Collaborative way of working


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Collaborative way of working

  1. 1. Field Management Solutions B.V. bright people, bright ideas, bright solutionsCollaborative way of working Design and implementationField Management Solutions
  2. 2. Reasons to implement a new way of working• The implementation of Web 2.0 and other emerging technologies serves to enhance organizational performance• Implementation will Establish the organizational structures and processes that will drive success in an intensely competitive connected
  3. 3. Advantages to implementingThe Collaborative way of working •• Productivity & efficiency • Increased productivity Reduced travel time due to video conferencing facility • Reduced communication overload• Staff engagement • Improved team performance • Better internal communication • Greater staff engagement• Knowledge • More effective learning & development • Easier access to expertise and organizational capabilities • Improved reputation attractiveness as an• Reputation employer in the 21st century • IT, Travel, support and service cost reductions • Problem solving via Internet knowledge base• Cost reduction • Enhanced information search • Video images via BB or Laptop • Forum blog knowledge share • RSS feed on
  4. 4. Let Social Collaboration become thetransfer platform for Knowledge Old Knowledge management KM Training Closed user Go fetch Fixed content stovepipes group Social Knowledge management Knowledge Two degrees Dynamic Integration in becomes of separation Content Knowledge
  5. 5. Collaborative WorkingProcess improvement Integration Roll out via Single Portal WEB 2.0 platform pilots with Intranet 2.0 feedback Interactive Implementation- information and and User process news pages Blog Linux based technology DokuWiKi plus feedback Interactive Social KnowledgeWiki collaboration and Scrum platform Micro bloggingKnowledge Retention Collaboration via Yammer 5
  6. 6. Denso EU Portal Design Denso Denso EU Denso EU NL Denso EU NL Requirements departmental Login Windows start Portal start screen Portal screen Portal screen Enviroment screen EU Wide EU Wide Country Department Input Enter Sign in Click to select Click to select Click to select Denso EU portal Denso EU portal Denso EU portal Container Container Container Output Login Password? Denso Country portal Department Denso EU portal Filling Filling portal Filling News Menu: Denso EU EU Functional requirementsNews Blockl. Process flow Menu driven Selection of functionalities Denso Country NL · · Editing rights, Easy Editing from diverse countries,No need for programming skills EU Portal as container, Menu driven like news web page DE · WEB 2.0 functionality (Like and comment fields) etc. · Statistics on use and Click behavior Denso NL · Archive function , Searchable Departmental news NL · Soibility for Attachments:Photos, film and sound , Live links in the site WEB links Possibly think of Multi language text. BMS Menu: Functional requirements BMS. Denso EU · Drop downmenu driven Login Y/N Denso Country EU · Searchable by document NL · Searchable by tekst DE · Version controle Denso etc. NL · Document management rules Denso Network? Denso NL Departmental Data KPI Menu: Denso EU Functional requirements KPI Window. Denso Country BMS Country · EU Portal as container Denso NL · Start window Denso corp mining down to department via popup Departmental data · Live feed Login Y/N Social Media Menu: Denso EU Cloud Functional requirements Social medial. Forum-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- · EU Portal as container only mining to country if it is a country specific app. Wiki----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- · Denso people link? Taxi Denso Country · Denso NL External Link Service Menu: Denso EU EU Denso Country Functional requirements Link Service. Departmental · EU Portal as container · Dropdown Menu driven service to country to department Link Service Menu: Denso EU Denso Country Network? Departmental CountryFunctional requirements. Functional requirements Log in. Functional requirements EU Portal. Functional requirements Country Functional requirements Departmental· Flex workspace with follow · Log sees if you are external · Portal is container for all Portal. Portal. me telephone · lower portals · Compulsary entrance · Compulsary entrance· Single Sign-on · Compulsary entrance · EU Portal as container · EU Portal as container· Multi application anywhere · EU News · Country specific field · Links to departmental login with single look and · EU links dropins in containers functionality activates feel · Social media stays popups international · Links to Country functionality activates popups 6
  7. 7. 7/36 Field management can provide Single Portal Implementation Social media Tools EU & Local and Rollout
  8. 8. Advantage of a Single portal• Clear workflow• Easy security and firewall access• Faster on boarding new employees• Easy maintenance• Single information source to employees• Branded look and feel
  9. 9. 9/36 Communication, Collaboration: YammerInput InviteOptions Menu Who is online Yammer Feed
  10. 10. 10/36 EU wide Collaboration European Yammer site Yammer EU • English Language • Cross country login • Able to react on own local Yam Local Country Yammer sites • Local language allowed • Local issues Yammer Yammer Yammer Yammer • Cross country invites are possible Denso.local • Able to read and reply on local and EU Local visibility for
  11. 11. Succes of micro blogging?When asked what the employees thought of Micro blogging:– Engage and connect informally with the eu work community– Talk about office or service-line specific topics– Get quick feedback on ideas– Find specific industry experts and thought leaders– Keep updated on project progress– Discuss innovative new ideas to promote interest– Share interesting news and articles– Share the highlights from events you attend– See the reaction to internal campaigns– Find out what the leaders/exec are working on– Form groups to talk about different topics ,projects, service lines, cities– Share events, occasions and even Baby photo’
  12. 12. 12/36 Knowledge, FAQ, Answers: Wiki Current page (You are here) Crumb trail (How you got here) Search Goto shortcutSitemap (Index)Edit (if logged in) Text Login Comment on the article
  13. 13. Success of the Wiki?• Faster on boarding, as all information is available and searchable with only two degrees of separation• elimination of e-mail threads among groups to communicate or to obtain information• ability to complete real-time updates of web-based content (without waiting for the technical support team to update your web server files)• avoiding transfer of document attachments to a distribution list through the e-mail system• enabling the ability to always access current information (eliminating problems by referencing out-dated documents or attachments that you previously received)
  14. 14. Proven Implementation
  15. 15. The Complete Presentation and further info is available. Kindly contact me at