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Michigan Map for Permits/Applications in the Utica-Collingwood Shale


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A map of where permits and applications have been issued/made to drill in the Utica-Collingwood shale formations in Michigan. The map is provided by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

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Michigan Map for Permits/Applications in the Utica-Collingwood Shale

  1. 1. UTICA-COLLINGWOOD PERMITS AND APPLICATIONS AS OF 7/25/2012 T39NR05W T39NR04W T39NR03W T39NR01W T39NR11W T39NR10W T38NR01W T38NR11W T38NR04W T38NR03W T38NR02W T38NR05W T38NR10W T38NR01W T38NR06W T38NR01E T38NR02E T37NR11W T37NR10W T37NR04W T37NR03W T37NR02W T37NR06W T37NR05W T37NR01W T37NR01E T37NR02E T37NR07W EMMET T36NR04W T36NR03W T36NR02W T36NR06W T36NR05W T36NR01W T36NR01E T36NR02E T36NR03E T36NR04E CHEBOYGAN T35NR13W T35NR06W T35NR13W T35NR04E T35NR05E T35NR05W T35NR04W T35NR03W T35NR02W T35NR01W T35NR01E T35NR03E T35NR02E T35NR06E PRESQUE ISLE T34NR13W PN60562 VERTICAL A120084 HORIZONTAL PN60328 VERTICAL PN60133 VERTICAL PN60170 HORIZONTAL T34NR05E T34NR06E T34NR07E T34NR04E T34NR05W T34NR04W T34NR02W T34NR01W T34NR01E T34NR02E T34NR03E T34NR07W T34NR06W T34NR03W A120046 VERTICAL T34NR08W T33NR06E T33NR07E T33NR05E T33NR04E T33NR02E T33NR03E T33NR08W T33NR07W T33NR06W T33NR05W T33NR04W T33NR03W T33NR02W T33NR01W T33NR01E CHARLEVOIX T33NR09W PN60305 VERTICAL T32NR07E T32NR06E T32NR10W T32NR05E T32NR04E T32NR02E T32NR03E T32NR09W T32NR01W T32NR01E T32NR08W T32NR07W T32NR06W T32NR05W T32NR04W T32NR03W T32NR02W T32NR11W T32NR14W T31NR07E T31NR06E T31NR05E T31NR04E T31NR14W T31NR11W T31NR03E T31NR01E T31NR02E ALPENA T31NR09W T31NR08W T31NR07W T31NR06W T31NR05W T31NR04W T31NR03W T31NR02W T31NR01W MONTMORENCY T31NR12W OTSEGO ANTRIMT31NR15W T30NR07ET30NR15W T30NR06E T30NR05E T30NR04E T30NR03E T30NR11W T30NR02E T30NR12W T30NR02W T30NR01W T30NR01E T30NR09W T30NR08W T30NR07W T30NR06W T30NR05W T30NR04W T30NR03W T30NR10W T30NR13W PN60137 VERTICAL T29NR07E PN60271 HORIZONTAL T29NR03E T29NR04E T29NR05E T29NR06E T29NR11W T29NR02E T29NR13W T29NR05W T29NR03W T29NR02W T29NR01W T29NR01E T29NR12W T29NR10W T29NR06W T29NR04W T29NR09W T29NR08W T29NR07W T29NR14W LEELANAU PN60169 VERTICAL A110068 HORIZONTAL T28NR10W T28NR07E T28NR06E T28NR05E T28NR04E T28NR02E T28NR03E T28NR14W T28NR03W T28NR02W T28NR01W T28NR01E T28NR13W T28NR12W T28NR11W T28NR05W T28NR04W T28NR09W T28NR08W T28NR07W T28NR06W T28NR15W T28NR10W PN60186 VERTICAL A100241 HORIZONTAL A120094 VERTICAL PN60183 VERTICAL A120095 HORIZONTAL PN60360 HORIZONTAL T27NR06E T27NR07E T27NR05E T27NR05W T27NR04E T27NR02E T27NR03E T27NR03W T27NR02W T27NR01W T27NR01E T27NR14W T27NR04W ALCONA T27NR13W T27NR12W T27NR11W T27NR09W T27NR08W T27NR07W T27NR06W T27NR15W T27NR10W PN60545 HORIZONTAL A120074 HORIZONTAL PN60546 HORIZONTAL OSCODA GRAND PN60138 VERTICAL T26NR07E PN60198 HORIZONTAL PN60357 VERTICAL T26NR06E T26NR07W T26NR05E T26NR04E T26NR03E CRAWFORD T26NR02E PN60389 HORIZONTAL T26NR03W T26NR02W T26NR01W T26NR01E BENZIE T R AV E R S E T26NR15W T26NR14W T26NR05W T26NR04W T26NR13W T26NR12W T26NR11W T26NR10W T26NR09W T26NR08W A120075 HORIZONTAL A120073 HORIZONTAL PN60162 HORIZONTAL PN60142 VERTICAL PN60176 VERTICAL A100218 HORIZONTAL T25NR05W T25NR04E T25NR05E T25NR06E T25NR07E T25NR03E T25NR04W T25NR02W T25NR01W T25NR01E T25NR02E T25NR03W T25NR15W T25NR14W T25NR08W T25NR06W T25NR09W T25NR07W A120047 VERTICAL T25NR13W T25NR12W T25NR11W T25NR10W A120045 VERTICAL A120085 HORIZONTAL PN60579 VERTICAL PN60580 HORIZONTAL PN59919 VERTICAL T24NR07E PN59979 HORIZONTAL PN60161 HORIZONTAL T24NR04E T24NR05E T24NR06E T24NR02E T24NR03E T24NR02W T24NR01W T24NR01E T24NR15W T24NR05W T24NR04W T24NR03W T24NR14W T24NR13W T24NR12W T24NR11W T24NR10W T24NR09W T24NR08W T24NR07W T24NR06W PN60136 HORIZONTAL T23NR07E T23NR06E T23NR05E T23NR03E T23NR04E T23NR01E T23NR02E T23NR01W IOSCO T23NR15W T23NR04W T23NR03W T23NR02W T23NR14W T23NR10W T23NR09W T23NR08W T23NR07W T23NR06W T23NR05W T23NR13W T23NR12W T23NR11WMANISTEE WEXFORD MISSAUKEE ROSCOMMON OGEMAW T22NR07E T22NR06E T22NR04E T22NR05E T22NR02E T22NR03E T22NR01W T22NR01E T22NR15W T22NR08W T22NR07W T22NR04W T22NR03W T22NR02W T22NR14W T22NR13W T22NR11W T22NR10W T22NR09W T22NR06W T22NR05W T22NR12W PN60559 VERTICAL PN60560 HORIZONTAL A120093 HORIZONTAL T21NR07E PN59449 VERTICAL T21NR06E T21NR04E T21NR05E T21NR02E T21NR03E T21NR08W T21NR01W T21NR01E T21NR15W T21NR07W T21NR05W T21NR03W T21NR02W T21NR14W T21NR13W T21NR11W T21NR10W T21NR09W T21NR06W T21NR04W T21NR12W T20NR07E T20NR06E T20NR04E T20NR05E T20NR02E T20NR03E T20NR01E T20NR03W T20NR02W T20NR01W T20NR15W T20NR07W T20NR06W T20NR05W T20NR04W T20NR14W T20NR13W T20NR12W T20NR11W T20NR10W T20NR09W T20NR08W ARENAC T19NR05E T19NR06E T19NR07E T19NR04E T19NR02E T19NR03E T19NR01E T19NR03W T19NR02W T19NR01W T19NR05W T19NR04W T19NR15W T19NR08W T19NR07W T19NR06W T19NR14W T19NR13W T19NR12W T19NR11W T19NR10W T19NR09W LAKE OSCEOLA CLARE GLADWIN T18NR06E T18NR05E T18NR03E T18NR04E T18NR01E T18NR02E T18NR03W T18NR02W T18NR01W T18NR05W T18NR04W T18NR15W T18NR10W T18NR09W T18NR08W T18NR07W T18NR06W T18NR14W T18NR13W T18NR12W T18NR11W B AY T17NR02E T17NR03E T17NR04E T17NR01E T17NR02W T17NR01W T17NR05E T17NR04W T17NR03W T17NR07W T17NR06W T17NR05W T17NR15W T17NR14W T17NR13W T17NR12W T17NR11W T17NR10W T17NR09W T17NR08W T16NR01E T16NR02E T16NR03E T16NR04E T16NR04W T16NR03W T16NR02W T16NR01W Utica-Collingwood issued permits # Permit # Company Name Well Name Well No County Wellhead T R S comments Well type Well status Confidential 1 59449 O I L NIAGARAN LLC HENKEL D4-24 MISSAUKEE 21N 6W 24 deepening of Antrim permit Not available Temporarily abandoned NO INFORMATION PROVIDED HEREIN IS ACCURATE TO 2 59979 ENCANA OIL AND GAS USA INC PIONEER 1-3 HD1 MISSAUKEE 24N 7W 3 DISCOVERY Gas Shut-in NO Legend 3 60133 ENCANA OIL AND GAS USA INC KENDALL 1-33 CHEBOYGAN 35N 2W 33 permit for vertical well Dry hole Well complete NO 4 5 60136 60137 CHEVRON MICHIGAN LLC ATLAS RESOURCES LLC STATE PIONEER STATE MANCELONA 1-1 HD1 1-28 MISSAUKEE ANTRIM 24N 7W 1 29N 5W 28 terminated per company request permit for vertical well Location Dry Hole Terminated permit Temporarily abandoned never drilled NO THE BEST OF OUR