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How to Build an App Empire: Can You Create The Next Instagram? - contest by Chad Mureta and Tim Ferriss

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Joke pictures

  1. 1. Joke – Tim Ferriss and Chad Mureta contest
  2. 2. Market Research- category: entertainmentWhy? I think this category has a huge potential, I observed than one can hittop charts very fast. Besides that, who doesn’t like fun?- main competitor (app to emulate):Snap Chop
  3. 3. More „why”• Specification of Joke Pictures enables to develop it within 5000$ budget.• The code can be used to develop other similar apps in future (more on that later).• It is an „evergreen” market.• Social media shows, that people love and often „use” funny pictures, they also like to make fun of other people (just watch what’s posted on your friend’s Fb).
  4. 4. App Store StatisticsSnap Chop is in top 100 appsin entertainment category.We can see, that it’s positionis pretty stable. Moreover,it hit best rankings at themoment (late April). As I’mPreparing this report, it isnumber 2 in App Store U.S.entertainment.
  5. 5. ReviewsI’ve checked bad reviews of Snap Chop to checkwhat can be improved about it:
  6. 6. Presenting...Joke Pictures1. Picture Choose a picture Take a new pic Upload from camera roll Search Google
  7. 7. Frame2. Text Choose a text Choose joke text Put your own text
  8. 8. Frame3. AdjustIn this section, user will be able to adjust image(resize, move, crop) and caption(resize, move, colour). In addition, one will beable to choose different fonts.
  9. 9. Frame4. Save. Save your Joke Picture
  10. 10. Frame5. Share! Share your Joke Picture! Facebook Twitter E-mail MMS
  11. 11. K.I.S.S.The main purpose of the app is to entertain peopleand enable them to make fun of friends by adding afunny text.Ability to post it on Facebook/Twitter can help theapp to go viral. People like funny and often stupidpictures, they often comment those too.
  12. 12. Basic improvements• Font customization (resize, move, color, different fonts).• Image adjustment (crop, move, resize).• Cenzored mode (a switch which selects only cenzored funny texts).
  13. 13. More improvements• Ability to put memes faces on pictures!
  14. 14. Monetization• Free app – advertisements• In-app purchase:- remove ads- more funny texts- more fonts- more memes faces- exclusive pack of images
  15. 15. Similar apps?• I wanted to choose an app that would enable me to develop similar apps using the same code. So what could I create with this code?- Joke Pictures Sports Edition – make fun of famous sport starts (plenty of my friends post such things on Fb, especially in soccer category).- Joke Pictures Animals Edition – as above.- Joke Pictures Celebrities etc.
  16. 16. ExtrasWhy „Joke Pictures” name?These are the amounts of montly global andlocal searches in US for „joke pictures” (broadmatch) To help market the app, I’d also ask the user(push notification) for a review on App Storeafter he opens the app more than 3 times.
  17. 17. Other marketing toolsI’d use several other marketing tools like crosspromotion, „more apps” tab, pressreleases, keyword and decription changes andetc.This is a big topic, then I won’t describe mywhole marketing strategy here.
  18. 18. Thanks!I hoped you liked my presentation! 