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  1. 1. Ekahau Wi-Fi based RTLS Tracking And Communication Solutions
  2. 2. RTLS vs RFID Typical Attributes • Standardized globally • Proprietary • IEEE standards • Supported by many • Vendor specific  • Plug and play • Many applications • Varying frequencies • Global frequency • Multi‐industry  • Varying RF methods • IP‐based ( IPV6)  Passive RFID Active RFID Wi‐Fi RTLS • Identification • Identification • Identification • Read & Write • Read &”Write” • Read & Write • Location • Location • 1‐way Button • 2‐Way Buttons • Acknowledgements • 2‐way messaging • Tag alerts • Telemetry/Control • Virtual tags ( SW)  Typical Capabilities
  3. 3. One Enterprise Wireless Infrastructure Standard WLAN infrastrcuture is today used campus wide  for Enterprise Data and Voice AND LOCATION purposes. * DATA VOICE LOCATION 802.11 Wi‐Fi  802.11 Wi‐Fi  Ekahau is the #1 worldwide leader and expert in the Wi‐Fi based  asset and people tracking market (Wi‐Fi RTLS).  *According to Frost & Sullivan report 90%+ U.S. Hospitals already have Wi‐Fi installed
  4. 4. ROI Drivers for RTLS  1. Improve Asset Utilization 1. Improve Asset Utilization Asset Tracking Asset Tracking 2. Eliminate excess inventory / leasing 2. Eliminate excess inventory / leasing 3. Improve maintenance process 3. Improve maintenance process 1. Improve process through WIP visibility 1. Improve process through WIP visibility Process Visibility Process Visibility 2. Eliminate bottlenecks 2. Eliminate bottlenecks 3. Improve workflow 3. Improve workflow 1. Track employees in hazardous areas 1. Track employees in hazardous areas Safety & Security Safety & Security 2. Panic Button alerts 2. Panic Button alerts 3. Man‐down alerts with motion sensor 3. Man‐down alerts with motion sensor
  5. 5. RTLS  – what’s in it for Biomed? 1. Increased productivity – Shortening time to find assets for preventive maintenance and clinical use purposes 2. Increased asset utilization – Knowing where a hidden item is for patient use – Help determine of an item is in use 3. Reduce overtime – Knowing where equipment is for PM’s increase productivity and reduce overtime – Help with recalls  4. Help manage work flow more efficiently – Knowing where to go instead of walking the floors – Scheduling time when equipment is available  – Knowing the exact staff member location in emergency in real time 5. Reduce cost of rental equipment – Knowing where assets are for use – Shorten time rental equipment stays on site 6. Reduce overhead in some cases – Able to lower items purchased for use – Do more with less 7. Reduce lost of equipment – Help prevent items walking out the door – Help department keep track of their own equipment
  6. 6. Location Tracking in Hospitals – Customer Case Example: CHS Customer: • Carolinas Healthcare System • 6 Facilities, over 3m sq.ft and growing  • System‐wide Beds 5000+ Ekahau RTLS: • 4000+ T301A Tags • SW Client (tracking Thinkpads & PDAs) • 90 % deployed by the customer staff • One remote Ekahau server serving all  facilities Requirements: • Track Infusion pumps & Ventilators Network: • Cisco Autonomous • Cisco LWAPP ROI: • Capital budget savings through reduced  number of equipment and leasing programs • Improved preventing maintenance process Featured as cover story on Nov 2008 issue of Integrated Solutions Magazine Copyright Ekahau, Inc. 2000‐2008
  7. 7. Wi‐Fi RTLS – System Components Ekahau RTLS  A turn‐key WIFI RTLS for tracking the location and status of assets,  inventory and people. A disruptive solution to active RFID and other active tagging systems Includes open SDK and API for quick application/ERP integration Ekahau Vision browser‐based application for end‐user GUI  BOTH Associating and Beaconing modes available for tags Variety of tag types for asset& personnel tracking, temperature    measurement, etc Ekahau Site Survey The most comprehensive site survey tool for Wi‐Fi network coverage  map visualization and optimization Includes off‐site WiFi Planner, Reporting Tool  and GPS option for  outdoor surveys Reports the estimated location tracking accuracy for any Wi‐Fi network,  and prepares the network for RTLS use Ekahau Solutions: Only Software and Tags! Ekahau Solutions: Only Software and Tags! Copyright Ekahau, Inc. 2000‐2008
  8. 8. Patented RSSI Modeling Approach for Indoor Positioning 1. Active measurements of all  RSSI data from each access  point is taken via Wi‐Fi Site  Survey. RF characteristics  such as multi‐path  reflections are recorded and  do not harm signal  measurement or location  accuracy. 2. Site survey data is stored in  the location server 3. Based on the site survey  data and the information  received from the tag/client,  the server software  calculates the real‐time  location using the patented  probabilistic algorithms. Ekahau patent status in April 2009: nine patents approved worldwide, six pending
  9. 9. Ekahau T‐301A WiFi Tag For real-time asset tracking: • Ekahau’s 3rd Generation WIFI Tag • Based on G2 Microsystems SOC • Built‐in CPU, 802.11‐b radio, full IP stack, motion  sensor, memory and power circuitry • Attachment via belt clip, wall mount, tie‐wrap, clip etc. • Optical tamper switch detects unauthorized removal of  the tag • Two call buttons • OTA ( Over the Air )  configuration and alerting • Programmable signal LEDs and customizable buzzer • Non‐rechargeable CR‐2 batteries for over five year  battery life. • Supports WEP to WPA2‐PSK • Hybrid Associating and Beaconing modes
  10. 10. Ekahau  T301B – Personnel Badge and Pager For real-time staff tracking and communication: • Based on G2 Microsystems SOC • Supports T301‐A features (Excluding tamper) • Rechargeable battery • Security switch for strap applications • Graphical OLED display option • LED and buzzer functionality • Motion sensor • Interface for external power • Interface for external sensor or 3rd party devices • Two‐way pager/SMS functionality • Multiple buttons for scrolling  • Browser‐like interface • Hybrid Associating and Beaconing modes
  11. 11. Ekahau T301t – for Wireless Temperature Measurement The T-301t series of temperature sensors complement the Ekahau tag family by adding advanced wireless temperature sensing, alerting and auditing capabilities. • The Ekahau temperature sensor products are  targeted towards: – Healthcare  • Medications, Tissue Samples, Blood, Food, etc. including  Cryogenic applications )  – Cold Chain Logistics • Refrigerated trailers, containers, coolers and totes. – Retail • In‐store, backroom and distribution center freezers and  refrigerators – Other • Mining, manufacturing, power generation The Ekahau T-301t Sensor performance metrics have been gauged to comply with: • Healthcare – Joint Commission and FDA requirements for specimen, medication and food monitoring. • Food Industry – FDA food monitoring requirements
  12. 12. Temperature History
  13. 13. Ekahau RTLS ‐ Three Step Installation: Perform Site Survey ‐ walk around the site once for  2 2 RF pre‐survey WiFi  Install Software  Client  1 1 3 3 Start Tagging and Tracking! ‐ Any Wi‐Fi clients of Wi‐Fi tags Server  Any Wi‐Fi network ‐ Ekahau Positioning Engine SW ‐ Floor Plan maps ‐ Ekahau Applications Copyright Ekahau, Inc. 2000‐2008
  14. 14. RTLS Competition / Technology Comparision  Comparing 1000 tag RTLS systems in a hospital environment – w/room accuracy : Location Accuracy Bed Non‐Wi‐Fi Based RTLS: Room (UWB, Zigbee,  Chokepoints,  Ekahau  TDOA,  Department Wi‐Fi RTLS Ultrasound) 2) Floor/ Generic  Wi‐Fi network  Campus/ positioning 1) Building $100k $200k $400k+ Total System Cost for 1000 tags + sw 1) Competition: using Cisco, Aruba, etc network controller softwares for positioning, with Aeroscout or Ekahau tags and separate application software 2) Competition: Turnkey RTLS vendors such as Aeroscout, Radianse, Sonitor Technologies, Awarepoint, Ubisense, Wherenet, Radarfind
  15. 15. RTLS Technology Comparision • As tested by Berlin Institute of Technology • Published 2008 in IEEE Computer Society magazine: IT Professional Copyright Ekahau 2000‐2008
  16. 16. Example Hospital Case 1/3 Actual U.S. Hospital case 2008, example floor: • 28 000 sq ft floor area • 10 existing Cisco LWAPP access points • 37 min spent for walk‐through calibration = FASTEST RTLS SYSTEM DEPLOYMENT ON THE MARKET!
  17. 17. Example Hospital Case 2/3 10 existing Cisco LWAPP access points, for Data/Voice use No additional access points or other HW added for RTLS
  18. 18. Example Hospital Case 3/3 After Ekahau site survey process, the visual report shows the expected location accuracy per each location: Average tracking accuracy: 8ft Floor accuracy (4 floors): 100% Acceptable for hospital operational use
  19. 19. Ekahau Customer and Partner Examples: Sampling of customers: Major Distributors:  Wi‐Fi Partners System Integrator partners: Technology partners:  Copyright Ekahau 2000‐2008
  20. 20. New Major Partners in 1Q09 Signed CCX Certification agreement March 09 Certified Ekahau RTLS tags to work with Cisco Unified Wi-Fi Launch HP ProCurve partnership Ekahau RTLS software inside HP’s network blade Worldwide co-marketing agreement real time tracking of Panasonic Toughbook products in healthcare and other industries
  21. 21. EKAHAU: OPEN‐EASY‐ACCURATE OPEN Ekahau RTLS works with any Wi-Fi vendor’s network, as any standard Wi-Fi application. Vendor agnostic means you do not have to question the compatibility of your Wi-Fi network; all you need is to make sure the network is stanadard IEEE 802.11.
  22. 22. EKAHAU: OPEN‐EASY‐ACCURATE EASY Ekahau RTLS can be deployed over existing Wi-Fi network faster than any other asset tracking solution on the market. The unique site survey process secures a rapid installation and reports the expected location accuracy on each location– prior to deployment.
  23. 23. EKAHAU: OPEN‐EASY‐ACCURATE ACCURATE On top of your enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network, Ekahau RTLS does NOT require additional hardware infrastructure, chokepoints, or additional Wi-Fi APs, and is still capable of delivering excellent accuracy to enable mission critical applications.
  24. 24. Ekahau in a Nutshell Ekahau was founded in 2000 as a spin‐off from  the COSCO group of the Helsinki University in  Finland Ekahau location algorithms: a solid scientific  innovation First commercial product launch in 2002:  Industry‐first Wi‐Fi based tracking system Today 100s of customers around the world Over 100 certified resellers worldwide  Several worldwide distributors, such as Hewlett  Packard, 3M Company, McKesson, Siemens,  Fluke, Nortel, Aruba, etc 12 patents filed on its core technology in Europe,  Asia and the U.S. 
  25. 25. Ekahau Worldwide Reston, VA Helsinki, Finland Saratoga, CA ‐ AMERICAS Sales & Marketing ‐ EMEA/APAC Sales & Marketing ‐ HQ, Sales US West ‐ Engineering ‐ R&D, Product Management, Engineering ‐ Engineering London, UK Sales Management UK Vancouver Sales Management Canada Chicago Sales Management Hong Kong Mid‐West Sales Management Manufacturing Atlanta Asia Sales Management Stuttgart, Germany Healthcare Tokyo Sales Management Sales Management Europe Middle Japan Ekahau Office Ekahau Regional Staff
  26. 26. Thank You! West Coast Europe 12930 Saratoga Avenue, Suite B-8 Hiilikatu 3 Saratoga, CA 95070 00180 Helsinki, Finland Tel: 1-866-4EKAHAU Tel: +358-20-743 5910 Fax: 1-866-435 2428 Fax: +358-20-743 5919 East Coast Asia 1851 Alexander Bell Drive 1-64-7 Den-en-chofu, Oota-ku Suite 300 Japan Reston, VA 20191 Tokyo 145-0071 Tel: 1-866-4EKAHAU Tel: +81-90-8514 7882 Fax: 1-703-860-2028