded Food and ships are our prime objectives. brings convenience to any eating Beverage solutions, enabling We will take on your toughest and drinking occasion by providing operators to innovate and delight problems and solve them. inspiring and innovative products their consumers. ‘Delivering peace of mind’ - and concepts for table-setting, www.nestleprofessional.com that’s the Ecolab difference. meal-service and take-away. The www.ecolab.com Duni brand is sold in more than 40 markets and enjoys a number10th European Foodservice Summit one position in Central and Northern Europe. www.duni.com Winterhalter is a complete system solution provider for Barilla FoodService has been warewashers, detergent created to offer specific solutions (23), 24 and 25 September 2009 products, water treatment and for the restaurant sector, and has accessories, as well as being an become a great international A synonym of quality coffee. acknowledged specialist for reality. This success is the result The Company is Italian "by birth", glasswashing all around the of our dedication to positioning founded in Turin in 1895. Thanks world. The machine portfolio ourselves on the market as to its cosmopolitan appeal, today of Winterhalter ranges from "The Pasta Solutions Specialist”, Lavazza (beans & machines) is compact glasswashing and which finds its full expression present in more than 90 countries dishwashing machines up to today in our Pasta Meal Point’s, worldwide. multi-tank flight-type or rack a synergy of five winning www.lavazza.it conveyor dishwashers. elements: product, process, www.winterhalter.biz equipment, branding and service. www.barillafoodservice.com