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Microservices - enough with theory, let's do some code @muCon2015


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Having organized few Microservice Hackathons (both public and internal) and developing applications for the last 7 months using that approach, we would like to show you what are the BUTs of the idea. Rarely can you hear about the chalenges and issues related to this architectural approach and we’ll tell nothing but the truth about it. Also we’ll show how you can quickly start creating your own apps using the tools we have created at 4finance / SoftwareMill.
Just a glimpse of what will you see in action: zookeeper for service discovery; Kibana / Grafana for monitoring; client code in Java, Scala and Groovy; Ansible for provisioning. And the best part is that everything is opensourced and ready to use.
Oh and some of the code we’ve written has been already merged with spring-cloud! Expect nothing but live coding and may the Demo Gods have mercy on us ;-)

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Microservices - enough with theory, let's do some code @muCon2015

  1. 1. @szimano, @MGrzejszczak, 10.11.2015 Microservices - enough with theory, let's code some Tomasz Szymański / Marcin Grzejszczak SoftwareMill / Pivotal
  2. 2. @szimano, @MGrzejszczak, 10.11.2015 MARCIN GRZEJSZCZAK Senior Software Dev at Pivotal, @MGrzejszczak TOMASZ “SZIMANO” SZYMAŃSKI Cofounder of SoftwareMill, @szimano About us
  3. 3. @szimano, @MGrzejszczak, 10.11.2015 ŁUKASZ SZCZĘSNY System engineer @wybczu Special thanks
  4. 4. @szimano, @MGrzejszczak, 10.11.2015 What do we want to code?
  5. 5. @szimano, @MGrzejszczak, 10.11.2015 How does the setup look like?
  6. 6. @szimano, @MGrzejszczak, 10.11.2015 Summary microservices are complex if your organization has communication issues - you’ll have problems if you don’t have automated solutions - you’ll have problems again you have to handle a lot of different technologies you have to collect metrics and logs calculate the costs and dangers of changing tools
  7. 7. @szimano, @MGrzejszczak, 10.11.2015 Questions? ?
  8. 8. @szimano, @MGrzejszczak, 10.11.2015 Used technologies Jenkins Jenkins-Dsl Groovy Rundeck Ansible Micro-Infra-Spring Graphite Carbon Grafana Elasticsearch Seyren Spring Cloud Casandra Logstash Forwarder Logstash Kibana Zookeeper Curator Hystrix Hystrix Dashboard Icinga Slack Spring Boot Spring Boot Admin Server Docker Zipkin
  9. 9. @szimano, @MGrzejszczak, 10.11.2015 Thank you! Documentation: Github: Contacts: Twitter: @szimano @mgrzejszczak