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Final draft


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Final draft

  1. 1. Cortes Padilla 1 Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about fashion? Well, somepeople think about clothes, but it goes way further than that. Fashion also is different hairstyles,it can be the color you paint your nails or anything you make fashion to be. Fashion is everythingin one;its your own true beauty. Fashion shows who you really are. So, people may ask what in general fashion is, but the answer is really inyour yourself."(fashion is something we deal with every day, even when people who say they don’t care aboutwhat they wear choose clothes every day that says a lot about them, and how they feel thatday")(Durcanin). One thing people cant disagree on is that fashion changes every year, everymonth, every day. ("We are constantly being bombarded with new fashion ideas from music,videos, books, and television. Movies also have a big impact on what people wear, Ray Ban soldmore sunglasses after the Movie Men In Black. Sometimes a trend is world-wide")(Durcanin).Back in the 1950s, teenagers everywhere dressed like Elvis Presley. Fashion can affect people in so many ways. A lot of people really dont thinkor notice it,but fashion can be a sense of your own independent self:it reflects your own personality. (“Ourclothes tell who we are in society. It can camouflage, it can cover up, and it can build as much asit can destroy our image.")(How) We pass strangers every day, and without saying a word peoplecan get an idea of how you are as a person, ("It can say for us, were as good as you are, or wehave the same interest, were important, or opposite, we’re worthless. Clothing is the silent butvery powerful communicator.")(How) Fashion also affects the market. A great example is crocsit was so famous in the begging when it first came out and then less people starting buying it andrate of the buyers went down. So that the rate of croc buyers could go up, the designer of crocschanged it throughout the years , they made all different colors and for all sizes, even for thosenew born babies.(“TheUneven road for stocks this year is perplexing investors who consider the
  2. 2. Cortes Padilla 2companiesan indicator of consumer’s willingness to spend.While smaller makers of fashionoriented shoes are struggling larger players in the industry are holding up well and evenoutpacing the recent surge in markets.")(Stocks) Crocs used to be a leading stock but then itstarted getting out of style and less people started buying them. There are some people that buystuff based on their own creativity style and some people buy it because of what’s in style now.When people stop buying stuff that informs designers to come up with new things that are instyle that a lot of people will buy, designers always try to make the best of their job by makingpeople happy. Many consider Christian Dior as a famous designer. He owns and designshis own purses,handbags, blouses, shoes, pants, etc. (The most influential designer of late 1940s’s”)(Christian)and by theblink of an eye they are famous or they have their own clothing line, call it amazingbutit had to be hard work that paid off. (“Dior dominated fashion after World War II withthehourglass silhouette of this voluptuous new look. He also defined a new business model inthe post war fashion industry by establishing himself as a global brand across a wide rangeofproducts.He was born in France and rose to prominence in the fashion world within the creationof the new look dresses that emphasized a women’s curvyfamine shape”).(Christian)Anotherthing that Dior is very known for is his wonderful smelling fragrances. Dior is a greatdesignerthat fits the best styles together. Some people already know what they want to be at the age of six. Let’s say you wantedto be a fashion designer, well maybe you spent most of your childhood dressing up dolls or anyfun activities that has to do with fashion as a little girl.("In other words if you want to be the nextYves Saint Laurent it helps to be completely obsessed with fashion. However, there are manyaspects of the profession. Working as a fashion designer can just mean supervising a design team
  3. 3. Cortes Padilla 3as a sportswear company as producing a label under your own name")(How) there are differentways to make this career work for you if you interested. It’s of course a lot of work. To createyour own label takes a lot of time and dedication. Nobody said this career plan was easy nomatter how fun it sounds. (“There are many ways to embark upon a fashion career as there arestyles of design Ralph Lauren Polo was founded on a small tie collection that he sold toBloomingdales")(How) it can take one second and you can be inspired to doing whatever youwant.("There are alot of colleges that have fashion programs but only a handful has the kind ofreputation that can really push your career")(How) you really have to start now if this is whatyou really want.The sooner, the better your future is looking. It doesn’t just take drawing good tobe a fashion designer.Creativity is big part of fashion also.("Most fashion programs are three tofour years long, during that time you will take fine arts classes and study drawing colorcomposition and form. You will also learn pattern making,draping and cutting tequrgs")(how) Avery good advantage of design school is that you learnmore than what you expect to learn, youbecome close to the industry and you get close to following your dream. A very popular fashion trend is the ever changing styles of jeans within the last twentyyears. Jeans have changed drastically. A lot of the teens these days probablyheard about thetapered jeans, but before any other they were the first ones to come outthat people wore. Wideleg pants were the second thing people had in their wardrobe, then comes the famous skinnyjeans that by now everybody has to own at least one pair. Bellbottoms and flare is another trendthat at one point people wore, and most people still have those it never dies. What a lot of peoplemay not know is that ("At one time pants were known simply as trousers and in the old days inEurope, trousers were worn only by men. It remained that way for a long time until the twentiethcentury when women started doing manual labor and it was decided that wearing trousers for
  4. 4. Cortes Padilla 4work was more practical.")(Stone) Today the market is full of different types of jeans withdifferent models and styles to it. They are made in cotton and other ways. It’s weird how jeansfirst started but it had to start somehow. Although guys were the first ones to wear it back then,there’s a pair of jeans for everyone now a days. There’s always an easy way to shop which is cheaper than what most people choose todo. Shopping when there are discounts is good, instead of getting name brand find somethingthat is similar to what you are looking for. ("Make a budget when you go shopping, signing upfor mailing listsand e-mail subscriptions")(Silverstein) if you are going shopping for someonesbirthday, Christmas, whatever it may be it’s a good idea to make a budget list for them also.Forever 21, H & M, and Wet seal are great stores to shop in if you want to save money onclothes. If you’re a crazy shopper and want everything you see, another way to shop smart ismaking a list of what you need instead of what you have. Sometimes it happens that you buystuff you already have. There’s always different ways to shop. Brian storm, and make the bestout of shopping. Mrs. Acquarulo, teacher at SSS, was interviewed for her fashion input. According to her,her style is inspired by movie stars. Her shopping preferences are wherever there are sales andwherever she can get a bargain. When it comes to buying clothes she likes to buy anythingcomfortable and that looks professional. Her favorite trends right now are high boots, plaidshirts, and flower shirts. She says “I do not agree with people who buy expensive clothes forshow-off and I think that it’s ridiculous that people wear clothes once or twice and stuck it backin her closet to never use it again.”)(Aquarulo) Her favorite season to dress is winter; her opinionis that winter is time that you can wear anything warm that will make her feel comfortable.
  5. 5. Cortes Padilla 5 You might not think of fashion as your every day use but it is because of fashion trendsand what you choose to wear every day. Fashion makes you feel good about yourself. If yourdream is to become a fashion designer , do it and don’t give up you can go farther than what youexpect. You can make it big just like Christian Dior she made it until she got known. She nevergave up she went for it. Anything is possible if you believe. The next time you go shoppingremember that there’s always an easier way to shop wherever you do shop make it your stylewith whatever clothes you have you can turn it into something amazing. You don’t have to shopbig or expensive to make it your own style or to make it look good. You can go with youinspirational input. Why copycat clothes if you cant say that its your own style. Remember thatfashion is your own creativity style. The next time you walk out the door stop and think aboutwhat caused you to put on what your wearing. Fashion plays an important role in your life,because its something you use everyday.