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The strap


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The strap

  1. 1. The StrapIdeal for Spanking
  2. 2. The Strap What is it?A summation of what the brand stands for Ideally, in 5 words or less
  3. 3. The Strap It plants the key message about the brand/product in people’s mindsIf you remember one thing about us, remember this.
  4. 4. The Strap It’s what we stand for, above all else.It’s an encapsulation of the all-motivating message about our brand.
  5. 5. The Strap Why are they difficult?Because they sit with the logo – and are there on everything. They will appear on every single piece of communication, every time the logo is used
  6. 6. The StrapSo – no pressure then.
  7. 7. The Strap Relax You don’t always need one.Most brands you work on will on already have a line.
  8. 8. The StrapIf there is already a line, make sure you stay true to the tone and spirit of it when you write headlines and come up with concepts.The strapline will give you a big clue to the attitude and language of the brand.
  9. 9. The Strap Ronseal Does exactly what it says on the tinStraight talking – no messing. Don’t fanny about. Say it in simple English
  10. 10. The Strap BMW The ultimate driving machine. Serious about cars and engineering.Knowledgeable. For people who know the difference.
  11. 11. The StrapAre you a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut case?Light – off the wall, humorous and a bit irreverent.
  12. 12. The Strap Commercial UnionWe won’t make a drama out of a crisis Understanding, calm and helpful.
  13. 13. The Strap Let the strapline guide how you write. Understand the positioning and the tone of voice.As a rule, don’t be funny for a serious brand – don’t be dry and serious for a fun brand.
  14. 14. The StrapSometimes you won’t need a strapline that has to live with the brand forever Instead you will need a campaign line – something that underpins a particular message, but isn’t a statement the brand wants to live with for years on end
  15. 15. The StrapCampaign lines won’t usually be welded to the logo They will sit somewhere else
  16. 16. The Strap There is less pressure on a campaign line – it communicates the particular message the client wants to communicate nowNot something they want to live with foreverSo -might be a price campaign for VW example
  17. 17. The Strap VW don’t want to be known just for their prices... But that’s what this campaign is about...And the line will change for the next message.
  18. 18. The StrapBut if you do have to write a strap, where do you start?
  19. 19. The StrapBy being absolutely clear what the single most important proposition is. And that means one thing.A strapline gives one clear message – not two or three
  20. 20. The Strap Are we about value? Are we about ease? Are we about heritage? Are we about taste? Are we about quality?Or... what else are we about?
  21. 21. The Strap Don’t sit for hours trying to write the perfect lineWaiting until you have the strapline exactlyright before you start doing ads will hold you back - massively
  22. 22. The Strap Write the single most important proposition down in long hand Once you have agreed on that, you can start thinking about adsRefining the thought into the perfect strapline can come later
  23. 23. The StrapNo-one writes the perfect strapline in one go, straight off the top of their headIf you do ever get a great line early on – great. But interrogate it – write lots more to prove it’s the best. But keep a note of everything you think of – and always check that each one says what you wrote in your proposition – and nothing else. If they don’t, chuck ‘em out.
  24. 24. The StrapYou don’t always have to try too hard to be clever Try simply saying it like it is....Overly clever, too punning or clunky rhyming lines immediately looked forced and clumsy But that doesn’t mean you can’t use rhyme, alliteration etc. and any tools at the writer’s disposal that will help make the line memorable. Aim for elegance
  25. 25. The Strap You only have a few words to play with And the key word is playTry various permutations of words and analyse their subtle differences until you find a phrase with a rhythm that clicks
  26. 26. The StrapStart with lists – of all the things you know that are pertinent to the message Don’t try and force them into lines - just write them down Tesco’s need to compete in a market that demands value – where cheapness is a virtueBut – you don’t want to appear cheap and nasty and down market...
  27. 27. The Strap What do we know to put in our list?Everything we do is about offering you value... and some products are really cheap... we constantly have offers on all sorts of things... It’s not just the big stuff, we offer deals out on the little things too... We’re always thinking of ways to help you save money... we understand your needs – we care about you, and want to help...
  28. 28. The StrapEverything we do is about offering you value... and some products are really cheap... we constantly have offers on all sorts of things... It’s not just the big stuff, we offer deals on the little things too... We’re always thinking of ways to help you save money... Because we understand your needs – we care about you, and want to help...
  29. 29. The Strap Every Little Helps - Avoids being cheap by being colloquial - It says more than cheap, and more than value- It’s less pompous than ‘Good food costs less at Sainsbury’s - So it fits the brand tone of voice - Friendly and on your side – the customers friend
  30. 30. The StrapYou won’t find it that quickly – but you won’t find it by waiting for the perfect line to pop into your head You have to play – you have to experimentYou have to try all the variations until one fits
  31. 31. The Strap Tesco home delivery What do we know?Home page, you, order, online, basket, mouse, click, trolley, shop, shopping, shopping list,online, net, bags, meals, window shopping, keep shop, shop around, talk shop, buy, food, groceries and so on...
  32. 32. The Strap And...Door, armchair, home, delivery, doorstep,deliver, drop, drop-off, knock, knock, easy, convenient, save time, mat, path, house, wheels, van, relax, bags, simple, shopping and so on... and on...
  33. 33. The Strap Then you fiddle about a bit.... And try to marry words together into a phrase you can own. Write down all the bad ones, until you find a good one...Let one line spark the next thought... They kick each other off and move the thought on a bit... Never be afraid to go a bit off-piste – you can always come back, and it may trigger a fresh line of thought
  34. 34. The StrapYou may end up with some pretty dodgy ones.... You may end up with some that are OK, ish...(And I nicked these from some copywriter’s blog – Thanks Jamie Hudson....)
  35. 35. The StrapClick, click, knock, knock. Tesco home delivery Meals on wheels Tesco home delivery Bags more convenient Tesco home delivery
  36. 36. The Strap We deliver Tesco home deliveryGet your Friday nights back Tesco home deliveryFrom mouse mat to door mat Tesco home delivery
  37. 37. The StrapAll the groceries. None of the grief. Tesco home delivery From our home page to your home Tesco home delivery Delicious. Delectable. Delivered. Tesco home delivery
  38. 38. The StrapIf you’re particularly clever, and work hard enough at it, you might end up with... Tesco home delivery. You shop. We drop.
  39. 39. The StrapOn your journey, try to make your strapline... Relevant Honest Short In the right tone of voice for the client & audience ... but above all memorable. ...and have fun getting there