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Abstract : Reality(Rosebud) - Marcel Moonen (Pt. 4)


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In this 4th excerpt Abstract:Reality(Rosebud) I discuss the variety in interpretations of projections and how this can lead to a distorted view of reality.

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Abstract : Reality(Rosebud) - Marcel Moonen (Pt. 4)

  1. 1. Abstract : Reality(Rosebud) Marcel Moonen (2018)
  2. 2. The last chapter I talked about chess, a strictly logical game, a game that lacks humor. When I have some friends over we rather play a game of cards. A game that leaves room for emotion. If you lose, you still could have a good laugh about how the game was played. Chapter four; Abstract : Reality(Rosebud) In this chapter I will discuss the role our imagination plays in how we perceive projections of reality. To understand this chapter well I recommend reading the other chapters first.
  3. 3. Rosebud, the last word spoken by Charles Kane before his death in the movie Citizen Kane.
  4. 4. There are many interpretations of the meaning of Rosebud, the name of the sled Charles Kane had when he was a kid. Here I list a few of them. 1. Welles himself playfully claimed that the word was Hearst’s (the person Charles Kane was partly based on) term for his wife’s nether parts. - Peter Bradshaw Sat 25 Apr 2015 Pyramidical 2. Rosebud was Charles Kane's last moment before the little boy took the road to become the budding monster. - Bochi 25 Apr 2015 Mutational 3. There was me thinking it referred to his childhood sled that gets thrown on the fire at the end of the film. You know, the one with "Rosebud" on it. - Conedison 25 Apr 2015 Mutational 4A. In the film 'Rosebud' is a codeword for a state of being, and a world subsisting in place and time, that once had but forfeited. - davidcallun1957 25 Apr 2015 Mutational 4B. It can never be regained even if it is searched for throughout the whole of the life of an individual. In this respect, ot is somewhat like the Lost Domain in Alain-Fournier's Le Grand Meaulnes. - davidcallun1957 25 Apr 2015 Mutational x Mutational * The Sims (videogame) has the cheat Rosebud. It gives the current household an additional 1,000 Simoleons (currency).
  5. 5. 5. As explained in the Graun last week, it's just a sled that a production assistant found in a skip and slotted into the script. JohnHalladay 25 Apr 2015 - Prismatic Rosebud = A prismatic act that becomes one of the first forms of product placement
  6. 6. And do you know what happiness is? {Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s a billboard on the side of a road that screams with reassurance that whatever you’re doing is OK. You are OK.}{Placeholder} Fresh snow and a sled called Rosebud © Marcel Moonen – Don Draper (2018)
  7. 7. Projection 1; The ending of Citizen Kane in 6 frames, seen from a personal perspective. ({snowglobe}{fisheye lens})(projection 1)
  8. 8. ({rosebud}{object}{emotion})(projection 2) Projection 2; The ending of Citizen Kane in 6 frames, seen from a global perspective.
  9. 9. Marcel Moonen – Rosebud (2018)
  10. 10. The {placeholder} technique, as represented in the movie Citizen Kane runs throughout all of modern western society, from advertisement, the news to politics and the arts. Most of the time it is used as a deflective mechanism of argumentation, as a catalyst of imaginary definitions and thoughts. This mutational-thinking-mechanism let us forget the actual definition of what we perceive in front of us, and replaces the definition of an actual event with preconceived memories.
  11. 11. Marcel Moonen – Marcel Duchamp (2018)
  12. 12. Marcel Moonen – Artist’s Shit (2018)
  13. 13. Bridge An abstract game of reality starring Vilmos Huszár
  14. 14. Some time ago I came across this painting from an unknown painter, a geometric composition of rectangular volumes, unsigned. In the place of the signature there was a Monogram [Motif,Logo] with 3 letters: LUK. Is it possible by using pattern recognition to find the painter of this work?
  15. 15. Cezanne – Cardplayers, 1895 (1 of 5 different versions) Theo van Doesburg – Cardplayers, 1929 Picasso – Cardplayers, 1914 Braque, Candlestick and playing cards on a table, 1910 About [frame][a deck of cards] & gameplay (the pattern defined through the game rules) How many different card games are there? It depends what you count as different—what you might see as two different games, I might count as two variations of the same game. [Mutational] It is also common to find the same game going under many different names. Depending on what you count as a game, a rough estimate would be that there are between 1,000 and 10,000 games -
  16. 16. Painting LUK, without its frame and reduced yellow colour deformation. Vilmos Huszár, Composition abstraite *Intuition pump (Daniel Dennett) Intuition pumps are cunningly designed to focus the reader's attention on "the important" features, and to deflect the reader from bogging down in hard-to-follow details. There is nothing wrong with this in principle. Indeed one of philosophy's highest callings is finding ways of helping people see the forest and not just the trees. But intuition pumps are often abused, though seldom deliberately.
  17. 17. Vilmos Huszár, compositional patternsPainting LUK, compositional patterns If we look closer we can discover similarities in composition and shape. It might count as two variations of the same game.
  18. 18. Painting LUK, rotated If we turn the painting around we see a complete new perspective. Let’s compare it to another work of Vilmos Huszár, a masterpiece of perception; Baccarat Game
  19. 19. Painting LUK, returning pattern of dark polygonal shapes (1) This time we find a comparison in the use of polygonal motives; (1) Create a definition of optical depth, that works better if the work is vertically orientated. (2) Surface and shadow are paradoxically equally perceived. Well played Vilmos Huszár! Vilmos Huszár, polygonal shapes in a variety of tones (2)
  20. 20. Vilmos Huszár didn’t sign many of his paintings and he worked in a variety of different styles. When he did sign a work he mostly use just his initials. When we look closer to the monogram, we see that the K is oddly composed out of two long lines and one short one. Let’s look at this in a mutational perspective: K = H (two long lines, one short line) = Huszár mutational L = V (by rotating) = Vilmos mutational U = the most striking vocal in Vilmos Huszárs name mutational The monogram represents a card – mutational x mutational
  21. 21. So are we LUCKY or did we just play a game of Abstract:Reality with Vilmos Huszár? Show your Card!
  22. 22. Marcel Moonen – Product placement (2018)
  23. 23.