Linked In Talent Reward Program[1]


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Linked In Talent Reward Program[1]

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  2. 2. It Pays to Know the Right People To Our Valued Business Partners: Maidenform recognizes the value of partnerships and understands the skills, expertise, and level of competency it takes to create a winning team. We want to hire the best and brightest people who consistently seek to “raise the bar”. Do you know someone who is passionate and great at what they do? If so, please refer them to Maidenform. PEOPLE LIKE YOU are important because, as a valued business partner, you know what it takes to achieve success. We want talented people who care strongly about what they do, recognize the importance of teamwork and collaboration, and have the drive to succeed. This is why we are happy to introduce Maidenform’s Talent Reward Program. Here are a few exciting highlights of our new program: Referral Rewards The Talent Reward Program features a reward benefit which includes a $250.00 Visa gift card for referring a candidate who is hired by Maidenform. Improved Referral Process Our Talent Reward Program is FAST and EASY because we’ve made it simple for you to identify current open jobs at Maidenform. Simply log onto our website at and click on “Company Info -> Careers at Maidenform” to review Open Positions and to submit a Referral. Remember, our NEW Talent Reward Program allows you UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES to earn rewards while helping Maidenform to hire the best and brightest -. 2
  3. 3. Bonus Rewards: The More You Refer, the More You Earn Maidenform recognizes that every employee is valuable, and we would like to reward all business partners for referring talented individuals. Please keep in mind that hires are based on the needs of the business and every referral may not result in hire. However, if the referral is hired, the person who submits the referral is eligible to receive a $250.00 Visa gift card once the new hire has completed ninety [90] days of continuous employment with Maidenform. Further, there is no limit to the bonus rewards once can earn when they submit referrals who are hired and successfully complete 90 days of service. As such, Maidenform encourages all of our valued partners to participate. Bonus Reward External Referral - $250.00 Visa Gift Card (Paid 90 days after new hire’s start date) HOW THE EXTERNAL EMPLOYEE REFERRAL PROGRAM WORKS Conditions for Referral  The referring party must be a current or former acquaintance of the person they are referring.  The referring party cannot be employed by any type of employment agency or recruiting firm.  The referring party must email the referral’s name and contact information (email address, phone number or resume) directly to Marc Kochan, Corporate Recruiter through our Careers web page at -> Company Info -> Careers at Maidenform.  Bonus rewards will be paid for full-time position referrals only.  The referral cannot have been previously employed by Maidenform or worked as a temporary employee, contractor, or agency employee within one [1] year prior to being referred.  The referral cannot have been previously referred by another employee of Maidenform, or any other source.  Temporary employees and contract employee referrals are not eligible to participate in the new Talent Reward Program.  The referral must fully meet the qualification requirements listed in the job description for the position. Eligibility Candidates may only be submitted for positions listed on Maidenform’s website. If a position is not listed, or is removed prior to an individual submitting a referral, the position will no longer qualify for the Talent Reward Program. 3
  4. 4. Referral Procedure Candidates must submit the referral’s name and contact information (email address and/or phone number) and if possible a résumé [in Word .doc, PDF or Text format]. Referrals should be submitted via email to Corporate Recruiter Marc Kochan ( or directly through Maidenform’s website. Duplicate Referrals If duplicate referrals occur, the first referral received [based on the date of submission] will be eligible for payment. SELECTION PROCEDURES The referral’s résumé will be reviewed through the Company’s regular hiring procedures. All information regarding the interview, the selection process, and the reason[s] for making a decision not to hire a referral will remain strictly confidential. OTHER INFORMATION  The referring individual will receive an e-mail acknowledgement from Maidenform’s HR department.  If the referral results in a hire, the referring individual will receive an e-mail containing his or her referral’s hire date and the 90-day eligibility date for bonus payout. 4