R        E          S            U       M            E!!        !Brand Builder, Community Architect, Teammate, Listener, ...
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Marc Binkley's Storyteller Resume


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Erica Swallow inspired my magazine / story based resume with her own infographic style resume http://www.slideshare.net/ericaswallow/erica-swallows-infographic-resume

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Marc Binkley's Storyteller Resume

  1. 1. R E S U M E!! !Brand Builder, Community Architect, Teammate, Listener, Thought Leader, AuthorTV - Radio - Email - LinkedIn - YouTube!- Facebook - Yelp - SlideShare - Google+Specialist in Measuring Leading & Lagging Indicator Analytics and Outcomes!Accelerator of Business Development & Employee ProductivityInnovative! Sustainable! Sales!! Marketing! Management! Strategist Marc by The Numbers e. MarcBinkley@gmail.com w. blog.marcbinkley.ca skype. marcbinkley c. 403-608-2465Exactly One Ten. Diez. Dix. Dez. 5000 Twenty Six Hundred 20 + 5 - 4 + 10 + 10 ELEVEN?! Is the number of sales Well, it’s one louder performance awards 41. That’s my isn’t it? Eleven is also I’ve won in my 13 year Klout Score. Klout is the number of times I’ve career. That’s one less becoming a standard of given presentations or than the number of social influence. While taught groups of people Academy Awards that In the past 1.5 years, it has some issues, this year. In 2012, I’m Lord of the Rings won I’ve been building Klout says I’m an instructor at Mount in 2003. Is influential about Royal University for digital communitiesBeautiful daughter the most trees that I Marketing, Branding, their Social Media for and carefullynamed Kenyon. My planted in one day. My Social Media and Business certificate. implementingwife Crystal and I just partner and I split a Business in Calgary. integrated brandcelebrated Kenyon’s 10,000 tree block I’m influenced by Mitch building strategies. Myfirst Birthday. She’s not somewhere near Grand Joel, Seth Godin, Simon personal networkable to walk just yet, Cache. It took us 15 Sinek, Chris Brogan, includes 2600but she’s always got a hours - it still hurts Avinash Kaushik and professionals, friendssmile on her face. thinking about it. Gary Vaynerchuk. and marketing leaders. A S H O R T S T O R Y A B O U T M A R C ances with local thought leaders and ultimatelyMy 13 Year Career in influence the medical community to increase usageSales & Marketing... of Novartis products. In 8 years, I learned about the importance of leadership in communication....started at the University of Guelph. I grew up wanting Driven by the Entrepreneurial Spiritto follow in my grandfather’s footsteps to become a doctor I left pharmaceuticals in search of a more concreteso that I could help people. At Guelph, I enrolled in and measurable sales & marketing transactions. IBiological Science and received an honors degree for moved from Ontario to Alberta in 2005 to join Thelearning about the biology of communication. Rogers Radio Group as an Account Manager. Using a variety of business development techniques fromWhen I Started in the “Real World” cold calling to digital prospecting, I grew my list I’ve been lucky enough to have 3, once inI began my career in Pharmaceutical Sales with from $350K to $900K in five years. In the process, I a lifetime trips. I’ve traveled to 129 placesNovartis. I spent 8 years working in high perform- learned how to create and differentiate a brand. so far in my life. My bucket list includesance teams. Our objective: to educate GPs and Car- New Zealand, Argentina and Croatia. Idiovascular Specialists on the benefits of Novartis’ Why you would like to meet with me live in Calgary, AB.products. Our group’s mandate was to form strate- The greatest partnerships begin with a handshake.gic institutional partnerships, build corporate alli-References available on Request 1