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Natural born algorithms. Complexity Explorers Krakow.


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Isn't it remarkable that it takes Physics to explain why Deep Learning is so effective?
Let's get back to the one-dimensional Cellular Automaton proposed by Steven Wolfram to find out that even this simple model is sufficient for executing any algorithm, it is Turing complete. All that mixed with fragments of Digital Philosophy articulated on short videos.

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Natural born algorithms. Complexity Explorers Krakow.

  1. 1. Natural Born Algorithms
  2. 2. src: src: [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], Seth Lloyd
  3. 3. src: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
  4. 4. It takes Physics to explain why Deep Learning is so effective src: 15:09 Remark during FQXi: Integrated Information in Brains, Machines and Natural Language by Max Tegmark
  5. 5. ❏ Postulates a program for a universal computer that computes the evolution of the universe ❏ Such computer could be a Turing machine or/(and) a cellular automaton ❏ Below the Planck scale, there is an informational substrate that allows the build-up of time, space, and energy * Wolfram, Stephen, A New Kind of Science, Chapter 9 Digital / Informational Physics
  6. 6. ❏ Gottfried Leibniz's Monadology reworked ❏ Use of Cellular Automaton ❏ Perceived reality as a result of computation Digital Philosophy
  7. 7. 1940 Stanisław Ulam & John von Neumann - 2D, 29 states Cellular automata invented by Stanislaw Ulam to simulate von Neumann's theoretical self-reproducing constructions. Turing Complete By Thane Plambeck [ 806/ [CC BY-SA 2.0 ] 1968 John Conway - 2D, 2 states Game of Life . Turing Complete 1980+ Stephen Wolfram - 1D, 2 states Elementary cellular automata, Universal CA By Stephen Wolfram's PR team/Stephen Faust [CC BY-SA 3.0]
  8. 8. Inventing Game of Life src: Numberphile: Inventing Game of Life. With John Conway.
  9. 9. John Conway on his Game of Life src: Numberphile: Does John Conway hate his Game of Life?
  10. 10. Game of Life: Logic gates src:
  11. 11. Source: Wolfram, Steven. "New Kind of Science." 1D Cellular Automaton
  12. 12. Rule 110 is Turing complete Proof published by Matthew Cook 2004. 110-cellular-automaton/ Rule 110
  13. 13. Cellular Automata Classes
  14. 14. Seth Lloyd’s views Physics of Information - information is related to entropy. All things has finite countable amount of information in them. Photo by Dmitry Rozhkov [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons That the cosmos is a computer, not just as metaphor..
  15. 15. What Is Complexity in the Cosmos src:
  16. 16. Is HTML + CSS3 a programming language ? : )