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Customer Count Collateral 9.09

  1. 1. CustomerCount © by Authenticated Measurable Continuous Customizable Survey Improving Profit
  2. 2. Sales Experience Prospects, buyers and tour-no-buy have the opportunity to tell you their exact thoughts on why they purchased, why they did not purchase and whether or not they would purchase. Used as a tool for ”re-marketing,“ training, product and presentation evaluation, along with compliance adherence, your marketing and sales professionals will be more efficient in tracking lead sources, ensuring the effectiveness of the type of lead, and determining the profile of the tour-no-buy prospect. — Post tour feedback. — By site, salesperson, tour source or any segmentation of interest. — Measure price/value perceptions, better target post tour follow-ups, compliance, obtain referrals, salesperson and more. Customer Count © by
  3. 3. Contact Experience How do your customers feel when they get off the phone with your company representative? Have they been treated with respect? Were their questions answered? Did they get what they wanted? These and other customer experience issues can be tracked down to the service representative level and used to accommodate one of the most important interactions your customers can have with your resort. — Immediate feedback on customer interactions. — By site, representative/supervisor/ manager, and on any segmentation of interest. — Measure representative’s knowledge and service, alternative delivery methods, other services and benefits. Customer Count © by
  4. 4. Product Experience The quality of the vacation experienced by the guest at your resort determines, and has serious and a long reaching impact on, the bottom line. Find out what is right and what is wrong from check-in to check-out. From amenities to cleanliness of the unit to condition of the grounds, all of these affect the guest’s experience to help identify areas for improvement and future resource allocation. — Post travel feedback. — By Site, Unit, Guest Type or any segmentation of interest. — Measure satisfaction and loyalty, rate sensitivity, amenities and planning, staff and other factors. Customer Count © by
  5. 5. Features Benefits Survey Design Data Security Brand Protection Reporting Customer Count © by
  6. 6. Survey Design The best way to ask questions, and what type of questions to ask, goes a long way toward collecting accurate and verifiable information. We assist you in determining the length of the survey, the scale of the questions and whether or not the use of free form text questions have validity and should be included. — Data Driven Surveys and Questions provide for targeted feedback. Based on your choices of Guest and/or Site segments. — Display and ask additional questions based on answers to previous questions for better drill-down. — Email alerts based on specific responses can provide instant feedback. — As needed, questions can be “required” to ensure the capture of certain information. — Multiple Question Types (Scale, Text, Choose One, Choose Many, Radio Button, etc.) provide ample options to ask the questions the right way. — Question scales, labels, formatting all at the discretion of the client. Customer Count © by
  7. 7. Data Security Secure and safe, access to your data is protected by state of the art technology, backed up and fully redundant. Your data is just that, yours and yours alone. — All sites are SSL protected for real security and confidentiality. — File transfers are supported via SFTP, FTPS and, if desired, PGP encryption providing maximum data security. — User interface to secure site provides freedom for client to load files directly or we can retrieve for you from your secure site. — Multiple access levels allows clients to provide internal users with only the access they need. Customer Count © by
  8. 8. Brand Protection The look and feel of your survey is privately branded with your resort name, logo(s) and color schemes. By location, by company or both, it is yours to choose and yours to brand. — Significant flexibility in use of client logos, colors and fonts allow client to maintain brand strategy. — Email invitations custom built for client (or client provided) for further brand identity and enhancement. — Completely customizable “Thank-You” page allows client to further direct the respondent. — As desired, we will even build a survey site dedicated to the client for 100% image control. Customer Count © by
  9. 9. Reporting Tell us what you want to know and we will design reports specific to your needs. Combined with the many templates we have already created, the information you seek is tailored to your requirements. — Online reports updated dynamically. Available 24/7. — Most reports can be custom configured based on Client surveys and questions provided. This allows for reporting in the manner most beneficial to the client. — Multiple report filters can provide for an overall report or pinpoint targeting. — In addition to online reporting, reports can be automatically emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Customer Count © by
  10. 10. Your Surveys—Your Questions Gain Reporting Feedback Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly — Safe and Secure — Flexible — Accessible — e-mail alerts — Accountable — Customizable — Dependable — Branded — Independent — Timely — Constant — Consistent — Proven Customer Count © by
  11. 11. Your Surveys—Your Questions — Collect and measure customer feedback through branded, customized surveys — Email invitations with reminders — Online reporting analysis 24/7 — Email alerts — Safe, secure and confidential — Administrator online interface — Email delivery analysis Customer Count © by
  12. 12. Your Surveys—Your Questions Customer or Prospect Experience The Value of the Tour No Buy — Improve lead effectiveness by source — Improve tour by type — Identify possible “low hanging fruit” — Monitor marketing and sales regulatory and company compliance — Train sales people more effectively Contact Us $) $ % ) $$ % $) $ ,% $ $) $% ,% $ $) $% * ! - $ $ %% $ . 0 * ! - $ $ %% $ . 0 ,) +1 , ) +1 % '+ 1 % '+ 1 *! !' '111 *! !' '111 *! !' '11' / *! !' '11' / # $$ % # Customer Count © by