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YOU ARE INVITEDTopMythsofNaturalGasDevelopment:DebunkedMyths and misinformation have guided the natural gas debate in NY f...
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Flier Announcing JLCNY Educational Meeting in Albany, NY on May 30


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The announcement for "Top Myths of Natural Gas Development: Debunked," which will be held on May 30 in Albany, NY. The session is sponsored by the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York and will be moderated by anti-drilling author Tom Wilbur. It's mean for NY state lawmakers and their staffs, as well as others who have input or influence whether or not NY will allow fracking.

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Flier Announcing JLCNY Educational Meeting in Albany, NY on May 30

  1. 1. YOU ARE INVITEDTopMythsofNaturalGasDevelopment:DebunkedMyths and misinformation have guided the natural gas debate in NY for too long. Pleasejoin the Joint Landowners Coalition of NY (JLCNY) to debunk myths about water, healthissues, and quality of life alongside development – and hear how NY’s proposed regula-tions compare to a national model created by the Environmental Defense Fund.There is no cost to attend but please RSVP by May 23, 2013 to: JLCSpecialEvent@Yahoo.comWHATFEATUREDSPEAKERS MODERATEDBYTOMWILBERwhOSHOULDATTENDTIMEWHEN LOCATIONpaneldiscussion,Q&A,Lightfare11:30am–2:30pmThursday,May30,2013LegislativeOfficeBuildingRoom711-A, Albany,NY12247MARK BOLING PRESIDENT, V+ DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS,A DIVISION OF SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY COMPANYMr. Boling will help us separate fact from fiction with regard to all major aspectsand concerns with hydraulic fracturing operations. He will also describe how NY’sproposed regulations compare with a three-year collaboration between Southwesternand the Environmental Defense Fund to develop a “Model Regulatory Framework.”Wilber was a staff writer for Gannett’sBinghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin for 17years, covering business, health, andenvironment beats. He left the newspa-per in 2010 to write full time about shalegas development. The resulting book,Under the Surface, Fracking Fortunesand the Fate of the Marcellus Shale(Cornell University Press) tracks eventsand stakeholders in the quest to developshale gas in New York and Pennsylvania.Wilber continues to cover those eventson his blog, Shale Gas Review.This event is designed for policymakersand staff – especially those charged withdecisions related to natural gas develop-ment in NY state, economic developmentand business leaders, agricultural andlabor groups, academics and the media.DON SIEGEL PHD, HYDROLOGIST AND PROFESSORAT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITYProfessor Siegel will continue to separate fact from fiction as it relates to water issuesand the Marcellus and Utica Shales. He’ll address common myths and concerns suchas quantity of water used, water contamination and methane contamination. Profes-sor Siegel will share his experience in studying NYC reservoirs and break down trueconcerns for the water supply.DOUG MCLINKO BRADFORD COUNTY COMMISSIONER, BRADFORD COUNTY, PAThere are many rumors about the industrialization of PA and how life has beendestroyed in towns in which natural gas development has occurred. CommissionerMcLinko will detail what day-to-day life is like for families, small businesses, lease-holders and other residents since natural gas development has come to town. Mr.McLinko will discuss input he has received from diverse groups such as carpentersunions and local veterinarians regarding visiting well sites and living in communitieswith development.GARY BAKER PRESIDENT, MEMORIAL HOSPITAL,TOWANDA, PAMany concerns about health effects of those living around natural gas developmenthave been raised. As president of the hospital in the county with the most active natu-ral gas development in PA, Mr. Baker will provide information from the “front lines” onwhat health issues the hospital has seen and not seen and in what ways he believesnatural gas development has impacted the health of his community.