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Assessment ii


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Assessment brief 2 by Harish and Jess

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Assessment ii

  2. 2. CREATIVE REVIEW SAYS… “The ad, which promotes Sonys 3D coverage of the Wimbledon tennis championships, was created by digital agency Crayon. The original spot, by Fallon, saw thousands of brightly coloured balls thrown down the hilly streets of San Francisco. In the new ad these are replaced with tennis balls, which are shown bouncing through Wimbledons quintessentially English streets. It is a carefully done homage, and the eagle-eyed will notice there is even a nod to the frog that appeared in the original commercial.” Crayon have used nostalgia from a previous ad to build upon the understanding of Wimbledon.
  3. 3. TOPICAL OPPORTUNITY Another sporting event advertising agencies always pick up on is the World Cup. The brand is always portrayed as „behind the team‟, and „united with the nation‟. For example, Mars changed their name to „Believe‟.
  5. 5. CARLSBERG OLD LIONS Old Lions is the seventh television piece in the „World According to Carlsberg‟ series, created by Saatchi & Saatchi they aligned Carlsberg with football legends, taking on the status of „legend‟ and in turn creating an affiliation between the two. Using a device firmly rooted in the culture of the brands target audience it playfully positions the brand in a unique way. All beers want to be known as the best but Carlsberg want to be amongst the currently aspirational (in this case people significant to the world cup) Voted as one of the top ten advertisements of the decade by the British public. The interactive element of the commercial proved a huge success, with more viewers spending a significant portion of time watching content than any previous interactive television campaign.
  8. 8. THE COMPETITOR Here Asda are addressing the competition with other supermarkets in order to promote their lower prices. The ads were created in-house.
  10. 10. M&C SAATCHI A surprising campaign for online electronics retailer created by M&C Saatchi in London, they cheekily recognise the brands position in the electronics market, which is pretty much at the bottom. The ads acknowledge a habit that many of us may recognise with some guilt – that we will get advice about expensive goods at a more upmarket store, but then nip online to make the actual purchase, where it is cheaper. Using the familiar fonts from a number of popular London retailers – Selfridges the ads open with a description of the benefits of shopping in these stores, before then reverting to the Dixons font with the line "then go to to buy it".
  11. 11. CONTROVERSY… However, these ads have been banned in the last couple of months. Rival supermarkets Morrisons and Tesco complained that the ads included groceries and non-food items which were excluded from the price comparison. The supermarkets also complained that Asda implied it was generally cheaper than its rivals and did not make it clear that there were “significant” exclusions from the price comparison. Morrisons complained that Asda‟s Price Guarantee could not be substantiated because its prices could not be accurately reflected as they do not appear online. The important lesson here is that you have to get facts straight before going up against a rival in the public domain.
  12. 12. COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY Barclay‟s launched a non-contact credit card that you can use instead of your Oyster – an initiative developed by BBH. OnePulse is the name of a credit card that is issued by Barclays that combines the functionality of an Oyster cardwith a Visa contactless enabled credit card. Barclaycard OnePulse was launched in early September 2007.
  13. 13. THANK YOU