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Ctv my cube presentation


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Ctv my cube presentation

  1. 1. Charlie.Thirza.Valentina
  2. 2. Professional: Publishers We feel the most important part of launching My Cube is to ensure exclusive content. New content is essential, but the ability to unbundle back catalogues should not be underestimated and, at launch, could be a strong focus as it is a ready source of exclusive content with which to build a reputation. We believe it’s important to define (or re-define) the boundaries of professional and semi-professional. The end user’s role is fairly clear.Charlie.Thirza.Valentina
  3. 3. Professional The professional content creators should only encompass publishers rather than celebrities, actors, musicians etc. It’s these publishers, record labels and TV channels that have an untapped back-catalogue of content to exploit.Charlie.Thirza.Valentina
  4. 4. Semi-professionals Semi-professional should be defined as the celebrities, well known bloggers and more generally those whose opinions matter. The semi-professional members will curate the content uploaded by the professionals as well as adding their own, new content.Charlie.Thirza.Valentina
  5. 5. End Users and How it Works End users would then be able buy the content vetted by celebrities they admire knowing it’s more likely to appeal to them. There is scope in this framework to elevate through the ranks as you gain a reputation. This diagram contains the basic content of what we’d put in the “about” video for professionals and semi-professionals.Charlie.Thirza.Valentina
  6. 6. Communications The over arching theme for the professionals is “You’re doing this anyway, so why not make money from it.” The focus to hook the professional in the beginning is on monetising their back-catalogues. All this content already exists and has long since stopped making them money. My Cube offers them a platform to do all this at a low cost. Once the benefits of this start to be seen, we’d hope to see newly created content uploaded and My Cube considered as the first platform for publishing and sharing. All the collateral aimed at the professionals will be around this theme of monetisation. The semi-pro users will be encouraged to collate their choices, adding their own content as they please and share this for their fans to buy. For the end user we want to show My Cube as a platform for discovery first, and then a means to make money as an added bonus.Charlie.Thirza.Valentina
  7. 7. Communications Empty cheque books will be handed to publishers at the conference. References to old or exclusive content will be made on the stubs along with a final message summing up the notion that they have the content, so why not make money.Charlie.Thirza.Valentina
  8. 8. Communications Direct mail will be sent to professionals and semi-professionals. This will be envelopes containing an information letter and a fake, My Cube branded bankcard. The card will be removable and be printed with web address. A follow up “pin number” letter will be sent a few days later as a reminder.Charlie.Thirza.Valentina
  9. 9. Communications We’ll create a banner ad designed to target all users.Charlie.Thirza.Valentina
  10. 10. Communications The banner illustrates how My Cube monetises content by valuing the web page you’re currently viewing when you roll over it.Charlie.Thirza.Valentina
  11. 11. Communications An online app will be made in a similar manner to the banner ad, which allows you to value your blog or social media page simply by entering your URL; highlighting the benefits had you been on My Cube.Charlie.Thirza.Valentina
  12. 12. Thank YouCharlie.Thirza.Valentina