Guidelines For Women's Strength Training


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7 strength training guidelines for women. Each guideline holds a key principle that will help you successfully reach your strength training goals.

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Guidelines For Women's Strength Training

  1. 1. Women’s Fitness: Guidelines For The Best Strength Training Program...Ever
  2. 2. #1 You can never strength train your muscle in one day. You must train it again 24 to 36 hours later. Consecutive days of doing the exercises can lead to muscle fatigue, possible injury, and overtraining. Rests are required to regain the energy you lost.
  3. 3. #2 You cannot lose your weight instantly. For example losing excess stomach fat cannot be achieved by doing only 100 crunches. Stomach flab doesn't easily disappear in that way. Reduction of body fat must be done first with proper rest, regular exercise, and eating healthy foods.
  4. 4. #3 You cannot tone your body immediately. Step by step procedures should be followed. You need to concentrate on one area. Once you are through, you can proceed to your next target. Consider using machine and free weights.
  5. 5. #4 Your strength training programs should be consistent and regular to ensure successful results. Keep in mind that you have gained weight for years, so losing it also takes time.Your strength training requires a change in your lifestyle. Bad habits must be replaced with good ones.
  6. 6. #5 Strength training requires changes every 4 to 6 weeks. It will prevent your body from getting bored and keep workouts more interesting. Change your exercise method, and intensity levels. Unchanged routines sometimes stop producing good results in the end.You need to grow from your daily workouts.
  7. 7. #6 Your strength training programs need to be created according to your specific objectives. Every objective has also different methods for acquiring optimal results. You need specific goals to create the best possible strength training program.
  8. 8. #7 Your regular routine should workout all your major muscles 1 to 3 times a week. This includes the triceps, chest, back, shoulders, biceps, quads, calves, abs, hamstring, and gluts. You will create an imbalance if you’ve missed any one of the muscle groups.
  9. 9. If you follow these guidelines, you can build an effective and decent strength training program. Achieving a healthy and fit body is also safe. So, be ready to achieve that beautiful body you have always dreamt of.
  10. 10. For more great fitness, nutrition and weight-loss tips please visit...