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Why you should consider a career at ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers.


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Why you should consider a career at ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers.

  1. 1. Why should you consider acareer at ClearChoice DentalImplant Centers?
  2. 2. ClearChoice Dental Implant CentersAs a national leader in dental implant procedures, ClearChoice has over 30 centersacross the nation and headquarters in Denver, Colorado. We employ a vast array ofprofessionals across the nation.
  3. 3. Our corporate roles offer career opportunities incall center services, sales, marketing, operations, human resources, compliance, accounting, finance, procurement, administrative, IT, general management and more!
  4. 4. Our Patient Education Consultants work closely with prospective patients to help them realize their dream of a new smile.
  5. 5. Our Dental Lab Techs have the opportunity towork directly with doctors and patients which offers a more rewarding work experience.
  6. 6. Our clinical teams work closely together to deliver a new smile to our patients.
  7. 7. We leverage advanced technology and leadingedge procedures to do the kind of work we can be proud of every day.
  8. 8. Working at a ClearChoice Center offers anopportunity to work with some of the best practitioners in the industry.
  9. 9. “All under one roof” facilities means cross-functional teams collaborating at a high level to get the job done.
  10. 10. ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers offers arewarding career that will give you plenty of reasons to smile!
  11. 11. Interested? We’d love to hear from you! Give our Recruiting Department a call today at 303.744.7496