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Published in: Business, Career
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  1. 1. The Secretarys Role Typist Executive asse She types She passes documents and She supervises mastery planning archives in the jobs organized computer departments Secretarial and oportunityes for personal advancement prestigeSecretarys Advantages development of secretarial initiative and opportunietyes responsability
  2. 2. the favorable impression of a succesful secretary The reasons One may he for chosing secretarial Executive more important to work are many secretary tour than another Perhaps the financecial opportunitiesare appealing learn and to improve in areas lohen she may be work the secretarys salary is she must be Atractive usually verywilling to grow goosd in salaries comparition on the job benefits with those of general office workers howevwe she starts out at much better salary that the typist
  3. 3. POEMSpecialty technical personE xecutive will always beC onsideres for he skills and theR ange of position in her jobE njoy the responsabilityT o supervise filing system thereforeA succesful secretarys you may beR eady to work with efficiencyY oure a good office leaderTHE SECRETARY IS THE PERSON MOST IMPORTANT IN THE ENTERPRISE SHEKNOS EVERYTHING SHE IS AN EXAMPLE OF PERSON BECAUSE SEHE IS THEFUNDAMENTAL PART OF EVERYTHING SHE ALWAYS HELP TO HERBOSS……….