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Aeroscout Phillips


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Aeroscout Phillips

  1. 1. AeroScout and Philips Medical Philips Medical Systems has chosen AeroScout as the core technology for the newly announced Philips Asset Tracking Solution. The Philips solution adds key services, technical integration capabilities and industry-leading hospital expertise to the AeroScout solution. The Philips solution utilizes the entire set of AeroScout products – including the market leading Wi-Fi tags, Exciters, AeroScout MobileView and AeroScout location technology. The first joint customer is the University Medical Center in Tucson, AZ. Page 1 CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. Healthcare: University Medical Center (UMC) Background UMC in Tucson, AZ is a 350-bed Hospital covering 8 floors and over 1 million square feet. Consistently ranked in U.S. News and World Report’s Guide to “America’s Best Hospitals” Problems Preventive Maintenance - Biomedical Engineering department is required to meet JCAHO guidelines for on-time preventative maintenance. Search Time/Productivity - When maintenance needs to be performed, large % of assets cannot be found. This results in regulatory risk, wasted staff time and potential health issues. Rental Costs and Over-purchasing - Overspending on asset rental and high levels of inventory Operational Analysis - Lack of asset visibility to analyze and improve optimal equipment processes and workflows Asset Hoarding and Shrinkage/Loss Page 2 CONFIDENTIAL
  3. 3. Healthcare: University Medical Center (UMC) Solution Leverage Wi-Fi infrastructure - System covers entire hospital by utilizing the Cisco Wi-Fi APs to track high- value assets. Wi-Fi Tags - Over 2300 assets tagged with AeroScout T2 tags. Tagged assets include infusion pumps, wheelchairs, beds and compression units. Enterprise Visibility Software – By utilizing AeroScout MobileView: Biomed employees can search for assets online when they are due for maintenance Retrieve current location, history and status reports Receive online alerts on business events Chokepoint Devices - Exciters at exits and within soiled/clean utility rooms trigger immediate alerts. Benefits Improved asset utilization rates and control Fewer rentals and purchases Improve maintenance processes and meet regulatory requirements Labor savings Increase patient throughput Reduce asset theft/loss Page 3 CONFIDENTIAL