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Vodafone&IntesaSanPaolo mPOS solution

Speech about Vodafone&IntesaSanpaolo mPOS solution at the mPOS wolrd forum in Frankfurt june 2014

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Vodafone&IntesaSanPaolo mPOS solution

  1. 1. 24th June 2014 Marco Gioieni Head of SoHo Marketing - Vodafone Italy mPOS & MNO: A new actor into the payments acquiring value chain
  2. 2. About Vodafone • Vodafone is one of the world’s largest mobile communications companies providing a wide range of communications • Vodafone has equity interests in around 30 countries and more than 50 partner networks worldwide • it is present in Europe and Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific • Vodafone Global Enterprise division provides telecommunications and IT services to corporate clients in over 65 countries. Vodafone in Europe 24th June 2014
  3. 3. 24th June 2014 Market context: trust is increasing but industry still suffering 3 Market by companies Mobile Market share by companies (1-5 lin) • Less companies effected by crisis • A growing level of investments • An expected increase of the demand • A boost of household consumption Enterprise Sentiment increasing: • Tax and Political context • Prices • Unemployment Climbing stop due to: ItalianMarketSohoinTelco (~ vs PY) (-8% vs PY) Consumer sentiment index Corporate sentiment index
  4. 4. 24th June 2014q qQ Soho: hard to enlight differentiating assets • Soho customers are not so loyal and very price “sensible” into a market context with very high competitive pressure • Customers perceived MNO as a commodity provider not core for their businesses. • Differentiation assets are not well perceived by end user customer. Key challenges
  5. 5. 24th June 2014 mPOS is a great market opportunity • Over 1M of merchants in Italy still don’t own a POS • From 1st July all merchants will be obliged to receive electronic payments over 30€ if requested by customers • mPOS opens to a new market share leveraging on core Telco assets Opportunity POS and Mobile POS forecastPOS customers at today 50% accept payments 26% owns a POS
  6. 6. 24th June 2014 How mPOS could helps to differentiate? Convergent with core customer business assets New telling story for Sales Force Leverages on mobility Moves customer focus far away from price
  7. 7. 24th June 2014 Vodafone & Intesa SanPaolo-Setefi Solution Ingenico iCMP • Contactless • Swipe Card • Smart Card Dedicated Setefi App • iOS • Android • Windows Vodafone assets • Smartphone • Tablet • Fast&Safe network
  8. 8. 24th June 2014 Phase1: Vodafone & Intesa Sanpaolo partnership Announcement •Press release •Disclosure to sales channels Nov-13 Co-marketing launch •“Soft bundle” with smartphone/ tablet • ATL campaign Jan-14
  9. 9. 24th June 2014 Phase2: Vodafone & Intesa Sanpaolo partnership Direct Sale •“Hard bundle” with smartphone/ tablet + option (5€/m ARPU) • Outbound salesforce incentives Jun-14 How does it works? • No more need to go to bank local branches • Audio conference to finalize the contract • mPos delivered directly to customer’s location Sales Commissioning Sales Process
  10. 10. 24th June 2014 mPOS as enabler for a new vertical solutions framework mPOS evolution • Targeted end-to-end solutions • Two different app suites according to customer mobility propensity •Boost of loyalty and ARPU uplift effects Q4 14 Vodafone shop •Smartphone/Tablet •Mobile POS •CRM/Loyalty •Video surveillance Vodafone mobility •Smartphone/Tablet •Mobile POS •Loyalty •E-catalogue
  11. 11. 24th June 2014 MNO adds value into the acquiring value chain The Best Network Top Industry Handsets Outbound Sales ForceIntegrated Assurance
  12. 12. 24th June 2014 • Differentiation is the only key into a mature market with a price oriented customers. •Vertical solutions are the way to become more core provider for our customers  mPOS and the payments ecosystem are a great starters. •Switching from an inbound to outbound go-to-market strategy opens to a new market share still not fully discovered. •Bundling core mobile assets as network,handsets together with mPOS creates a strong unique selling propositions Key takeaways
  13. 13. 24th June 2014 Thank you Marco Gioieni Head of SoHo Marketing - Vodafone Italy