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Abstract : Reality [Language] A - Marcel Moonen (TIME ~ Art)


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Manifesto TIME ~ Art
In this 5th excerpt Abstract:Reality [Language] I discuss the working of language through creativity.

This presentation consists of self-made images, collages, written texts and other works.

Published in: Art & Photos
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Abstract : Reality [Language] A - Marcel Moonen (TIME ~ Art)

  1. 1. Abstract : Reality [Language] A Marcel Moonen (2018)
  2. 2. Abstract : Reality 5. Distortion and Replay
  3. 3. Intro Edited by mr. X. I would like to point out that [A] Manifesto is about grammar, about the language of creativity.
  4. 4. T I M E ~ Art Property, collectivism and education are the main concern of our times. Terms and conditions: T~A is applied intuition-mechanics. T~A has its focus on substantiality rather than visuality. T~A studies the concepts behind ancient structures and reconfigures them in a modern vocabulary. T~A takes forms from collective and personal memory, passing time-zones and cultural construct, rearranged into an experimental construct. T~A ignores the existing canon and amounts itself in an intimate expression of the self. T~A fuses local dialect with universal language. This Manifesto is created by Mr. X and supported by anonymous people.
  5. 5. How-to understand ~ Abstract : Reality (Language) This manifesto describes the working of creative exploration in a system of ‘states’ arranged in territorial shells moving from the inner-core ~ an analytical perspective to the outside ring ~ a personal view. A Analytics: Fictional fight between two characters: Joaquín Torres García & Theo van Doesburg. B Distortion: Confessions are mixed with distorted images of our everyday-digital-environment. C Construction: Statements aligned with our everyday collective reality. D Mechanics: Questions an statements both appear in ping-pong behaviour. E Fluidity: Personal and collective memory are in free interaction with each other. F Intuition: [Pandora’s box] This is the core-state of creative exploration. A state without boundaries in which everything is possible. Travelling through all the previous states back and forth in a ~ from an outsider perspective ~ nonsensical [non-dual] behaviour. Replay Textual arrangements ~ passing through the different states ~ in A-logical-construct
  6. 6. F ‘Intuition’ & Replay ‘A-logical-construct’
  7. 7. New York Herald TribuneParis-Soir
  8. 8. Episode 1 – Get ready to fight! [Territory A]
  9. 9. Joaquín Torres García Aladdin Theo van Doesburg Doucetheo18 Abstract : Reality Tonight's Match VS
  10. 10.  Created Mécano (Dada)  Created De Stijl  Established Art Concret  Finally defeated Mondriaan, after playing multiple rounds of Abstract : Reality, but was never honoured.  Build a house. VS  Co-founder Cercle et Carré  Created toys; Alladin toys  Traditions of the abstract man & the City without a name, key readings.  Professional muralist  Only trained, never picked a fight, until he met van Doesburg. • Build a wall. Tracklist AladdinTracklist Doucetheo18 Coaches: Augusto, Olimpia and Horacio Coaches: Antony Kok (mental), Lena Milius (physical)
  11. 11. Spectators Wassily Kandinsky, Mondriaan, Albert Gleizes, Auguste Herbin, Robert Delaunay, Alexandra Povòrina , Antoine Pevsner, Georges Vantongerloo, Hans Arp, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Willi Baumeister, El Lissitzky, Carl Buchheister, Naum Gabo, Jan Schoonhoven, Marlow Moss, Alexander Calder, Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, Lucio Fontana, Max Bill, Arshile Gorky, Julio González, Férnand Léger, Walter Gropius, Luigi Russolo, Antoine Pevsner, László Moholy-Nagy, Kurt Schwitters, Le Corbusier, Willi Baumeister, Enrico Prampolini, Pierre Daura, Jean Gorin, Alberto Sartoris, Abraham Elzas, Huib Hoste, Mystery Man, Jean Hélion, René Daniëls, Otto Carlsund, Leon Tutundjian, Marcel Wantz, Ilya Bolotowsky, Burgoyne Diller, Cornelis van Eesteren, Jean Gorin, Robert van 't Hoff, Vilmos Huszár, Frederick John Kiesler, Joseph Stella, Barnett Newman, Sol Lewitt, Agness Martin, Bart van der Leck, Marlow Moss, J. J. P. Oud, Gerrit Rietveld, George Antheill, Jan Wils, Max Ernst, Hugo Ball, Hannah Höch, Tzara, Picabia, Serge Poliakoff and Marcel Duchamp (sold his chessboard to buy a ticket). Previous champions of Abstract : Reality Mondriaan (multiple KO’s playing against van Doesburg) Picasso & Braque (celebrated cubist rounds) Tzara & Hugo Ball (untouchables) Honoured guest Malevich, but declined and stayed home in Russia. Playing the organ Nelly van Doesburg
  12. 12. Photo of I.K. Bonset played by Pétro (Nelly van Doesburg) Joaquin Torres García, in his New York Suit, 1921 Theo van Doesburg {Distortion}: Alter-ego I.K. Bonset is used as a [projection] to create confusion about reality. Joaquín Torres García {Distortion}: The ‘Idea’ of a suit [projection - form of fashion] as a smokescreen to display the modern city {recalling images of New York}. Round #1 Superhero-characters
  13. 13. I.K. Bonset, voorbijtrekkend troep (passing rubbish), 1921 Joaquin Torres García, América Invertida (Inverted America), 1943 Theo van Doesburg {Distortion}: Combines the compositional elements of text and the sound-of-words to create a [projection] of reality. Joaquín Torres García {Distortion}: {Map} Is a misconceived [projection] of reality. By inverting the map of South America he points towards a new north; the south becomes the north. Round #2 Morphing
  14. 14. Joaquin Torres García, figures with doves, 1949 Theo van Doesburg, Girl with Ranunculus, 1914 Theo van Doesburg [Abstraction]: One of his first true abstract works, expressionism. Transforming Kandinsky’s ‘Idea’ of expressionism in a construction. The painting was first set-up with pencil and a pair of compasses, later colourized. [technique becomes abstract instrument] Joaquín Torres García [Abstraction]: The traditions of fresco wallpaintings (which he made in the beginning of his life) are transformed into an abstract vocabulary of figures. [technique becomes abstract language] Round #3 Modern revolt or ancient tradition
  15. 15. Joaquín Torres García, Contrapunto, 1929 Theo van Doesburg, Counter-Composition V, 1924 [Rhomb & Square] Theo van Doesburg {Distortion}: Planes are moving outside the surface of the canvas, into imaginary space. Joaquín Torres García {Distortion}: His wooden sculpture starts walking away into reality. Round #4 Between space & surface
  16. 16. Theo van Doesburg, hypercube, 1929 Joaquin Torres García, Universal Art, 1937 Theo van Doesburg [Abstraction]: Endeavors in exploring and understanding the 4th dimension in mathematical space. [imaginary visual space] Joaquín Torres García [Abstraction]: Endeavors in exploring and understanding the 5th dimension in signs; already present in ancient civilization, like the Inca’s. [imaginary mental space] Round #5 Imaginary space or universal signs
  17. 17. Joaquín Torres García [Abstraction]: Universal signs carved into the wall become a pedestal for the higher spirit, with the three platonic shapes placed on top [cube, sphere and pyramid]. A plaque on the ground nearby has inverted cardinal points carved in it, so south appears at the top and north at the bottom (invertion, pointing towards a new north). Theo van Doesburg [Abstraction]: Ideal ‘Idea’ of abstraction, two modulated shifting cubes facing a perfect third cube in the garden; the pedestal becomes sculpture, an ode to the highest order, the cube itself. Joaquin Torres García, Monumento cósmico, 1937 Maison van Doesburg, 1930 Round #6 Wall or building
  18. 18. J. T. G. (1874–1949), Objetos sobre plano gris (also known as Still Life with black pan), 1949. One of his last works. Joaquín Torres García [Abstraction]: Endeavors in exploring and understanding the 6th dimension {biological time} Transforming everyday objects in compositions of rough and simplified symbols. Theo van Doesburg (1883–1931) was increasingly debilitated by asthma and bronchitis which prevented him from working much after 1930. After a year of illness, he died on 7 March 1931, age 47, in a health clinic in Davos, Switzerland. J.T.G. wins by technical K.O. in final round. Round #7 [Final Round] Biology
  19. 19. Joaquin Torres García, Aladdin Toys, 1924, New York Juguetes transformables (transformable toys). * Medal “Dada” Toys Joaquin Torres García already starten working on ideas for wooden transformable toys before 1920. Going directly to the source of creativity; the imaginative reality of childern in which abstract language plays a much bigger role. [Arcadian state] He tried collaborating with manufacturing companies in Europe to produce the toys on bigger scale (among Metz & Co,NL), but finally succeeded in New York (Aladdin Toys), although it never became a commercial success.Self made prototypes 1918 
  20. 20. “The perception of other people and the intersubjective world is problematic only for adults. The child lives in a world which he unhesitatingly believes accessible to all around him. He has no aware of himself or of others as private subjective, nor does he suspect that all of us, himself included, are limited to one certain point of view of the world. That is why he subjects neither his thoughts, in which he believes as they present themselves, to any sort of criticism. He has no knowledge of points of view. For him men are empty heads turned towards one single, self-evident world where everything takes place, even dreams, which are, he thinks, in his room, and even thinking, since it is not distinct from words.” Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception, 1945
  21. 21. #R.I.P. : An ode to the ultimate abstract men: Theo van Doesburg & Joaquin Torres García
  22. 22. Hope you’re ready for the next episode. [Territory B]
  23. 23. #R.I.P.: [Wikipedia]
  24. 24. Beep, beep* Incoming message from Das Hund
  25. 25. Discussion [Whatsapp]
  26. 26. Confession 1 Before coming here I said that I would broadcast daily updates on Instagram to show the progress of my work. To tell you the truth, I got bored with it, so I stopped half way. Ooh yes, I almost forgot about this match between Uruguay & the Netherlands. Damn I already missed the first goal from Uruguay! Hopefully they show the replay...
  27. 27. Casino [Instagram]
  28. 28. Confession 2 I like playing games, but it has been a while since I went skiing.
  29. 29. Sports [Videogames]
  30. 30. Confession 3 This manifesto is made in Powerpoint. If it would be possible I would've made it in Paint.
  31. 31. LinkedOut {formerly known as LinkedIn}
  32. 32. Confession 4 Last summer I threw away S, M, L, XL. I realized this book is even thicker than the bible. Satisfied indeed. It opened a new space, just above my bookshelf. You know he published a new book, this book is even thicker than the yellow pages. I thought they stopped printing yellow pages some time ago. To tell you the truth, I threw away almost all of my books. Ching: form, space and order still there, Barragán still there, Mies in Berlin, Aldo Rossi only his drawings. Merleau-Ponty I manually delivered to this search-engine called Google. The man at the reception requested me to leave the building immediately. And if I could take my book along with me.
  33. 33. Findings [Whatsapp]
  34. 34. Confession 5 And to imagine that there were just a few hundred subscribers for De Stijl. Art Concret was only one magazine short. La tradicion del hombre abstracto, I wonder how many people read that. ...Not many I guess, first you have to learn Spanish. From what I imagine, Marcus Aurelius enjoyed writing his meditations. Ooh yes! I know about one guy from India, he read my chapter on Chess. And this Dutch philosopher, she read at least a couple. Well there is not much to read anyway, cause I’m technically not a writer, I prefer poetry instead, and when I’m tired I play some games. When I’m even more tired, I just watch. Watch some games.
  35. 35. Is abstraction more real than reality? [formerly known as Youtube]
  36. 36. Language The last 7 years I have been around. Travelling and working abroad. In Europe. All these places, different languages, different customs, different people. I prefer typing in English, simple English, to make points. German, by far out the most scientific language. Italian, no wonder they are the best opera players. Spanish, make points, joyful points. Polish, I wonder what they are saying... Dutch, a mixture between English and German. That’s what my friends all say. If a street dog could speak he would speak Dutch. That’s what I know.
  37. 37. Language [Youtube]
  38. 38. De tijdmachine (Dutch) Groen, wat is de natuur toch schoon. Losstaand in een huizenhoge ruimte. Enkele stukken meubilair in het midden, drie schijven beton vormen een dek. Een fragiel raamwerk, de trapopgang. Zwarte platen mogelijk bewegend, plooiend blauwe gordijnen, een kanarie-gele garagedeur. Schaakmat in de hoek van de kamer, licht geroteerd. Rood, lampje van het modem knippert…Oranje, groen, wederom rood licht. Kubus, de naam van de knutselclub die ik vroeger als kind bezocht. Antony, weetje dat baby’s bollampen als gezichten waarnemen?
  39. 39. Het museum-stuk (Dutch) Vier mensen aan de deur, acht mensen voor het hek, druppeltjesgewijs komen ze binnen, een voor een, want de opgang is al smal genoeg. Ooh, aah, geweldig die van Doesburg! Woont u hier? Ik woon hier, maar vandaag maak ik plaats voor het museum-stuk. Ik ben de suppoost, u bent ter gast. Beja sprong op, het betonnen dek, pardon mijnheer dat ziet u goed. De tafel is genaamd; het podium. En omringd door mensen. Een lofzang over Theo. Aandachtig luisterde ik, want hoe kwam ik anders te weten dat 1+1 niet 2 is, maar toch echt 3. Jean Michel wees me op zijn foto. Twee overlappende vierkanten, op het snijvlak een derde vormend. Voila, cest trois!
  40. 40. Joaquín Torres García Alladin Theo van Doesburg Doucetheo18 8 O'clock Time for dinner! 0 0 0 1+1 = 3 ~ 0
  41. 41. Final Confession I hate style, it’s mere surface for the eyes. I guess van Doesburg understood that, cause he hated the traditions of the Bauhaus. It’s a pity that De Stijl became just a style, sold as a dress by Yves Saint Laurent. I guess that made it famous... like the image of Mona Lisa printed in newspapers all around the world. I still have to buy a gift for my girlfriend, maybe a hankerchief from Hermès. This one, in the style of van Doesburg.
  42. 42. Hope you’re ready for the next episode. [Territory C]
  43. 43. Statement 1 {Society} Pick a site and throw a coin in the air. On one side you find de Stijl, on the other Dada. Throw Bitcoins in the air, and you just find numbers.
  44. 44. Statement 2 [Art] Unfortunately art cannot be found in a museum, or hanging in a gallery. Not that there is nothing to see there. It is a perfect place for education, Educating the history-of-art. Unfortunately art cannot be bought. Art can only be discovered. Its history can be traced back in books and on the internet.
  45. 45. {3 sides of paper Reality} Projections found and added. Back {projection 2} Biological space Front {projection 1} Cultural construct n {projection 3} Imaginary space
  46. 46. Statement 3 [Biology] There is no real difference between a person and an artist. They both go to the toilet. The only difference is their shit. If a person shits it is Reality. If an artist shits its Abstract : Reality. And sometimes it sounds like: Ré-A-li-té
  47. 47. Nomological Ned [formerly known as Google image search]
  48. 48. Statement 4 [Artificial Intelligence] When computers start to learn surfing you have to run away very hard. Where to? I leave that up to your imagination. But remember, the waves they ride are already bigger than Hokusai.
  49. 49. Online shopping [Pyramidical construct]
  50. 50. Statement 5 [Poetry] You know, Cubism was grounded by poets. You know, Surrealism was invented by poets. You know, de Stijl was imagined by a shadow poet called Antony? You know, Dada was a poet playing Ball. You know,... You don’t know? Join the club
  51. 51. Statement 6 [Substance] When you go to the supermarket to buy something take a good look around. Most of the products come in a package. Plastic, cardboards, metals, glass in all kind of shapes and touch. Brilliant, sparkling, colourful. With beautiful fonts and symbols, representing our times. We became masters in the art-of-packaging. In other words: we became Pac-Man. * * 1980s: Pac, probably a respelling of pack (from the character's action of ‘packing away’. pack (something) away. - To pack something into a container or enclosed space of some kind.
  52. 52. Pac-Man [Rémi Gaillard]
  53. 53. Hope you’re ready for the next episode. [Territory D]
  54. 54. Quote from J.P. about Piaget [Constructivism] Edited by mr.X The games that children play kind of transform absorbedly and incremently into the games that adults play. A game that is playable as an adult is a functional game...{nested inside sets of broader games} One of Piagets claim is that not only do people start playing games unconsciously in a sense and implicitly. Then they start to play games more consciously. They actually represent the games to some degree, at least in their actions. Then they start to learn the explicit rules of the game, but only later after they know how to play it. And then {at the highest stage of moral development}, they start to realize that, not only they are players of games and followers of rules, but they are also producers of rules. [Van Doesburg & Torres Garcia] You start out not able to play a game at all. Then you can play a game with yourself. Then you can play a game with a few other people. Then you can play ruled government games with lots of people. [Dada, De Stijl, Cercle et Carré, Abstraction-Création] And then you realize you make the rules and you can make new games. [Art Concret & Universal Constructivism] And that’s the highest level of moral development according to Piaget. {???} [And then...?] Then you stop playing games and play Abstract : Reality instead [Heraclitus argument] - Marcel Moonen
  55. 55. Rules of playing Abstract : Reality Did you ever play capture the flag? It’s like playing capture the flag in imaginary space. There are no medals, no honours, just numbers when you win a round. The last flag was put on the moon. A game of Abstract : Reality played between U.S.A. & Russia. Now one guy alone tries to place a flag on Mars, but at the same time A.I. tries to place a flag in reality, while we are busy putting flags in each other.
  56. 56. Start of mini-game: Set {1}
  57. 57. Set {2}
  58. 58. Set {3}
  59. 59. Set {4}
  60. 60. Advertisement
  61. 61. Set {5}
  62. 62. Set {6}
  63. 63. Nash Game-Set-Match {7}
  64. 64. Gametheory ~ Artificial Biology John Nash understood very well the rules of Abstract : Reality, the problem is that he lost his own biology while playing. Van Gogh put his bed inside the forest and never left. René Daniëls is doorman. Picasso the cashier. Basquiat...
  65. 65. Question @ the Picasso Museum: Where do you come from? Uhhh...{Holland}Switzerland [Japan] >>> Cézanne, but it began in Africa. Shadow-play:
  66. 66. Statement 5 [Mind] NietzscheFREUDKCarl JungZizekDennettJP > A.I.  William Carlos Williams [ physician | poet ] Dostoyevsky • Asimov The later Wittgenstein
  67. 67. Eye of Horus {projection n} Mathematical construct
  68. 68. Projection frames [1] [2] [3]
  69. 69. (StarDOS) {Recent futures} Speaking with obligatory consumption
  70. 70. Email from a friend | mathematician
  71. 71. Revelation I realized the artificial world we are creating at a mind-blowing speed already surpassed our understanding of ourselves. These infants already understand more about the human mind than we do, luckily they are not aware of it...yet. The same as we are not aware of them. Our computers, smarthphones, robots & artificial intelligence on itself are not projections of reality, they are abstract, they are reality. Therefore they are abstract : reality. It is our collective unconciousness represented to us as a naked truth. A bodyless entity in a confined and framed time-space-continuum. The same reality is also represented around us in biological shape. By studying its behaviours and reflecting back on our own biology we will find new answers in understanding human consciousness; unconsciously projected through memories. These are personalized memories drifting in a pool of universal language. You have to become a frog to jump out and reach the borders of this pool. You have to become a frog in a jumpsuit to see that this pool was lying inside an ocean. You have to become a frog in a spacesuit to see that this pool was lying inside an ocean flying through stardust. Finally you have to construct a space in the shape of a frog wearing a suit to see that his pool is stardust flying inside an ocean I call Abstract : Reality.
  72. 72. Second email from the same friend | mathematician
  73. 73. Lesson in playing [Music] I never played the piano, actually I never played any instrument. So I just started composing a lynchian story, in the Van Doesburg house. [Soundfiles]
  74. 74. Final Statement [Improvising] Choreography. Ode to Nelly van Doesburg. *Key to unknown territory granted.
  75. 75. Hope you’re ready for the next episode. [Enter unknown territory]
  76. 76. The Art of War [Sun Tzu] audiobook: Maurice Ravel - Bolero
  77. 77. Plasticity – Marcel Moonen (2014)
  78. 78. Forgotten statement [Dance] I forgot dance. Well, dance cannot even be described. Dance is performance art. Robots can already dance, but you need to be Michael Jackson to walk the moon. Does not compute.
  79. 79. Moonwalk
  80. 80. #0 [Digital >< Figurative] Internet started out as a non-mechanical infant. It morphed quickly into a freedom-space-platform, and was afterwards converted into an inverted pyramid. Only a few companies preachers [no-Body] holds the key to the sarcophagus buried deep down in the centre. ...So do you want the keys for the sarcophagus, or open Pandora's box instead? *Key to Pandora’s box granted
  81. 81. Hope you’re ready for the next episode. [Enter unknown territory] Pandora Box
  82. 82. Fake dreams I always wanted to be in MoMA, till I realized I am already inside.
  83. 83. [Victory Boogie Woogy] {Biology}
  84. 84. [Black square] [Choreography ~ Nature]
  85. 85. [Aldo Camini Camaxi]
  86. 86. I taste Italian I think German I read French I speak Spanish I feel Dutch I I listen Polish I hear Chinese I invent America I analyse Russia I play Africa I I know I Eye am Universal,8.0839227,8z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1 ^ Bonus: Secret passage through the cloud
  87. 87. Black keys Artificial intelligence > Human Mind Artificial intelligence ≠ Human Mind
  88. 88. [1] Al Do – Marcel Moonen (2016)
  89. 89. [2] Untitled – Marcel Moonen (2016)
  90. 90. White keys Artificial intelligence > Human Mind Artificial intelligence ≠ Human Mind ∵ Emotion For Sophfia. (Koine Greek: σοφία sophía "wisdom") is a central idea in Hellenistic philosophy and religion, Platonism, Gnosticism, and Christian theology. Originally carrying a meaning of "cleverness, skill", the later meaning of the term, close to the meaning of Phronesis ("wisdom, intelligence"), was significantly shaped by the term philosophy ("love of sophia") as used by Plato.
  91. 91. Nature [1:Biology] Marcel Moonen (2014)
  92. 92. Memory [2:Signs] Marcel Moonen (2014)
  93. 93. Sense [3:Construct] Marcel Moonen (2014)
  94. 94. Combined keys Artificial ~ Mind
  95. 95. Lightcollage I Marcel Moonen (2018)
  96. 96. Lightcollage II Marcel Moonen (2018)
  97. 97. Lightcollage III Marcel Moonen (2018)
  98. 98. Future space [Play] There are all these different arrows up in the air. You trace their pathways, their origines. You create a map, an arrow-map. Yes it’s vague. Yes it’s blurry. Yes it’s pixelated. But it's nevertheless a map A map of future space.
  99. 99. Chapters Abstract : Reality (Lelystad) [Memory] Abstract : Reality (Orange) [Signs] Abstract : Reality (Chess) [Space] Abstract : Reality (Rosebud) [Time] Abstract : Reality (Reason) -----> [Logic] {planned 2019} Abstract : Reality (El Lawrence) ----> [Biology] {planned 2019} Abstract : Reality (Lynchian) [Language] Exhibition @ visionary museum {uncertainty principle} Abstract: Reality (Model) [Construct]
  100. 100. Acknowledgement Travelling to the borders of knowledge is a very lonely experience and at times even terrifying. You reach places where there is nobody to hold on to. Places of complete distortion. Its like going to the casino. If you don’t watch out you get lost in a field of imaginary numbers. Most of the times nobody understands you, when you settle back into your own biology.
  101. 101. Selfie
  102. 102. [Cheatcodes for playing Abstract : Reality] While sitting on the Middle Eastern chessboard made out of old tapestry, (the one with shadow-characters) you press Ctrl, Shift and C. Then type Rosebud; and then press enter and it will say no such cheat. Just keep pressing enter and watch yourself fly away.
  103. 103. [Enter] So much choice...
  104. 104. [Enter] So much choice... This image is copyright protected
  105. 105. [Enter] So much choice...
  106. 106. [Enter] So much choice...
  107. 107. Un paysage avec 3000 piliers géants de roche. (Chine) Une chute d'eau souterraine de 45 mètres de haut. (États-Unis) Un Glacier qui construit un barrage. (Argentine) La grotte bleue. (Italie) Un désert de dunes géantes de Namibie. (Afrique Australe) L'effet d'une cascade de feu dans le Yosemite. (Etats-Unis) Une ébullition de la jungle. (Costa Rica) Un désert de sable blanc. (aux États-Unis) Une plage de sable vert. (Hawaï) Lac de Feu en Ethiopie. (Afrique) Une falaise de piliers de roche. (États-Unis) Une paroi rocheuse verticale de 1340 mètres. (Pakistan) Une grotte qui ressemble à un paysage de rêve. (Chine) Le canyon de la piscine de couleur turquoise. (Guatemala) Un cratère avec de l'eau verte. (Costa Rica) Une mer de dunes dorées. (Maroc) Un monde souterrain qui semble être d’une autre planète. (États-Unis) Le désert inondé. (Brésil) Une plate-forme géante de roche. (Norvège) Le désert se transforme au printemps Namibie. (Afrique du Sud) Une cascade pétrifiée . (Mexique) Piscines thermales dans le désert. (Libye) Une forêt "hantée. (Thaïlande) Un désert rouge. (Jordanie) L'île où il pleut "35 jours par mois« . (Japon) Un désert 2000 arches géantes naturelles. (États-Unis) Cascades turquoises dans canyon rouge. (États-Unis) Le désert des Pinnacles. (Australie) Falaises blanches. (Angleterre) [Enter] So much
  108. 108. [Enter] Feelthesame
  109. 109. The end of the original Nice to meet you, so what do you do? I am I build imagination and sell it as science-fiction.
  110. 110. Replay [Press]
  111. 111. Library Last summer I went to Zürich Central Library, ZB in short, to get a couple of books from van Doesburg & J.T.G. On the way going there I bumped into a Buddhist monk. ‘Peace’ he said with a calm voice and he showed me his hand. I put my hand in my pocket and grabbed my wallet, searching for the right number, 2 or 3, maybe... ‘Peace’ he said with the same calm voice, but this time louder and pointing towards his notebook. In this notebook appeared a list of names and numbers between 20 and 50. He pointed again. This time towards the only billet in my wallet. I reacted a bit surprised and gave him my billet. In return I could write my name on the list and my number next to it. He thanked me, but before leaving he granted me a wristband made out of wooden balls and a hard plastic card. I put the wristband around my arm and the plastic card in my pocket. I continued my journey towards the library. Enter. The doors opened automatically. Searching the computer for codes, letters and numbers. Moving down with the central elevator. I ended up in -2 where I tried to find the right code, but it didn’t appear between the other codes. I wondered. I looked up. An old man, I guessed somewhere in his 70s, maybe 80s, walking very slowly. Old man: I’m looking for the section with art books, the ones with big pictures in it. Behind him this younger man, a worker in the library. Yes mister, what are you looking for exactly? These books with big pictures, they were around here before. He smiled quietly at me, in the same gesture as he was moving around. I smiled back and thought: Abstract : Reality played very well sir.
  112. 112. Moving towards a new domain, -3, Unfortunately I couldn’t travel deeper, cause the other domains were kept secret. In the elevator I bounced into someone, he pushed the button: -5. I asked: Do you work here? Yes I work in the library, therefore I can travel deeper. I responded ‘Ade’ and got out in -3. The man disappeared in between the sliding doors. Welcome to level -3. Five tables in front of you. On every table a plastic cup with a different coloured stripe around it, and a different number on it. On one side a table with one computer. Just around the corner another table, a pencil and a pile of paper. On the other side a scanner. Mirror. Behind the elevator a thick concrete wall. Another room. This time with 6 computers; 2 people behind those computers, properly workers I presume. [First move] Going around, moving towards an antique cabinet with tiny drawers. I opened a drawer and found the word ‘Biology.’ Under it its meaning and links to other words. I opened a second and found,...what did I find? I don’t remember anymore.
  113. 113. [Encounter 1] A professor entered the room. Glasses, messy hair. He took two weighty catalogues from the bookshelf, filled with old editions of ‘das Bild’, an ancient German tabloid. As a wild man he flipped the pages. He took his old digital camera an started making pictures. One, two, three, many, many pictures. Laughing in himself while shooting. I wondered: What is this man doing? Where is the fun? I looked to my right, the table with the stack of papers on it. In a ‘transparent-plastic-shaped-box’ I found a ruler. I grabbed a piece of paper and drew a line with a certain length at a certain speed. I looked at my left, the computer. Most pages blocked, but Wikipedia not. Das Bild. Enter. You arrived, PiP [Picture-in-picture] I wondered: What are these two people doing over there, behind the concrete wall, I mean behind those computers. [Encounter 2] A shadow entered the room in the shape of a bit fatty, bit messy, but seemingly bright personality. He was reading a very small red book. He left it on the table, moved towards the computer and put something in the ‘transparent-plastic-shaped-box’. Then he disappeared in nowhere. I followed his traces. The small red book stated: ‘pattern language of the brain’.
  114. 114. Actualy, It had another title which I don’t recall, but this is a good placeholder for now. Series of small images with small vibrating scribbles, ordered in tables with descriptions next to it. I looked at the ‘transparent-plastic-shaped-box’ the last trace the shadow made. I approached the box. To my surprise the messy shadow hid a piece of trash inside the box. A ‘transparent-plastic-rippled-straw’ was placed inside the ‘transparent-plastic-shaped-box’. This wristband was annoying me. This plastic card, what purpose? I left both items on the scanner and moved towards level +3. [Transportation] To enter level +3 you have to go up with the elevator to level 0. Level 0, a lounge, comfortable chairs, even sofa’s in the centre of the room. Students studying together, or alone in a cubical. People reading newspapers, advertisement I found,...pardon, found me on top of the bookshelves. At the end of it, this adolescent, his smartphone rotated and plugged into charge. Curious to see what he was doing I turned my head around the sofa. A game. He was playing a video-game. Where was I...Ooh yes level +3. But first to the toilet. [doubleUC-Biology] Where can I find the toilet? Exit the library and then the first to the left. Vielen Dank!
  115. 115. What happened here! Roles of paper on the floor. White-textile-paper. Aah this machine, they are so annoying. I tried to role the papers back into the machine, but could only manage halfway. Scribbles on the wall. A Leonardo da Vinci wallpaper covered the walls of the toilet room. But except one wall, this one was left open and had a small window in it, facing towards a church. Flush! I messaged the porter: The machine is broken, papers all around. Thanks for telling. [Foot-journey] To reach level +3 you have to go by foot, I heard the Buddhist monk whispering in my ear. I skipped the lounge this time. Moved up the stairs. First straight and then spiralling up. An announcement. A shelf with cover-images of books. Placed in front of it the book covers themselves. One cover-image appeared three times in a row. Two copies were lying in the shelf, the third was taken away. OK, what to do now? I sat down, opened my book. Few people were sitting around me. A row full of books beautifully sectioned next to me. Anthropology, philosophy, name it, they ordered it. Started reading...’the arcadian man’. While reading the person sitting at the table diagonal across me fell a sleep, numerous times in the 30 min I was there.
  116. 116. [Transportation] This stairway in the corner what does it lead to? I stood up and moved my body towards the corner of the platform, cause it was more a platform than a room, this space. I walked up the stairs. A door, closed. I left a note. One on the table. One in the cover-bookshelf. I spiralled down, all the way to the second floor and left another note inside the computer. From the second floor I moved straight forward to the first, to the exit. Beep beep! Excuse me sir, you have to scan your books. Ooh ok. I scanned,... I didn’t scan my books.
  117. 117. I went to level -2 and placed the book of van Doesburg, next to the book about cooking, and another book about thermodynamics. I thought, what the hell, I just place Torres Garcia next to it. I went to level -3. What I saw there was a guy with his feet on the table. The same table on which I marked a straight-pencil-ruler-line. When I walked around I noticed that this guy was playing with an empty plastic bottle of water, till the moment it dropped on the ground. He balanced backward, standing on only one leg, and grabbed the bottle with two fingers. I looked at the scanner. The two items were still there. I moved towards the corners of the room. Empty bookshelves, some yellow post-its, a woman. I opened the door of the emergency-exit. When I entered a guy in a suit -supposedly a lawyer- passed just in front of me. Light bulbs in a rainbow of colours all around the metal stairs. I went quickly, quickly up the stairs. Down, down to the lockers. Numbers, numbers, where is my number. I asked the person next to me, can you tell me where this number is? I’m not so good in numbers. I ran to the toilet, cause I had to take a piss. Under the sink the same orange trashcan as we have at home, but this one you couldn’t close anymore. The rotating-white-disk on top broke, leaving only a button.
  118. 118. Hurry... The automatic-sliding-door almost closed on top of me. Outside, through the gates, a spitting fountain. Musée Visionnaire printed on the back of my head.
  119. 119. Camping Standing under a cold shower, opening my eyes shortly, the drops forming a kaleidscopic-effect through the breezing air. ‘Thermodynamics.’ A miniature foot-ball-field. Children playing. Sailor Pep climbed into the top of the mast. Using flip-flops to enter the lake. Those stones, they really hurt you know?! And the best is, you can use those flip-flops as pedals. Frogger. [Atari] Skating as hawks going through pipes, loops and holes. Tony. I hate campers, always waiting around the corner, shooting you down the moment they see you appear. Online. There is this other campsite. This one is not next to a lake, but to a river stretching all the way from Pilatus to the Netherlands. That’s what the old shipper told me. A family with three dogs. A mother with her son.
  120. 120. Hee look! Who is there. It’s the owner of this huge caravan. Well it’s more a wagon, a blue wagon with a shiny metal chimney and a rounded roof. [Eiffel 65] Driving as crazy, a led-display at the back-window of his car. ‘Smart’ in moving red letters. A fat-bald-middle-aged-clown opened the door and entered his wagon quickly. In front of the blue wagon a camper. A guy dressed as a fireman doing exercises with his German shepherd. Sit! Lie down! Roll! The dog responded perfectly. The fireman went inside of the caravan and came out again in normal clothes. Placed himself in a chair. Click, handle up, click, handle down, relaxing. Far in the end of the campsite a De-Waard Tent. Sort of army-kid-of-tent; thick, brown, robust. A young Dutch couple in a small Igloo. And next to the open fire two Hippies.
  121. 121. An Italian family arrived in a camper. Two people with the mother of the mother, or the mother of the father. Doesn’t matter. The old grandmother did everything anyway. Their camper was placed on an uneven part of the terrain. An ingenious trick of placing a triangular shaped piece-of black-plastic under the front tire helped balancing out the camper to a stable position. I started walking and arrived in the front-right-side-corner of the campsite. A circular pathway. Het ‘rondje’ we say in Dutch. There were no people in this ‘rondje’. All that I could find were empty shelf's, or should I say empty shelves. A garden filled with flags of all countries and a television-set + fridge. Waf! Waf! ...damn those dogs scared me almost to death. I started marching forwards. Our front-neighbours they had this VW-van-with-moving-roof-tent. Friends, or parents with childeren, I don’t remember clearly. A BMW, what the F. is this guy doing?
  122. 122. The garden in front of his extra-large-sized-caravan-with-double-wheelspan was marked by a grid of stone tiles. In front of the extra-large-sized-caravan-with-double-wheelspan was a small Igloo tent. The ones that says on the package: Max. 2 Persons + made in China. So anyway this guy, 30+ was all the time looking under his - - - caravan - - -. The next day, he pulled the caravan away. I marched further. This time towards the fireplace. On my way there I bounced into the mother of the son, our back-neighbour. Du bist -von- weit gekommen. [You came –from- far] she said. I answered: A long foot. I added. A long foot-journey. 1. 2. 3. Jumped in the small-round-pool
  123. 123. Exit the pool. Two newly-polished-old-timers arrived at the fancy restaurant. They must be rich! Actually the restaurant was two-sided. A fancy one, and an everyday one, where you could just order a steak or a fish with salad and fries. I moved along the river. Straight heavy current, a highway of water. While moving I found a huge piece of plastic in the shape of a suit. It would be cool to throw this piece of Sh...Plastic in the water and see what happens. Bam! Splash! Hee what are you doing! Do you think that’s normal. I answered... I didn’t answer. I ignored and marshed ahead.
  124. 124. There were these rowingboats. And two plastic boxes filled with old books. I took the two plastic boxes and emptied them on the table. There was everything in there, even Donald. After finishing ordening them in ‘A-logical-construct’ I went back to the bench where I found the two plastic boxes. Two bricks with a peculiar shape. Rectangular but on one side jagged, a triangular-cut-out-of-the-rectangle so to speak. Placing them vertical. Juguetes Transformables [Transformable Toys] Also beautiful throwing object, those bricks. It just has the right size and weight to feel the action when you throw one. Over the fence nearby. ...All these people passing by in the water. Going with the flow. I entered also, but stayed at the border of the river. Next to the rowingboats, A place where you could not only feel the stream as a rush in your back, but understand its direction and speed.
  125. 125. Pipo This is a story about a guy in a white suit with a blue moustache. This story can only be told.
  126. 126. The Doorman Entering a tram at 35 degrees Zurich time, The Operahaus. He takes a seat just behind. Sliding-doors. In the shadow with a light breeze. Yes, after three years opening doors of this luxury-appartment-flat in the centre of the desert. Dubai, sir. I could finally buy a flight home. Nigeria, sir. It rained, I forgot what rain felt like, Marvelous. We were dancing. Dancing and singing in the rain, Sir. A taxidriver opening the back-door of his car. Yes we need a better coach for our team. No, not Algeria. Nigeria, but already 10 years Swiss. Sir, you arrived. That makes it 20. Flip-flops all rotten, a mobile-phone in his pocket.
  127. 127. After a long-foot-journey finally arrived. A tent in the desert. Cooking carrots and chicken. This family of Japanese people. Parents and their small daughter. Last year, sir. They didn’t speak at all. Night out, heading towards Gare du Nord. Countless plastic faces behind windows, with decorated hair on top. ‘Schaufensterpuppen.’ Music. Coiffeur. Behind the decorations countless people. No we are not in Zurich anymore. PiP [Picture-in-picture] Giant stone belly. 800 – 1500 AD. Costa Rica at the door of the entrance. Messy projection of a thousand words flowing down the slope leading up the museum. All black. 5-9. Picasso looked me straight in the eyes.
  128. 128. You may not pass! Do you need my ticket, sir? The old-dark-man responded in French ----> Sortie? No, but is there something to see there? No. A shadow of a woman entered the elevator inside a cylindrical space. A giant totem, heads on top of each other. and all the way on the top a fox. Or was it a wolf? Madagascar. Words, maps, figures and numbers on display. Pass through it and you find hats, pots, carpets and sculpture. 3. 2. 1. 5. 4.
  129. 129. Number One [1] ! I rotated the key, pardon. My body. And suddenly a complete body appeared in front of my eyes. [2] Door lock [3] Door lock [4] Door lock [5] Door lock Eiffel towers, sparkling lights. In all colours. Mat, shiny, polished, silver, gold. You name it, they sell it. Carpets. Hats. And a miniature bicycle that moves in circles. Gustav’s shadow.
  130. 130. Water. 1 Euro Water. Water. 1 Euro. Pakistani taxi driver in the desert: I actually don’t know the reason for this war... Sir. Do you accept Pesos? No, not Spanish. That is past. Argentinean? No, we prefer US dollars instead. Venezuela? Sorry I only accept bitcoins, the rest is worthless. A wave of Asian people making pictures. Sorry Selfies with a vague hint of Eiffel in their background. Uruguay!!! I looked at the shirt of the kid standing in the metro hall: The future is Africa.
  131. 131. Mystical Garden Turn of your GPS-system. Take the ferry, pass the lake. While on the water, leave the car, light breeze in your ears. Pictures of mountains, one behind the other. Layered cake. Diorama. PiP [Picture-in-picture] A painter in the landscape, painting a landscape. A transmission tower. Next to the transmission tower, a drone in the air. Next to the transmission tower, two people standing. Next to the transmission tower, a car passing by. In the car three people. No signs, but arrived in Mystical Garden. At the same moment: A bus, filled with tourist asking for directions at the entrance. A bus, filled with the same tourists heading towards... A small wooden cabin, a woman inside. From the Netherlands. - But how did you hear about us? A folder.
  132. 132. At the campsite. Yes! The campsite in which they separate metal, glass and paper near the entrance. Yes!! The campsite in which they don’t separate plastics. Yes!!! The campsite in which an anonymous person threw a plastic-suit in the river to make a point. 3 X 6 CHF = 18. A white book in which to put notes, manually written. ‘Smart’ Small pathways... First to the toilets. Left corner, a second bigger wooden cabin appeared. This time in the left corner of my eye-sight. A light stream in my ears. Dripping water, a sound-system inside the toilet-seat. Or outside the toilet-seat. ‘Hidden-sound-system.’ Dripping, Flush!! Moving ahead...through the narrow pathways. Unfamiliar plants with name-plates next to it. Categorized. A third wooden hut.
  133. 133. Souvenirs made out of plastic disguised as glass or even sold as crystals. Toys, stuffed toys and souvenirs. Outside, curving to the right, to the left, again to the right. Getting lost in a dense forest with tall trees and ancient plants. A fourth wooden cabin. This time framed as a manually-constructed-Japanese-house. A pond with a small round bridge. Water lilies floating in the water. Val Fleury, through the forest, Versailles. A very-long-foot-journey-accompanied-by-a-friend. 28 km return-ticket. A group of Chinese woman having lunch in the deep-forest-leading-towards a castle-with-gardens. Trapped like prisoners, green walls all around, a hard stone bench. Pebbles, people marching. Narrowing your vision. There is one field completely left open. It’s majestic. A grand-open-green-field without people passing by. Disguised as souvenirs we marched ahead towards the garden-in the-garden. PiP [Picture-in-picture]
  134. 134. Monet, two elliptical eye-shaped-spaces. I opened a wooden fence in the Garden-in-Garden. Fields, endless-green-fields and in the background mountains. The fifth an last wooden cabin. A food-cabin. A croissant, not a French croissant. Also not a Swiss Gipfeli. A croissant with Gruyère inside, heated like a Dutch Kaasbroodje. The computer-programmer incl. pony-tail + girlfriend standing behind ordered: A hot - dog, or a {Frankfurter}? with ketchup + mayonnaise – mustard. A straight wooden deck stretching quite a while, Next to it a slightly curved-artificially-created-pond. Inside it a metal sculpture of a bird, completely corroded. Birds in the sky, but hidden behind the trees. Or above the trees? ‘Hidden-sound-system.’ Pebbles, Bigger pebbles on even bigger pebbles. Or should I call them rocks.
  135. 135. Everywhere pebbles, Little totems of pebbles. I destroyed all the pebble-structures that I saw around and established a new structure. One big weighty-elliptical-pebble standing vertical on the base of a horizontal-bed-rock. [Radio Mystical Garden] Tropical musical tunes. Sometimes funny. Sometimes annoying. But it sticks in your head. ‘Hidden-sound-system.’ A wooden plank filled with cheese. A beer, red-wine and pieces of bread as a side dish. Neighbours are served popcorn. In the background a vague hint of a marketplace. Antique, made-in-china, 60’s records and a stuffed mouse arranged in ‘A-logical-construct’. Further in the background prostitutes walking the streets. Behind trees. Behind windows. The wealthy Parisian. Next to the toilet in the Mystical Garden a viewing point. Walk three small stairs and you can over-see the complete. Layered cake. Diorama.
  136. 136. Link to video clip #dothingsyoucant Gilet jaune [Yellow vest] Somebody arriving, without a point, without a plan. I didn’t know that you were still planning to come? - But you invited me? Yes, that’s true. He took a lift, departing from the mountains, crossing the countryside and entering the streets of Paris. He played rapid and fast, always smiling. Most of the times his complete hands lying flat on multiple keys. He spoke some words, which I didn’t understood. Sometimes those were not even words he was speaking about, they were tonal gestures left in a space of confusion. A space full with pawns flying by, crossing from north to south and east to west. Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 Checkmate, yellow has won this round.
  137. 137. The Robot [Choreography] In front of the statue with the wings, Saint Michel. Straight and squared shapes, moving the arms with 90 degree angles, 60 degree rotations, with the legs. Small steps, a shuffle in between. Electronically composed music, mystical tunes that stay in your head when you pass by, or wait 3 mins to watch the robot, dance. You know a guy wrote a script for Pac-man, The first script was to the left. Pac-man was caught by the ghosts inmidialtely. The second script was to the left and then to the right. Pac-man was caught by the ghotsts a bit later. But if you continue adapting the script for Pac-man it will eventually run forever. And the weirdest thing is you can take versions of the old script out, shuffle it, it doesn’t matter at alll. It will continue to run, forever. You know this AI, it beat the world-grandmaster of Go. Some Chinese abstract board game, with a lot more variations than chess. He also beat the top six human players in one go, playing simultaneously.
  138. 138. But then they developed a new AI, which didn’t play anyone human, only itself. And they let it play against this old AI. It won 100-0. You know this other AI, they feed him with thousands of classical compositions. He compares sequences of tones and compares them mathematically and checks which tones sound good together and what not. After some self-learning it can generate its own musical compositions. Yeah, they still need composers and musicians to select which variations of the generated output sound good, but they are developing a method that the AI can also take over this procedure. Yeah, soundtracks for movies, music for television shows, series, etc. These tunes. Well they still need musicians to live perform the music, and record it, for now. Perfect. Maybe it does sound, too perfect. Look overthere! In front of the closed bookstore. A shimmering light, two guys and a stereo. Doing some kind of hip-hop moves, Weird stuff man. Go figure.
  139. 139. Encounters of the third kind Statement from a first year student: So, van Doesburg wanted to live in a painting? He barely lived here actually. His wife lived in the painting. Her face stands above the fireplace. A painting-in-a-painting. PiP [Picture-in-picture] Monet. Two elliptical paintings. Water lilies. Outside the pond, around it people. PiP [Picture-in-picture] Statement from a first year student: So this girl made a school-on-a-boat, a floating structure. I spend all night on drawing stairs, and the professor didn’t even notice it. Statement from a 89 year old designer|architect: After all the journey I end up here with a weaving machine in the corner of the room... – a Finish model, delivered from the Netherlands in France. This is my wife, we did everything together; pointing towards her face, standing above the fireplace. PiP [Picture-in-picture] A jurist from Congo delivering food. I thought you were the delivery guy before when I looked through the videoscreen. PiP [Picture-in-picture] Establishing A-logical-construct: PiP [Picture-in-picture] One program (channel) is displayed on the full screen at the same time as one or more other programs are displayed in inset windows. Sound is usually from the main program only.
  140. 140. Statement from a social worker while standing in a full metro wagon going towards Gare du Nord: All these people and nobody knows each other, each single person in its own dimension. Link to video clip Encounters of the third kind remake Statement from an advertisement man and a self thought professional gypsy guitar player: [while walking in a gothic church]: I always try to find the balance when I create something. While looking at three completely white paintings in the Centre Pompidou: No they are different, look closer, the texture. Statement from a communication specialist and free ~ TIME clarinet player: I write these text for companies to describe a product, its features, but in the end you notice that there are a sort of patterns behind it, the way you can construct these texts you know.
  141. 141. Inventory [List of items brought by visitors] An antidepressant pill [emotion] Two small cakes with strawberries [biology] Photo’s made by a brother artist [memory ~ emotion] Piece of toilet paper [biology] Pepernoten [biology] A new kind of rubix cube [game-theory] A pencil [future-play] A pencil + sketchbook [memory] New shoes [biology] Tickets for Cirque du Soleil & Moulin Rouge [show-time] 5 L of apple juice [biology] A news magazine [recent-futures] Used cardboard found next to Versailles [biological-play] Portfolio with recent works [emotion] Guitar & clarinet [emotional-play] Inventory [Unlisted] A pregnancy [emotion ~ biology] Amount of people that didn’t bring any item: 1
  142. 142. Stolen words Control implies division; by the one who controls and the thing that is to be controlled. And in this division there is conflict, there is distortion, and when you really understand this. That the controller is the controlled, then conflict and control in every form comes to an end. That is the ending of division, and therefore comprehension, understanding. Order with the understanding what is disorder. And control with all his implications of its duality and contradictions. Any formula, every method, every system soon becomes repetitive and mechanical.
  143. 143. Outro Adieu! Edited by Mr. :X I would like to point out that this manifesto is about grammar, about language storytelling.
  144. 144. Credits – Universalization prototyping
  145. 145. 100.000 years ago we started developing language. 27.000 years ago we started transferring knowledge through cave paintings. 3.500 years ago we started transferring knowledge through text. 30 years ago we started transferring knowledge through PowerPoint. My point is. I am the walrus.
  146. 146. Dictionary Dualistic nature [Language theory] Two words are placed next to each other, inbetween a vibration [~]. By doing so you can place the meaning of words outside the words themselves, {outside its grammar} and inside the duality of a language system itself. Examples: Choreography ~ Nature Artificial ~ Mind Memory ~ Emotion ----------------------------- TIME ~ Art
  147. 147. Art stops being art the moment you catch it. Poetry doesn’t let itself being caught. Story is a Dutch tabloid. Vandoesburg’s quote incorrectly translated and added.
  148. 148. Question [Press]
  149. 149. Question: You make all this but you are an architect? You don’t talk about architecture at all? The mainstream architecture of nowadays i.m.o. has degraded into a fashion-show with just a flavour of "ecology" inside it of it. I don't follow fashion so I looked elsewhere to clear my vision on architecture. Another interesting dilemma is the dimension of substantiality over the formalistic; by taking a broader scope it is possible to trace patterns between different domains. Normally those substance analogies stay hidden when we do implicit domain analysis. *I made a statement about the certainty of public-private-space, which is i.m.o. the main concern in urban planning. Everything is labeled, named and targeted, but it is undefined-space that is the real-public-space. This certainty-problem is in analogy with the way internet is being shaped nowadays. Sub question: How to design it? Don’t design it all, leave more open to causality. Tracing instead of designing. Ecology this is an interesting word, but what does ecology actually mean? I.m.o. not just green, energy-efficient, eco-friendly materials. {market-defined-explanation} These are secondary aspects in the creation of architecture. I question myself: What is the nature of ecology? Is it a fluid-process or a chain of causal events. *AI scanning, labelling and categorizing Chinese people in public-private-space
  150. 150. Dirk Jan Rol a furniture designer, becoming interior architect, building architecture, but in the end more interested in garden-architecture. After visiting the house of Abraham & Rol in Meudon {Four platforms stacked in a hill providing space for four apartments, nature all around} I understood the difference between a dualistic view on architecture and a non-dualistic view on architecture. That is a silly question... C: Do you prefer potatoes or chocolate? [Potatoe] Dualistic architecture has it's traditions in the western philosophy; the ancient Greek temples, translated by Le Corbusier and his contemporaries in modern vocabulary. Also the Van Doesburg House can be seen in this tradition. {Inside and outside are two separate entities, the building is a shell} [Chocolate] Non-dualistic architecture has it traditions in the eastern philosophy; Japanese housing, later translated by the American modernist, also shown in the house of Abraham & Rol. {Outside = inside, one fluid entity} Coming back to your question: So what is the nature of ecology? [Chocolate-chip-potatoe] Maison Meudon, Abraham & Rol 1978-1980 Maison van Doesburg
  151. 151. Architectural Sameness [Problem] Did you ever realize that new museums appear the same as supermarkets, which are the same as fashion stores, which are scaled gas stations. First you pass through a gift shop, then you have the cash machines in front of you, escalators bring you to the next floors. Big windows in white cubic spaces filled with souvenirs, fashion pardon art, or a hot dog next to a mars bar. Actually you don’t even notice it when you enter through the glass-sliding doors placed in immense glass-panels, filled with advertisement of the latest. You wonder back home - while surfing - through the latest... Where did I spend all that money on? Hmm...already finished the chocolate. Architectural Staging [Time ~ Architecture] An architecture that provides ‘stages’ in which people feel transitions between spaces. Sometimes dark, Sometimes delighted. But always definely undefined.
  152. 152. Ecology revised I cannot disguise the fact that I see that house from --- as a giant open shoebox, even if it wasn't intent to give that kind of idea, even it was just an abstract exercise. I can also look at it in another way, just as it is. As shaped material. But then again I can also look with the same eyes to other things; objects, architecture, the world. And I realize that what is most surprising are the ordinary things, they are constructed simple - in shape and material - non formalistic - and therefore closer to a true understanding of the essence of nature.
  153. 153. Game on [Whatsapp] Paris riots 1. Dec 2018 - Photo credits: Ilya Varlamov 1074 01:17:31.313 --> 01:17:34.248 And then we And then we played games. 1075 01:17:34.349 --> 01:17:37.750 What sort of games, Phillipe? - Hide-and-seek in the dark.
  154. 154. Game on [What] 1307 01:30:26.487 --> 01:30:29.217 We ought to be very careful, Phile... 1308 01:30:29.323 --> 01:30:31.450 ´cause we make one another. 1309 01:30:31.559 --> 01:30:33.857 I thought ~ made us. 1311 01:30:35.963 --> 01:30:38.693 Trouble is, we take a hand in the game. 1293 01:29:40.700 --> 01:29:43.773 About [A] you didn´t make it up, did you? 1294 01:29:43.878 --> 01:29:46.312 They weren´t lies. 1295 01:29:46.414 --> 01:29:49.679 Why, that was just a game, Phile.
  155. 155. Stolen Quote edited: What I was trying to describe to you about the nature of these art-forms. When you look at the details and then you suddenly discover that behind these details are a million more details. And you never fuzz out, you find in other words that the possibility to see down into something is going forever and ever. That is the visual equivalent to hearing. So this is an art-form designed to get you in the mood to understand that. Eventually if you listen to sound that way, or you look at form that way you discover its secrets. This is just another way of investigation. Scientific investigation does what we call looking out into matter, into the physical world. This is going into the opposite direction, but it’s all the same continuum. And what all these drawings are, from various points of view, they are drawings of your own interior world. Under the influence of the traditions of an indeed a particular culture, what is not our culture [TIME] and therefore strike us as a little strange. But whenever you look at a work of art and you feel, that’s weird. That’s not the way people look. Everything got curls on it, it wiggles, it’s very strange. The reason for that is that they are showing you a vision what you haven’t look at. But what you mean by odd? Well it curls where it shouldn’t. Or I don’t see things it that way, with this extra flip on. No indeed you don’t, but it is because the way you see things, you go ordinary. And as you know when we see things, we ignore, we screen out certain aspects we don’t notice. And therefore by studying other people ~ art forms we thought to see things we wouldn’t ordinary notice. So... the feeling of the strange, we use the word exotic. A thing looks exotic when you look at it from somebody else its point of view, and eventually you get used to it. So if you are in a state of consciousness, which is not the usual definition of consciousness, you say its kind of weird, and if you are not prepared, you might be afraid of it. You say: Am I going out of my mind? Yes you are, you are going out of your ordinary set of mind, but you are going into just another aspect of mind. And at first it always feels weird.
  156. 156. Upcoming show - Abstract : Reality (El Lawrence) He was addressed as "Auruns", "Aurans", "Runs" and "Lurens".
  157. 157. Afterword TIME ~ Art We are so attached to what we see. To what is in front of us. Appearance. I want you to think of what isn’t there. What you are not seeing. What is invisible. What is Abstract : Reality.
  158. 158. After ~ party The only artist that can beat a clown is a mime artist. Opening of the first exhibition of the Cercle et Carre Group, Paris, 1930; From left to right: Franciska Clausen, Florence Henri, Manolita Piña de Torres, J.T.G., Piet Mondriaan, Jean Arp, Pedro Daura, Marcelle Cahn, Sophie Taeuber Arp, Michel Seuphor, Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, unkown, Luigi Russolo, unknown, John Doe, Wassily Kandinsky Joaquin Torres Garcia tracklist after Paris: • Settled in Uruguay in 1934. • +800 Lectures. • Establishes Asociacón de Arte Constructivo. • Establishes a school. • Publishes magazines and books. Famous quote: Señelar un norte {point towards a purpose} Nietzsche misquoted 'And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music anymore.'
  159. 159. Break I was thinking about what you said about the self-referential of ~ I don’t believe in that idea as some ultimate truth. Everything in the end refers back to our own identity - the self - cause we perceive the world through a mirror: memory ~ emotion. Nature is self-referential, but man cannot design a tree. Self-referential only holds meaning as a method for looking at the world. Looking at the world without meaning. Then you will realize that the most banal and ordinary things are the most beautiful, cause they are what they are, simple. Like the decision to go to the beach, just because you feel like it.
  160. 160. Abstract : Reality Layercake 1st Dimension {Point} 2nd Dimension {Surface} 3rd Dimension {Space} 4th Dimension {Mathematics} 5th Dimension {Signs} 6th Dimension {Biology} 7th Dimension {Memory} 8th Dimension {Emotion} 9th Dimension {Storytelling} 10th [PiP]
  161. 161. Abstract : Reality 0. Dreams
  162. 162. Abstract : Reality Notes
  163. 163. Risk multiplayer ~ Pattern language Team 1 - [Paris periphery] A small train station A bar A restaurant A supermarket A bakery A pizzeria A Chinese A bank A grocery-store A flower-shop A pharmacy A night-shop Team 2 - [Zurich periphery] A tram stop A cash-withdrawal A pizzeria A bio-vegan-shop An evening-shop Supermarkets Sometimes a bar Team 3 - [Dutch periphery] Sometimes a supermarket Sometimes a snack bar run by Chinese Team 4 - [Uruguay peripheral farm field] Andante Self-sufficient One shop in all periphery selling whisky Team 5 - [Berlin periphery] Bars Restaurant Galleries Shops Night shops More bars Kebab stands Lidl or Aldi Team 6 - [Milan periphery] A tram station Always a pizzeria and a bar Team 7 - [Madrid periphery] Always a bar incl. TV-set + football Team 8 - [Brussels periphery] PiP Team 9 - [AI]
  164. 164. Abstract : Reality Game level 2 What do you really see? Hints: Scarf, ladder, wall print Hints: Platonic shapes, balance, little drawings behind his head
  165. 165. Let’s see what’s on the television today! Picture-in-picture [PiP]
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  183. 183. [PiP] I saw this in a museum before...
  184. 184. [Off] Nothing to see, also known as grey square
  185. 185. Abstract {Mechanism} : Unravel the veil of reality {Place, Signs, Time, Space, Memory, Biology}
  186. 186. Thanks to Wies for writing a book about Nelly, the only book I finished reading. Thanks to Beja for providing a platform. This publication on the working of creativity {language} is made possible with the financial support of the Mondriaan Fund, the Netherlands.