SDT2012 (P1.2): Stop Selling Vacations!


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This presentation was part of the SDT2012 - the 1st international conference on service design and tourism, Innsbruck/Austria, August 23-24, 2012. For more info on the conference and other presentations visit: All rights reserved by the author(s):

Sam Schneider, CEO customfuture SA (Switzerland)

Sam is a skiing tourist during 5 months every winter. He also likes great services that enrich our lives. Therefore the remaining part of the year he designs services. With degrees in transportation design, computer science and business management, he first learned the skills hands-on: designing everything from software architecture to business models, from roller coasters to show cars … and came to the conclusion that great products or services are all about understanding you, them and oneself.

Simone Wendl, Guerrilla Blonde customfuture SA (Switzerland)

Simone skis less and therefore found out faster. She is a creative mind, a graphic and product designer. As part of the Guerrilla Blondes she is in charge of user research at customfuture making sure her 15 colleagues in Zurich and Barcelona keep on trying until you, they and herself love it.

Stop Selling Vacations!
Advances in technology and a global competition often force you to adapt or change. Offering more features or attractions to your venture might help in the short run but how can you achieve a long-term advantage over your competitors? For a long time airlines tried to offer service excellence aboard the aircraft. With the advent of new technologies and internet booking many started to rate the overall service experience by pre- and after-services rather than inflight services. We present some hands-on design principles of how to learn from the airline example and paradigms of other industries to make your business grow and take advantage of change. Whether your venture is a transportation service, a hotel, an attraction or a whole region - stop selling vacations - start offering experiences!

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