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IDEC 2014 Winter Leadership Seminar, Developing Strategic Direction


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IDEC 2014 Winter Leadership Seminar on developing a strategic plan to build a new, stronger proposition for membership value and ultimately, build affiliate capacity to serve as professional home for literacy educators.

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IDEC 2014 Winter Leadership Seminar, Developing Strategic Direction

  1. 1. IDEC European Leadership Seminar Ljubljana, Slovenia January 24-25, 2014
  2. 2.     Introduction/Overview to prepare for strategic planning Group exercises to identify strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth Identify one goal and develop objectives for achievement Identify next steps for completion and implementation of the strategic plan
  3. 3. Predictions To Experiments Data collection To Pattern recognition Execution from top-down to Execution by the WHOLE
  4. 4. What would cease to happen if your affiliate fell off the face of the Earth tomorrow?
  5. 5. What are the key challenges?  Identify two to three biggest challenges you face within your affiliate  What challenges do you have in the day-today operation of your affiliate?
  6. 6.  Professional Development  Public Policy Engagement  Community Engagement
  8. 8.    Focus programs, services and products to attract and retain members Create an interactive technology platform Develop public value
  9. 9.     Analyze trends: member data, program data and all sources of feedback Identify opportunities Create new membership value proposition (goals) Align governance, committee work and all other resources to implement the plan
  10. 10. What are the key strengths of the association/council/affiliate? What is your most popular membership service, program or activity? What are your operating strengths? (i.e., recruiting members, managing financials, developing literacy leaders, attracting positive media attention, hosting profitable professional development activities, etc.)
  11. 11. What are the key opportunities? ◦ What opportunities can you identify for development of new activities, programs and services? ◦ What are other similar organizations doing that are successful?
  12. 12.     Develop goals that are achievable, measureable Drive resources to achieve goals Employ principles of strong business and governance operations Utilize this professional network – IRA and all its network to achieve the goals
  13. 13.      Specific Measureable Achievable Relevant Time-bound
  14. 14. • Increase website traffic by 25% by January 2015 • Develop one new online resource by May 2014
  15. 15.  Establish IRA as worldwide authority and #1 resource provider in literacy education  Increase membership value  Attain and maintain financial stability
  16. 16.    Identify possible goals Prioritize two to three goals to be achieved in the next two years Identify at least one priority goal and design objectives applying S.M.A.R.T. criteria
  17. 17.     Completing the plan Organizing to accomplish goals Monitoring progress Modifying the plan
  18. 18.; International Reading Association