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How we sell a home in Toronto

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  • Sell a home in Toronto

    1. 1. This presentation was prepared for: YOU. Click to continue >>> SB
    2. 2. We’re here to provide you with extra information about your house. We’d also like to make the home selling process (should you decide to do so) one which will be more predictable and therefore much less stressful. SB
    3. 3. THE STARTING POINT Let’s… • • review all of the relevant numbers • analyze similar homes for sale • discuss which markets to target • S develop a unique game plan discuss various marketing options
    4. 4. NEED TO KNOW: What are your timelines? Does your house no longer fit your needs? (too small or too many steps?) Are you selling because you are relocating to a different city? Are there specific factors which may affect a sale? Help us create a story to tell the potential buyers. S
    5. 5. OUR OBJECTIVES: • explain the home selling process from start to finish. • • prepare your home for sale. • implement a dynamic, feedback proven marketing plan. • S price your home effectively make every effort to sell your home promptly for the highest price.
    6. 6. MODERN REAL ESTATE Knowing where people begin their search: The year is 2014 The first place home buyers go to in 2014 is the internet. According to the National Association of Realtors, 92% of buyers start their home search on the web. This source of buyers cannot be ignored even if you, as a seller, are not tech-savvy. MOST BUYERS ARE. We are well prepared for this. We’ve created unique websites, each specific to your home, showing it off to everyone who has a web connection, anywhere in the world. S plus...
    7. 7. MODERN REAL ESTATE Knowing what people do when they search: Analytics We follow the patterns of how people find homes on the internet with effective SEO & by making use of Google Analytics. We use Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to get people to look at the websites we’ve created to showcase your home’s unique site. We are prepared for this as well. The main idea is to attract people from anywhere in the world although we can still focus on the local market. S plus...
    8. 8. MODERN REAL ESTATE Full service real estate means business: We will: • arrange a consultation with a professional dresser/home stager if we all feel the house requires it. • arrange for the house or condo to be professionally photographed and create a virtual tour. • hire a home inspector to create a report for the property to dispel any issues before they become a problem to a buyer. • coordinate the creation of floor plans S plus...
    9. 9. MODERN REAL ESTATE Full service real estate means marketing: We will: • provide, with the help of Royal LePage Signature’s full time art department, a full colour brochure, highlighting the benefits of the property & adding a dynamic description of the surrounding area. • list the property on the Stratus MLS system, exposing the home or condo to the many thousands of members of the Toronto Real Estate Board. (38,000 + according to TREB) S plus...
    10. 10. Professional photos make buyers more curious S
    11. 11. MODERN REAL ESTATE: Attractive, inviting & informative marketing works! S
    12. 12. MODERN REAL ESTATE Knowing what people want to see: Video tours of properties allow people to walk through a property and raise its profile on the web. Click to play the video >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> S PLUS...
    13. 13. MODERN REAL ESTATE Full service real estate means exposure: We will: • automatically load the property into the website, once on the MLS, anyone in the world with access to the world wide web will be able to see it. • conduct an agents’ open house so realtors can preview the property. • host open houses for the public when convenient for you. S PLUS...
    14. 14. MODERN REAL ESTATE Full service real estate means creating a buzz: We will: • send postcards via email to a list of the most active agents and their brokerages. • consider advertising in the Globe and Mail in the Saturday Real Estate section or in the Toronto Star for greater exposure. • send postcards via regular mail or by hand delivery to neighbours to invite them to an open house. • market the property on the , & websites. S PLUS...
    15. 15. MODERN REAL ESTATE Full service real estate means follow up: We will: • follow up and record inquiries of any type to update interested parties of any changes. • follow up with other professionals to get feedback from them and their clients • prepare to effectively demonstrate and explain the unique aspects of the house and area, especially those that are not easily visible to the naked eye. S PLUS...
    16. 16. Setting the right price We, on the sellers’ side, want to achieve the highest possible return for the property. So determining the price is one of the most critical steps in anticipation of selling your home. A well priced home usually sells quickly once it is on the market. When your home is priced right from the outset, we will reach the most qualified buyers and obtain top dollar. S
    17. 17. Setting the right price Pricing a home too high will often cause the appropriate buyer to miss out on the property because the house is not in the price range they are searching for. A house that sits on the market may also be stigmatized since a buyer might think there is something wrong with the house. Pricing a home too low will often produce a poor return. S
    18. 18. Understand your costs The costs of a sale: Cosmetics & Pre-Sale Renovations Home Inspection Legal Fees Real Estate commission Note: there is NO HST charged on a resale home or condo (except on fees and small items) We can explain this in detail and provide you with spreadsheets. S Home or Condo Sale Cost Template input the sale price and the rest will auto calculate. Sale Price Sale Price Sale Price Input the sale price>> Listing Commission Co-Op Commission HST (on commission) Lawyer Fees (varies) Moving Costs Other $ 885,000.00 $ 22,125.00 $ 22,125.00 $ 5,752.50 $ 750.00 $ $ - Input the sale price>> Listing Commission Co-Op Commission HST Lawyer Fees (varies) Moving Costs Other $ 895,000.00 $ 22,375.00 $ 22,375.00 $ 5,817.50 $ 750.00 $ $ - Input the sale price>> Listing Commission Co-Op Commission HST Lawyer Fees (varies) Moving Costs Other $ 905,000.00 $ 22,625.00 $ 22,625.00 $ 5,882.50 $ 750.00 $ $ - Net proceeds from sale $ 834,247.50 Net proceeds from sale $ 843,682.50 Net proceeds from sale $ 853,117.50 Input the sale price>> Listing Commission Co-Op Commission HST Lawyer Fees (varies) Moving Costs Other $ 910,000.00 $ 22,750.00 $ 22,750.00 $ 5,915.00 $ 750.00 $ $ - Input the sale price>> Listing Commission Co-Op Commission HST Lawyer Fees (varies) Moving Costs Other $ 915,000.00 $ 22,875.00 $ 22,875.00 $ 5,947.50 $ 750.00 $ $ - Input the sale price>> Listing Commission Co-Op Commission HST Lawyer Fees (varies) Moving Costs Other $ 920,000.00 $ 23,000.00 $ 23,000.00 $ 5,980.00 $ 750.00 $ $ - Net proceeds from sale $ 857,835.00 Net proceeds from sale $ 862,552.50 Net proceeds from sale $ 867,270.00 Sale Price Sale Price Sale Price Based on 5% commission (50-50 split)
    19. 19. WHAT DO WE CHARGE? As the listing realtor, we cover most expenses: Photography, virtual tours, property websites postcards & print, fees, dues, transportation, newspaper ads, feature sheets, open houses, special events, status certificates and many other additional costs. We also feel it is critically important to fairly compensate the realtor (cooperating broker) who brings the buyer. Paying a full 2.5% (50% of the commission) to the buyer’s agent provides more than enough incentive for them to consider showing your home to their clients. Commission Breakdown i.e. 5.0% LISTING BROKER (us) COOPERATING BROKER 2.5% 2.5% BROKERAGE 0.7% S REALTOR 1.8% BROKERAGE 1.0% REALTOR 1.5% A sample of a breakdown. Commission is negotiable. We are full service realtors.
    20. 20. We look at our job from the perspective of our clients. People come to us because we tell the truth. Think of us as researchers, marketers, facilitators, advisors and well organized professionals. We also want to dynamically & effectively present your property to attract the right buyers. Smart marketing & accurate pricing are critical. S
    21. 21. Why choose Marc & Michell? Marc’s interest in real estate is linked to a passion for architecture. Fascinated by how things are built and how buildings are truly greater than the sum of their parts, he has spent the last twenty or so years learning about architecture, interior design, building science, energy efficiency, landscaping techniques and sustainable practices. That said, it’s a people business dealing with different personalities is what we do best. Michell’s experience as an investor, landlord and business owner will help with an understanding that comes from personal experience. As a realtor, she has helped people who want to buy, sell or simply learn about investment properties or the right home in the appropriate neighbourhood. S
    22. 22. Some of our recent sales in the city 89A Beaconsfield Ave in Beaconsfield Village 57 Hilton Avenue in Casa Loma * 106 Alcina Avenue in Hillcrest Village 13 Admiral Road in The Annex * 20 Parkfield Avenue in Leslieville * 21 Sproat Avenue in Leslieville * 36 Hillcrest Drive in Hillcrest Village * 103 Roxborough Street East in Rosedale 17 Midland Avenue, a waterfront property * 47 Pinewood Avenue in Humewood * 3 Windley Ave in Cedarvale * 125 Elwood Avenue in Allenby * 667 Adelaide Street West in Trinity Bellwoods * 60A Bellwoods Avenue in Trinity Bellwoods 133 Manning Avenue in Trinity Bellwoods. 403-90 Sumach Street in Corktown 125 Alberta Ave in Hillcrest 69 Alberta Ave in Hillcrest. SB 405-2287 Lake Shore Blvd West in Mimico * 304 Wellesley St E in Cabbagetown 82 Greensides Ave in Hillcrest Village * TH 103- 2287 Lake Shore Blvd West in Mimico 507-138 Princess St in St Lawrence Market* 902-3 Mc Alpine St in Yorkville * 265 Bartlett Ave in Dovercourt Village 208 Dearbourne Ave in Riverdale * 3307-10 Navy Wharf Ct downtown. 23 Joyce Parkway in Glenmount 485 Kingston Road in the Upper Beach * 23 Forman Ave in Davisville * 63 Robina Ave in Humewood 608- 30 Camden St in Trinity Spadina * 137 Alberta Ave in Hillcrest PH 701 at 29 Camden St 548 Richmond St W. also known as Studio House And many more homes, condos and investment properties in downtown Toronto. *represented the buyer
    23. 23. Marc & Michell have made a promise to give a part of our commission to the Stephen Lewis Foundation The Stephen Lewis Foundation was created with the express purpose of putting money directly in the hands of community-based organizations working on the frontlines of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Since 2003, we have funded over 700 initiatives, partnering with over 300 community-based organizations in the 15 countries that have been hardest hit by the AIDS pandemic in Africa, including Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We also work with a number of regional initiatives. From home-based care to grandmother support and orphan care, from feeding programmes to music and art therapy, grassroots organizations are driving the response to the AIDS pandemic in ways that are innovative, sophisticated and impactful. SB
    24. 24. Feel free to send an email or call us for more answers Marc Paillé | Broker | Real Estate Centre TEAM Michell Pérez | Salesperson | Real Estate Centre TEAM Royal LePage Signature | T: 416-443-0300 | F: 416-443-8619 Downtown Toronto | Ontario | Canada | Toll-free: 1-888-954-4100 | | SB