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Measurecamp London #9 - Web Analytics & Unified Segmentation


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Measurecamp London #9 - Web Analytics & Unified Segmentation for Business by Marc-Anton Clavel from Netcentric UK

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Measurecamp London #9 - Web Analytics & Unified Segmentation

  1. 1. Web Analytics & Unified Segmentation for Business AUTHOR: DATE: TO: Marc-Anton Clavel 06.02.2016 MeasureCamp London #9 @W0nvel
  2. 2. Key Take Away 1 WHAT are the definitions of Segments 2 HOW to use Web Analytics Segments in business 3 WHY to use Unified Segmentation 4 Let’s discuss it
  3. 3. WHAT is a Segment The Good Meaningful for the business Friendly names & definitions for the business Intensively used in Web Analytics The Bad Multiple definitions in the business Qualitative? Quantitative? A mix of both? Good segmentation is hard The Ugly Overlapping segments Wrong/Obscure rules Nested segments Profitable niche segments are hard to find
  4. 4. WHAT is a Segment – in Web Analytics ● Segments are custom subsets of data or data filtered by rules that you create. ● Segments are a combination of Traits & Signals
  5. 5. WHAT is a Segment – in Web Analytics ● There is often a gap between the business and Web Analytics Segments. Signals • Visitor clicked on a CTA button • Visitor comes from a social campaign • Visitor Viewed 100% of a video Traits • Visitor is Logged in • Visitor is Female • Visitor is using an iPhone • Visit is made from Spain Segments • Soccer Fan with regular purchases who visits the website on mobile more than 3 times a week • Single Mum mostly using discounts deals with high social engagement and newsletter opening rate
  6. 6. HOW to use web analytics segments in business Consolidate Data Strengthen Identify Niches
  7. 7. HOW – Consolidate Data ● Web Analytics data needs to be put side-to-side with relevant business data from other sources (CRM, Email marketing…). Solutions: Marketing Cloud Integration Solution Custom API integration model Centralized Reporting model
  8. 8. HOW – Strengthen ● Web Analytics data is here to support business data & business decision making. Approved business segments can be strengthen with qualitative and quantitative data from Web Analytics. Example: Marketing Segments Web Analytics Strengthened Metal-based humanoid robot producing sound that is understood only by its close friend. Is displaying a strong behavior and sense of loyalty. Last Visit: 2014 Referrer: Chevrolet Form Submitted: Yes Last Visit: 2008 Referrer: Axiom Form Submitted: No Form Abandoned: Yes Last Visit: 2015 Referrer: Rebellion Form submitted: No
  9. 9. HOW – Identify Niches ● Web Analytics data can enable marketers and business to identify new niches. Example on Adobe Analytics with Segment IQ:
  10. 10. HOW to use web analytics segments in business 1. Spread the word 2. Gather requirement s 3. Look at the details 4. Analyse & Repeat
  11. 11. WHY to use Unified Segmentation ● Unifying segments under one platform enables to consolidate the data. ● A unique segment repository enables to detect anomalies. ● Unique segmentation definitions & rules can be setup. ● Profile merge rules can be defined. ● Segments can then be shared and distributed across channels.
  12. 12. WHY to use Unified Segmentation ● Understanding trends. ● Optimizing personalisation. ● Aligning communication across channels. ● Improving customers targeting. CRM Systems Real time notification systems Target Data Content Campaign 1 Media Optimizer Experience Manager Analytics Audience Manager www
  13. 13. Let’s discuss it! Questions? @W0nvel