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Marcherustico project italian homes in le marche


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Marcherustico project italian homes in le marche

  1. 1. - creating homes from ruins This presentation is bought to you by MarcheRustico a company that sells you a dream home from a ruin at the lowest possible costs. We help you find the ruins, help you re-design it and built it. Finally with our interior designers we help you create a home that reflects all your desires. To view our current portfolio visit our website or email marcherustico Le Marche central region of Italy. Macerata operas, Le Marche wine, San Severino Blues Festival and Italian Farmhouses, Le Marche villas and other property to sell.
  2. 2. - creating homes from ruins MarcheRustico helps you create your dream from ruins. You design and we built to your specifications using qualified and trusted local Marchegiani craftsmen. This presentation shows you how the first phrase is completed. Visit our website for your Italian home in Le Marche Italy. A project completed “al grezzo”. See what it means
  3. 3. - creating homes from ruins After initial viewing and purchase of the property, one of the initial steps is marking out the exact positioning (by GPS) of the and submitting details to register at the Catasta of land and buildings. An important step in the buying process – knowing the location of your plot and marking it with boundary stakes. Initial vital steps
  4. 4. - creating homes from ruins After the final purchase (rogito) and engineers and architects have designed the restructuring of the ruin to conform to local, regional and national building rules and approval is granted the project can begin. The first phase is site preparation by leveling roads and preparing for adequate access. The Start – ruin as bought Initial vital steps
  5. 5. Site is cleared and prepared to start demolition of the ruin carried out in phrases. In this project there are 2 buildings on the plot. - creating homes from ruins
  6. 6. - creating homes from ruins Improving access for deliveries is an important step in the initial phase of the project. This allows heavy equipment to quickly perform their demolition role. Initial vital steps
  7. 7. - creating homes from ruins In just four days the site is cleared for engineers and architects to peg the building plot and establish levels.
  8. 8. - creating homes from ruins Within a few weeks the shuttering and reinforced concrete bars are ready and the cement is poured. Engineers and Architects first ascertain the suitability of the base on which the reinforced concrete is laid.
  9. 9. - creating homes from ruins Damp proofing in applied at every stage with membranes and coatings. Inspection by Engineers and Architects takes place at all stages. Gradually the house takes shape.
  10. 10. - creating homes from ruins At attitudes of 500m and above you can expect a little snowy winter that might delay the project by 1 or 3 weeks. But whenever possible, work is carried out to recover all lost weeks.
  11. 11. - creating homes from ruins This is now the end of February 2010, nine (9) months after the start of the project and improving the access road. The project of the main house in the first phase is almost finished. The project team can now start on the guest house.
  12. 12. - creating homes from ruins Top left photo shows the state of the guest house before beginning the restoration work. Bottom left shows the state of guest house after 2 months. Look beyond the scaffolding.
  13. 13. - creating homes from ruins Both houses, main residence and the guest house are completed at “al grezzo” Al Grezzo means a home is completed without sanitation plumbing, or sewers, electrical work or internal pumbinmg. No doors. No windows. A shell like this should cost around 800 euro a square metre (2009). A project runs for 12 months from start to finish at al grezzo. Two properties take 15 months.
  14. 14. - creating homes from ruins Watch this channel to see how the next stage of the project progresses. We will show you how the bidding process is done for each section of the work and the savings we make for you the client. Watch The Marcherustico channel for more videos and presentations. Learn more about our services by contacting:
  15. 15. - creating homes from ruins Contact Details: Email: Website: Telephone: +39 334 990 3867