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Lead generation - A balanced scorecard


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I stumbled across this phenomenal article from Cal Harrison of Beyond Referrals and created this slide based on his thoughts.

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Lead generation - A balanced scorecard

  1. 1. Activities to Drive Leading Indicators Leading Sales Indicators Lagging Sales Indicators 3. Speaking & Predictive, Task Based Any Activities Writing Financial 2. Ads & - Long term Metric Promotions strategy Set a threshold of the - Drives inbound minimum number of late such as… - expensive stage opportunities at leads1. Cold calls any one time - Creates- Goal is to qualify expertise & New Totalleads as an early Business Renewal Sales thought ie. Number of Closing $or late stage $ Revenue leadership opportunitiesopportunity- Laborious,distasteful Business Development Balance Scorecard Approach – Keep it Simple. Anyone should be ableto deduce your strategy by looking at your indicators and metrics. Ideas by Cal Harrison, President Beyond Referrals Early Stage Opportunity Late Stage Opportunity = Leading Sales Indicator Bad MetricsDefinition: Buyer with no intent to act within Definition: Buyer with intent to act within 1. # of Proposalsthe next 6 months the next 6 months time suck with non buyers• Buyer may or may not have a need • Buyer has identified a need and you as a 2. # of meetings• Questionable, potentially misleading data potential service provider easy to inflate with• Strive to climb the ladder from least effective • Buyer has an milestone, deadline or upcoming unqualified candidates (cold calling) to most effective (speaking and event in the next 6 months 3. Weighted Sales Forecasts writing) activities • Efficient, predictive KPIs use financial indicators to• Web traffic & Subscribers good metrics measure when not if $ will• Measure all and correlate to late stage flow opportunities