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An Overview of the top 10 habits you should implement into your lifestyle if you wish to lose weight.

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  1. 1. 10 Habits To Seriously Lose Weight www.MarciLall.com
  2. 2. Habit #1: More Carbs Less Fat • If you have more carbs and less fat you will maintain your weight loss. • For a successful weight loss, you should be getting about 56% of your calories from carbs, 19% from protein, ad 25% from healthy fats (olive oils, omega 3 fatty acids, etc.)
  3. 3. Habit #2: Don’t Skip Breakfast • If you want to lose some serious pounds then you will implement this habit into your lifestyle today! • It is crucial not to starve yourself throughout the day. Being in this very hungry state will encourage you to eat the first you see (even if it’s junk).
  4. 4. Habit #3: Eat Regularly Throughout The Day • There’s no such thing as breakfast, lunch and dinner anymore. If you want to keep your metabolism in high gear, eat 5 small meals throughout the day. • Not only will you be eating more frequently but it will also help sustain your energy throughout the day.
  5. 5. Habit #4: Don’t Ditch Your Favorite Foods • Being too firm with your self can make it incredibly difficult to stay on the right path. • Cutting something out of your food choices that you really like can lead to excessive bingeing, which will make you feel guilty and send you on an emotional roller coaster…because who can live without chocolate?
  6. 6. Habit #5: Load Up On Fibre • To help you feel full and to decrease your caloric intake eat loads of whole grains and fiber-packed fruits and veggies. • Don't forget to drink lots of water!
  7. 7. Habit #6: Exercise Consistently • This one habit could be the turning factor for you and allow you to see results a lot faster. • For the best results incorporate cardio vascular activity with resistance training – if you lift weights properly you won’t get big and bulky.
  8. 8. Habit #7: Leave The Gimmicks Alone • You don’t need all that crap that claims it will help you lose 10 pounds in 3 days. • It’s much more safe, healthy, and a proven way to lose weight just by changing some simple eating habits.
  9. 9. Habit #8: Don’t Go Too Far • It’s not a surprise that during your weight loss progress you will fall off the path. • However, having the discipline and support to get back on track is essential for long-term weight loss.
  10. 10. Habit #9: Write It Down • At the beginning of any weight loss program, if you write down the things you eat and drink and the times you intake them at, it will map out your eating patterns and you identify areas where you can make changes. • Simple, but very effective.
  11. 11. Habit #10: Change Your Lifestyle Day by Day • What most people do when they see results after working extremely hard to get where they want to be is go back to their old lifestyles. • If you worked hard to change your habits to lose weight, then doesn’t it make sense just to keep it in your lifestyle?