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Success by the Numbers


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Success by the Numbers: Discovery Your Keys to Wealth and Fulfillment Through Business Numerology by Marcia Bench

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Success by the Numbers

  1. 1. What Plagues MostEntrepreneurs• What am I here to do?• How shall I deliver myservices?• How can I earn moreand work less?
  2. 2. The Answer• Your name at birth and date of birth holdthe blueprint for everything required foryour success• Discover Business Numerology and stopsecond-guessing yourself!
  3. 3. What is BusinessNumerology?• 2500 years old• Based on thework ofPythagoras
  4. 4. What Numerolgy Does• Explores the energy ofnumbers and whatthey mean re: (1) whowe are, (2) how weexpress that, and (3)the timing of certainevents in our lives andwork• Now being applied forfirst time in depth toentrepreneurs andtheir businesses
  5. 5. Your Success Path• Each of us is designed for a specific type of work,tasks within that work, and tribe of people we willserve• These are known as “Inspired Success Paths”• There are 11 of them in all
  6. 6. Inspired Success Pathand Your Business Focus7. Needs to research,analyze, pursuespiritual studies8. Needs to help withbusiness and financialsuccess9. Needs to help make theworld a better place,bring peace, behumanitarian11.Needs to illuminatespiritually22. Needs to buildsomething of globalsignificance1. Needs to lead2. Needs to facilitateharmony3. Needs to expresscreatively,communicate4. Needs to establishsystems and structure5. Needs to help peoplefind adventure,excitement6. Needs to nurture
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