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  1. 1. Who we areWho is M.A.R.C.E.L.O?
  2. 2. Who we are Our team……and our collaborators…
  3. 3. What we have done for the schoolDGDWMulticultiSpringGamesMovemberBOWcommitteeBusiness clubs: Family, Asian, Indian, Spanish, Fashion, Entrepreneurship, WomenSport Clubs: Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, Football
  4. 4. What we propose• Newsletter (3/6 months) • Todays newsletter?? - New births - New births - Birthdays Iñiguito, Gerardito, Martincito, Felipitos, Robertito, Noriakitos, Sczepanitas, Semionitas, etc. - Weddings - Member’s articles - Birthdays German, Emilio, Virginie, Anca, Grant, Olivier, - Networking information etc. - IESE news - Weddings -… Cedric, Christopher, Iñigos, Swapnil, Marcelo, Mario, etc. - Member’s articles and new entrepreneurs• Social media Ofertia (Jaume, Oriol, Thomas) ComoComo (Jonathan, Bustamante) ShushiMushi (Julien, Amos) - Update Facebook website Technical articles - Update Twitter website Stories - Networking information Personal/professional trips Provider-Client posts - IESE news IESE new building New IESE campus in Germany/Singapore
  5. 5. What we propose- Local Reunions in each country (Once a year)- Class 2012 trip (Once a year) Ski, Beach, Mountain, City, etc.- Worldwide Reunions (Every 3 years)- Remember Reunions in Barcelona (Every 5 years) Whole weekend in Barcelona Teambuilding activities (sailing, calçots, etc.) Kindergarten service IESE ceremonial event
  6. 6. What we propose- Raval Initiatives (Casal dels Infants del Raval) Increase the number of hours devoted to the children Create a fund to help the association- GRADUATION DAY Speech As WE ARE ONE… …CLASS 2012 will VOTE to designate the STUDENT who will make the SPEECH
  7. 7. Why us - Our mission: we believe “WE ARE ALL ONE” we will work for this to continue happening FOREVER- Our expertise: We have a proven track of service towards the IESE community We will continue to do so in the future because we like IT- Our main goal: We are going to maintain the class as cohesive and unified: Organizing events Providing you with the tools- Our values: Motivation – Achievement – Reliability - Commitment - Energy - Loyalty - Organization …but most important, we have TRUE Vocation for Serving our IESE community- Our city, Barcelona: Several people of the team and collaborators are staying in Barcelona.
  8. 8. Why us- Other reasons?? We like to promise but WE DO We like to dream but WE IMPLEMENT We like to work but our commitment is to service you, our IESE community. We are DOers, we have huge social impact, we are proactive…WE ARE ONE 4 days of campaign= 4 initiatives - Presentation video - Buttons - Concert - Brochure and Mail