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The Genius Loci Project


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The Genius Loci Project ( is about Geography (, connections between Products and Territory, Mediterranean Life Style, Culture and Eno-gastronomy. The first two target markets of the Project managed by Bertagni Consulting srl ( are China and Lithuania.

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The Genius Loci Project

  1. 1. THE  GENIUS  LOCI  PROJECT   Marco  Bertagni     Execu=ve  Director  of  Bertagni  Consul=ng  srl  
  3. 3. WHAT     THE  GENIUS   LOCI  PROJECT     IS   ABOUT    
  4. 4. INTEGRATED  GEOGRAPHY  &   SOMEWHERENESS   •  Integrated  and  mul=-­‐disciplinary  Geographical   thinking   •  We  aim  to  know  the  Spirit  of  a  Place  of  the   producing  Country  and  of  the  targeted  market  
  5. 5. LINK  WITH  TERRITORY   •  Genius  Loci  Companies  are  located  in  the  north-­‐ western  MEDITERRANEAN  AREA:  Italy,  France,   Spain  and  Portugal   •  Selected  products  HAVE  TO  HAVE  a  REAL   CONNECTION  with  TERRITORY  (i.e.  wines  made   of  indigenous  varietals  and…sugarless)  and/or   being  ICONOGRAPHIC  of  a  Country  (i.e.  Grappa   and  Sambuca  for  Italy)   •  Wines  and  Spirits  can  be  a  “BRIDGE”  towards  a   beYer  understanding  of  Genius  Loci  
  6. 6. Sharing  a  WAY  OF  THINKING  and   LIVING  of  the  MEDITERRANEAN  AREA   •  We  don’t  just  want  to  trade  products  but  also   to  spread  the  WAY  OF  LIVING  &  THINKING  of   the  Mediterranean  Area  and  to  support  a   deeper  knowledge  of  History,  Art  and   Geography  of  this  area  of  the  world   •  These  “untouchable”  factors  contribute  a  lot   to  the  defini=on  of  Genius  Loci  
  7. 7. GOVERNANCE  OF  THE  GENIUS  LOCI   PROJECT   The  Genius  Loci  Project  has  been  created  and  it  is   managed  by  BERTAGNI  CONSULTING  SRL   The  project  can  be  realized  ANYWHERE  in  the   world   A  MULTIFUNCTIONAL  SPACE  is  needed  as  a  show   room  for  the  PRODUCTS,  as  an  office  for  BUSINESS   MEETINGS  and  as  a  place  to  ORGANIZE  EVENTS  
  8. 8. SERVICES  AND  TARGETS  OF   BERTAGNI  CONSULTING  SRL   TRADING  and  promo=ng  The  Genius  Loci  Project   selected  products  into  targeted  markets   Organizing    thema=c  CULTURAL  EVENTS  and   COURSES  in  the  targeted  markets  about  the   MEDITERRANEAN  area  and/or  the  single  Country   (Ceremonial  Tas=ngs,  Geography,  Enogastronomy,   Music  etc)   Organizing  TAILOR  MADE  MEDITERRANEAN  ENO-­‐ GASTRONOMICAL  AND  CULTURAL  TRAVEL  ITINENARIES  in   the  Mediterranean  area  and/or  one  of  the  selected   Country  
  9. 9. The  first  two  TARGET  MARKETS:     China  &  Lithuania   We   selected   two   markets   where   we   had   trade   experiences   as   Bertagni   Consul=ng   srl   and   where   we   guess   our   project   may   find   fer=le   ground:  CHINA  &  LITHUANIA  
  10. 10. China  
  11. 11. The  Genius  Loci  Project   CHINA   Two  op=ons  to  introduce  The  Genius  Loci  Project   in  China:   a)  Ren=ng  a  MULTIFUNCTIONAL  SPACE  at  the   INTERNATIONAL  WINE  CENTER  (   of  Xi’An   b)  Crea=ng  a  JV  between  Bertagni  Consul=ng  srl   and  Merci  Trading  (    to   jointly  import  and  trade  Goods  and  Services  of   The  Genius  Loci  Project  in  Shenzhen  
  12. 12. OPTION  1:  XI’AN   (SHAANXI  PROVINCE)   •  Pre-­‐liminary  studies  and  visits  (a  delega=on   of  Bertagni  Consul=ng  srl  has  been  to  Xi’An   in  2014  and  2015,  a  delega=on  of  Xi’AN   chamber  of  Commerce  has  been  to  Anzio  in   2013  and  2014)   •  Bertagni  Consul=ng  srl  par=cipated  with  2   booths  as  The  Genius  Loci  Project  at   Interna=onal  Wine  Fair  of  Xi’An  2015  with  a   pre-­‐selec=on  of  products  from  Italy,  France   and  Portugal  
  13. 13. Chinese  consumers  discovering  The   Genius  Loci  Project  
  14. 14.  Staff  of  The  Genius  Loci  Project  in  Xi’An  
  15. 15. OPTION  2:  SHENZHEN   (GUANGDONG  PROVINCE)   •  Long-­‐las=ng  commercial  rela=on  Bertagni   Consul=ng  srl-­‐Merci  Trading  (already  impor=ng   RexRomae  wines  and  Anna  Fendi  Wines)   •  Merci  Trading  has  a  modern  and  perfectly  located   MULTIFUNTIONAL  SPACE  in  the  business  district  of   Shenzhen   •  Merci  Trading  has  been  working  in  the  wine/spirits   sector  for  years  and  the  all  staff  has  a  good   knowledge  of  this  business   •  Events  have  been  already  organized  by  Bertagni   Consul=ng  srl  and  Merci  Trading  in  Shenzhen  
  16. 16. Rex  Romae  
  17. 17. Liz  Xue  visi=ng  RexRomae  wineries  
  18. 18.         ANNA  FENDI  WINES      
  19. 19. Anna  Fendi  Evening  in  Shenzhen  
  20. 20. Marco  Bertagni  &  Liz  Xue  
  21. 21. The  JV  agreement  Bertagni  Consul=ng   (BC)  /Merci  Trade  (MT)   3  different  levels  of  coopera=on:   •  1)  BCsrl  as  a  strategical  consultancy/Agency  and   MT  as  importer  (case  of  Rex  Romae)   •  2)  BCsrl  as  a  strategical  consultancy/Agency  and   MT  as  a  market  consultant  and  importer  (case  of   Anna  Fendi  Wines)   •  3)  BCsrl  and  Merci  Trading  as  full  partners  for   impor=ng,  trading  and  promo=ng  The  Genius  Loci   Projects  selected  products  
  22. 22. Lithuania  
  23. 23. The  Genius  Loci  Project   LITHUANIA   •  Bertagni  Consul=ng  srl  has  already  introduced   2   wineries   into   this   Market   (Bacco   &   GoYo   d’Oro)   •  A   preliminary   study   has   been   done   by   Bertagni   Geography   to   define   a   strategical   localiza=on   of   the   Genius   Loci   project   in   Europe  and  Vilnius  came  out  has  being  a  very   interes=ng  place  for  this  kind  of  ac=vity  
  24. 24. Open  OPTIONS  of  coopera=on  in   Lithuania  to  be  verified  end  of  Sept.   2015   •  Restaurant  Aman=ninkai    hYp://   •     Restaurant  Burbulio  Vyninė,UA    hYp://     •  VILNAUS  DEGTINE    
  25. 25. CONCLUSIONS   •  The  Genius  Loci  Project  is  a  sort  of  summa  of  our   previous   experiences   in   wine   &   spirits   interna=onal  markets   •  This  Project  allows  Bertagni  Consul=ng  to  switch   from  Export  Consultancy  to  InternaTonalizaTon   •  In   China   we   are   currently   developing   the   Shenzhen   op=on   by   applying   the   JV   Bertagni   Consul=ng  srl/Merci  Trading;  the  Xi’An  op=on  for   the  =me  being  is  “frozen”   •  In   Lithuania   we   will   make   a   decision   on   which   op=on/s   to   ac=vate   at   the   end   of   our   mission   scheduled  in  September  2015