Using LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing


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These are the slides used at a recent Meetup on the subject of using LinkedIn for sales and marketing.

Presented by Marc Englaro, CEO of InsightfulCRM, the Meetup was a collaboration between the audience and presenter.

The topics covered included:
• Why build a network in Linked In?
• 7 Ways to stay in touch with your network
• Developing personal brand and reputation with Profile & Updates
• Using LinkedIn for research
• Meeting new people - LinkedIn InMail
• Generating Interest - LinkedIn Ads

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  • About MeCEO and Executive Consultant InsightfulCRMDeliver innovative sales, marketing and customer service technology to innovative sales, marketing and customer service
  • Brand StoryHeadline (something engaging)Summary (what do you bring to the table) Character development (experience)Plot pointsProjectsPublications- AchievementsRecommendations
  • People you may know Beware: The grid view gets default message “I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”Like handing a business card to someone at a networking event, but not talking to them
  • Two bonus ways. I’m sure there are more
  • (Aka Professional Stalking )
  • Lead Builder – SalesPro subscription
  • Get someone else to introduce youTell the person who knows both of you, whyProvide short message to the target personCan check status of the intros via Sent messages Ask about interest, ask for advice, introductions, and opinion. Value their expertise and network
  • InmailThe bar for quality is much higher, because the volume is lower. In mails are expensive, so don't waste them What in their profile prompted you to writeWho do you know in common,
  • Content, message. Educate, inform, entertain. Introduce yourself, and stay in touch in a non-threatening manner. Less an 3% of the audience are ready to buy.71% of customers at more likely to trust a vendor if they provide education and insightShare results of campaigns "why CRM fail " vs "best CRM product”Sponsored posts.Same as advertising. Awareness, interest, education and informWhat value then a CRM ?CRM consolidates this person to person interaction.Record all the influencers around an opportunity,
  • Thank you all for comingIf you’ve enjoyed this, things you can do for me. Follow Insightful on LinkedIn, or subscribe to our blogs Link with me directlyIf anyone you know is in the market for sales, marketing or CRM technology, tell them about us.
  • Using LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing

    1. 1. Using LinkedIn for Business Marc Englaro CEO, InsightfulCRM September 2013
    2. 2. Agenda • Why build a network in Linked In? • Developing personal brand and reputation • Building a Network • 7 Ways to stay in touch with your network • Using LinkedIn for research • Meeting new people - LinkedIn InMail • Generating Interest - LinkedIn Ads
    3. 3. What about you? • What are you interested in? Why are you here?
    4. 4. Why Build a Network? • Lets answer this at the end…
    5. 5. LinkedIn’s 10 Tips for Profiles • Be authentic • Create a distinctive profile headline • Avoid clichés • Be visible • Build brand associations • Add to your knowledge • Share in LinkedIn Groups • Be personal • Be consistent • Give generously Source: BuildingYourBrand.pdf
    6. 6. Tips for Developing your Personal Brand • This isn’t a resume • Be clear what you want your brand to be • Play to your strengths • Your brand is owned by your audience. • Pay attention to what they think • Tell a story • Avoid clichés • You are Judged by what you say and the company you keep
    7. 7. How do you Build a Network • Connect with someone • Importing email address contact lists. • Use the “people you may know” feature • Find Alumni • Look through your business cards • Check out groups for people you know • Participate in groups and meet new people • Always personalise the message
    8. 8. Don’t use the default invite
    9. 9. Beware the grid. Invitations are default
    10. 10. Beware the Search list as well
    11. 11. 3. Broad Strategies for LinkedIn Networking 1. Open Networker (LinkedIn Open Networker) – Will Invite, and accept invitations, from strangers 2. Exclusive Networker – Limit the network to select people they know well, relationships are formed in-person. 3. Professional Networker – Will build networks with professional relationships, including supplier/buyer relationships.
    12. 12. 7 Ways to Keep In touch 1. Send a message 2. Endorse 3. Recommend 4. Status Update 5. Update your profile 6. Add a connection 7. Look at someone 8. Connect with someone* 9. Like or comment on an update* *Two bonus ways
    13. 13. Recommendations & Endorsement • Truthful and credible • Powerful relationship builders • Endorsements you make are on your profile &affect your brand.* *You can change this under your privacy settings
    14. 14. Using LinkedIn for research • Use your power for good not for evil • Understand people’s situation, objectives and challenges • Understand their relationships & culture • Identify who knows who • What do you have in common ? • Using Advanced search to find relevant people • Use LinkedIn Contactsto organise and manage
    15. 15. LinkedIn Premium Plans • v2?displayProducts=&trk=hc-faq71-subs-ch
    16. 16. Finding and Targeting – Lead Lists • Search • Saved search • People you know • People in your network • People in the same groups • People in the same Alumni as you • Use AND/OR/NOT operators in Keyword search – Eg “CMO” OR “marketing manager”
    17. 17. Meeting new people - LinkedIn InMail • Search and find interesting people • Request Introductions from your contacts • Send an InMail to someone not in your network
    18. 18. Tips for InMail • What in their profile prompted you to write? • Mention people in common? • Refer to your recommendations as proof points • Use an Informative subject line • People reading on a Mobile see only the first 30-35 characters in the subject line • In the email notification – only the first 255 characters appear in summary • When using the Mobile app, InMail messages appear as a pop-up • Use your message to start a conversation • Frame the conversation about their situation, (not your goals)
    19. 19. Advertising - Ads • Target your Ads • Write compelling copy • Send traffic to a relevant landing page • On that page, have a compelling offer • Use a form to capture details • Know how to follow up • If a Campaign drops below the click-through threshold, copy it and re-launch
    20. 20. Advertising – Sponsored Updates • Write your update to your network as normal • Be relevant and interesting • Create sharable content • Use great images to get your post noticed. • Encourage comments and likes • Target the campaign • Measure the results • Beware the troll
    21. 21. Things we didn’t cover • Managing a Groups • Company Pages • Recruitment or Job seeking
    22. 22. Future Events from Insightful • Embedding Effective Sales Process in a CRM • Social Media in B2B • Sales Effectiveness • Landing Page design • What else would you like to hear?
    23. 23. Q&A and Wrap-up