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Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012 event handbook


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Event Handbook for Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012 (updated 22 Nov, 2012)

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Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012 event handbook

  1. 1. RUN FOR A REASON Race Day Tips Important reminders for all runners pg. 35 Race Day Programme pg. 4142.195km is crazy. Cheer YourI’m full of crazy. Runners pg. 55 RUN FOR A REASON
  2. 2. Pg 01YOURGUIDETO RACEDAYPg 03 Content Words Before the Race 09 About Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012 10 Event Information 11 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 Winners 12 Prize Money 15 Run For Good 17 Fact Sheet 19 Runner Statistics 20 Pacers - Your Inspiration 24 Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) 25 Bib Colour: Race Category 26 Getting to the Race 28 Road Closure 34 Race Day Essentials 35 Race Day Tips 37 Runners’ Check List 39 Ekiden Race 41 Race Day Programme 42 Baggage Handling Service 45 Baggage Collection 47 Course Maps 50 Kids Dash 51 Runners’ Estimated Timeline 52 Map of the Start Line 53 Map of the Padang 54 Race Day Entertainment 55 Cheer Your Runners 63 Post-Race Reminders
  3. 3. Pg 03Lawrence Wong Foreword Dear runnersActing Minister, Ministry of Culture,Community and Youth On 2 December, you will be running the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, one of the top road races in Asia. It is a run that will test your endurance and grit. To family and friends, you will no doubt be an inspiration. Over the years, this marathon has captured the hearts of runners across Singapore. We call it the People’s Race, because it continues to attract scores of people and brings the community together. It started with just about 6,000 participants back in 2002. This year, more than 50,000 will be taking part in the run. It is heartening to see this healthy sporting culture growing among us. The International Association of Athletics Federations has accorded the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore a Gold Label certification in 2011. This puts Singapore in the ranks of cities such as Beijing, Berlin, Boston, Tokyo and London. It is a reflection of the quality of the race, both in terms of its organisation and participation. The event attracts runners from around the world. You can look forward to running alongside some of the best. The race could not happen without the involvement of the many volunteers, who have been working hard to ensure that you will have an optimal running experience. I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers for your commitment and contributions. I would also like to thank our sponsors and partners who have contributed to the success of this event. Sports play an important role in our society, whether you are a runner, a spectator cheering your favourite athlete or team, or a volunteer. It has the ability to inspire the human spirit and to bring people closer together. The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore is an event that exemplifies this special quality of sports. Have a great run!
  4. 4. Pg 05Ray Ferguson Foreword Welcome to the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012.Chief Executive Officer, SingaporeStandard Chartered Bank Since 2002, Standard Chartered Bank is proud to have played a part in nurturing Singapore’s passion for running. Whether you are an experienced marathoner aiming for your personal best, or running with family and friends for fun and to stay fit, there is every reason to run in the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.   The courage, determination and passion of the runners resonate strongly with what we stand for as an organisation. It is very much part of our brand promise to be Here for good in the communities where we operate. Just as the runners are determined to finish the race well, we are committed in our partnership with the Singapore Sports Council to deliver a quality race and to bring together runners, supporters, volunteers, corporates and the community.   Each year, we are encouraged by runners who leverage on the marathon to raise awareness and funds for various charities. This year, I am extremely pleased that a group of Standard Chartered Bank staff have come together, not only to raise funds to develop a sports club for the visually impaired, but to also run as sighted guides to several visually impaired runners at the marathon. They have been training together and getting to know each other better for the past three months, and I am proud of their commitment and achievements.   Event day marks the culmination of months of training for many, and a full year of preparation by the organisers, volunteers and many others who have contributed to ensure a safe and enjoyable running experience. I would like to thank everyone who has worked tirelessly to make the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore a great success.   See you at the start line on 2 December.
  5. 5. Pg 07Lim Teck Yin Foreword The Singapore Sports Council (SSC) is delighted to welcome you to theChief Executive Officer Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) 2012.Singapore Sports Council We are proud that our marathon was awarded the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Gold Label status following the 2011 race. It is a fitting accolade for a race that has grown to become Singapore’s annual marquee running event. At SSC, we know that marathon running is no easy feat. It requires tenacity, resilience, commitment and enduring preparation. Similarly, the work on the 2012 SCMS began from the day after the last one in 2011. As we made our plans, we took on board your feedback to ensure a more enjoyable race experience. As the largest running event during the festive season in Singapore, we will build on the spirit of the season to add to your cheer. In addition to adopting a festive theme, we will also be introducing some new enhancements: Cheer Mobiles to ferry your friends and family to different spots on the route to cheer you on; the BMW Cheer Video screens programmed to broadcast personal video clips from your supporters urging you to stay the course as you approach the waypoint; and finally encouragement messages on the distance markers from fellow participants. On the full marathon route, look for this message at the 21km-mark from Joel Ee, “I didn’t do this to quit halfway. Let’s do this!” Thank you Joel! With more than 4,500 volunteers as well as 22 sponsors and partners, the SCMS exemplifies how our partnerships in sport can create more opportunities for people to live better. A special mention must go to our long-standing title sponsor, Standard Chartered Bank. With your support, the SCMS has grown into a Sporting Singapore icon and one of the top marathons in Asia. I would also like to express my gratitude to my organising committee, our fellow government agencies and the thousands of volunteers for their hard work and dedication. Your commitment to community service enables us to scale new heights at SCMS each year. To all our runners, I applaud your determination and competitive spirit. See you at the start on 2 December. As Vision 2030 encourages us: Live Better Through Sports!
  6. 6. Pg 09StandardCharteredMarathonSingapore 2012The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS)is Singapore’s marquee running event and one of thehighlights of the local sporting calendar every year. It isorganised by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC).The SCMS was awarded the Gold Label certification bythe International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF)after last year’s edition, raising it to be among the levels ofthe Berlin, London and New York City marathons.Orchard Road, Sentosa and Esplanade Drive will see theflag offs for the Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10kmraces respectively.Featuring different routes across the various categories,runners will pass by some of Singapore’s most iconiclandmarks such as Gardens by the Bay, East Coast Park,the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and the Padang.The popular Kids Dash will offer our younger runners ataste of the Marathon while the Ekiden fosters teamworkamong teams of six runners completing the Full Marathonin a relay format.For the second year running, the SCMS offers runners theopportunity to raise funds for their chosen local charitiesthrough the SCMS 2012 Official Charity FundraisingPlatform, runner has a reason to be at the start line on Sunday2 December. What’s yours?RUN FOR A REASON “Running is the one thing that can let the whole family come together.” Tan Pheng Soon
  7. 7. Pg 10 Event Information Date : Sunday, 2 December 2012 Start Points : Orchard Road (Full Marathon & Ekiden) Sentosa Gateway (Half Marathon) Esplanade Drive (10km Race & Kids Dash) End Point : St Andrew’s Road, The Padang Website : Enquiries : +65 6643 9191 (Operating Hours: 09:00 am – 06:00 pm, Monday to Friday) Individual Categories Flag-off Time Individual Categories Flag-off Time Full Marathon – 42.195km 05:00am Kids Dash* – 750m Half Marathon – 21.1km 06:30am Between 10 – 13 years 09:15am 10km – Wheelchair Race 07:10am Between 7 – 9 years 09:30am 10km 07:15am Between 4 – 6 years** 09:45am 3 years and below** 10:00am *The Kids Dash is non-competitive, therefore, no timing device will be issued and no official timing will be recorded or provided. ** It is compulsory for a parent/guardian to accompany any child six years and below during the Kids Dash for safety purposes, failing which, the Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to the participant. Team Category Flag-off Time Ekiden 05:00am Note: The first participant of the team will begin the relay at the same start point and time as full marathon participants. Each team must consist of six participants. Corporate Categories Team Composition Corporate Distance Challenge Any number of runners from any race category (Team members must be from the same private corporation or company, regardless of gender) Non-Profit Organisation Distance Any number of runners from any race category Challenge (Team members must be from the same educational institution/embassy /Singapore statutory board/ministry, regardless of gender) Note: For Distance Challenges - Companies/Organisations will compete based on the total distance completed by their staff/ members regardless of their race category or finishing time. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the SCMS 2012 at any time without prior notice to the Participant, in which case they will make reasonable effort to inform the Participant prior to the day/date of the event. If the SCMS 2012 has to be cancelled, there shall be no refund of fees paid and the Organiser shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused.
  8. 8. Pg 11Standard CharteredMarathon Singapore2011 WinnersFull Marathon (42.195km)Top 3 Winners No. Men’s Open Time 1. Charles Mwai Kanyao 2:14:33:75 2. Luka Kipkemoi Chelimo                 2:14:38:75 3. John Kelai     2:15:45:65 No. Women’s Open Time 1. Irene Jerotich Kosgei                      2:36:42:39 2. Roman Gebregessesse                2:37:30:74 3. Magdalene Mukunzi         2:38:06:50 No. Men Singapore Time 1. Mok Ying Ren 2:46:01:24 2. Ang Chee Yong                 2:49:06:24 3. Soon Suan Boon Paul     2:49:37:32 No. Women Singapore Time 1. Qi Hui  3:06:20:89 Clockwise from top: Charles Mwai Kanyao, Irene Jerotich Kosgei, Qi Hui, 2. Elaine Lim Su Lin                  3:20:14:41 Mok Ying Ren 3. Angie Tan   3:24:44:15*The winners’ finishing time is based on Gun-Time.
  9. 9. Pg 12 Prize Money Full Marathon - 42.195km (Open Category) Positions 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Men (US$) 50,000 20,000 10,000 7,500 6,500 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,250 Women 50,000 20,000 10,000 7,500 6,500 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,250 (US$) Time Bonus for Full Marathon - 42.195km (Open Category) Timing (HRS) Men (US$) Women (US$) <2:11 10,000 N.A <2:12 5,000 N.A <2:27 N.A 10,000 <2:29 N.A    5,000 Note: • Time bonus is not accumulative. • In order to achieve the time bonus, the men’s 1st place runner has to achieve a timing of sub 2:11 to receive US$10,000; the men’s 2nd and 3rd place runners with timing sub 2:12 would receive US$5,000 each. • The women’s time bonus applies on the same principle except that different timings apply. Full Marathon - 42.195km (Singapore Category) Positions 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Men (S$) 10,000 5,000 3,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 850 700 500 250 Women (S$) 10,000 5,000 3,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 850 700 500 250 Full Marathon - 42.195km (Masters Category) Positions 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Men (S$) 5,000 3,000 1,500 1,250 1,000 850 700 500 300 150 Women (S$) 5,000 3,000 1,500 1,250 1,000 850 700 500 300 150 Note: Prize monies for Full Marathon categories are NOT accumulative. Participants who finish within Top 10 for both Open and Singapore Category will only receive prize money from one race category, whichever is of the higher value.
  10. 10. Pg 13Prize Money Half Marathon - 21.1km (Open Category) Positions 1st 2nd 3rd Men (S$) 5,000 3,500 2,000 Women (S$) 5,000 3,500 2,000 10km Race (Open & Wheelchair Categories) Positions 1st 2nd 3rd Men (S$) 2,000 1,500 1,000 Women (S$) 2,000 1,500 1,000 Wheelchair (S$) 2,000 1,500 1,000 Ekiden Race (Open Category) Positions 1st 2nd 3rd Team (S$) 2,500 1,750 1,250 *All winners are required to produce proof of identification (e.g. NRIC / Passport etc.) for verification after the race. RUN FOR A REASON “Running is a great way to expand your horizons and break away from the daily grind. Experience something new and different.” Ahmadi Uzaini
  11. 11. Pg 15Run For GoodRunning for Smiles Born with a cleft lip, Mike Cheong, 29, has experienced first-hand the series of surgeries, speech therapy and support a child needs to physically and emotionally live with this deformity. “I was fortunate to have the financial and emotional support to receive medical treatment at birth. I cannot imagine how a child, with no choice of his or her being born with this deformity, will be able to talk, eat and live properly without proper treatment.” Other than the initial surgery at birth to close the palette, Mike also went through a second operation to repair a cavity in his upper mouth when he was 10 years old, wore braces for five years (much longer than the average person) and had to undergo speech therapy to correct a lisp. Mike Cheong Since 2007, he has enjoyed participating in long distance races and has decided to run for Operation Smile at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012.“I’m running to raise awareness for others who may not be as fortunate as I am, others who did not have a choice and are bornwith a cleft. Operation Smile was founded on the belief that no children should suffer or die because of a facial deformity. And withyour help, they can lead better lives.”Running for Cancer“Cancer has slowed me down, but has not stopped me.”Having completed six months of chemotherapy just weeks before last year’s Standard CharteredMarathon Singapore, Carolyn Soemarjono, 44, was determined to complete it by brisk walking.Not only did she finish all 21.1km, Carolyn raised $6,000 for the Singapore Cancer Society. And she’swilling to do it all over again.“This year I want to RUN the entire 21km. I’m able to do 12km in my training now, and plan on running thewhole distance in December.”“Raising money for the cancer society felt like the right thing to do. I felt so lucky and fortunate that Ihad the means to take time off from work. I had the means to ensure that my medical bills were paid. Ihad a lot of support around me, financially and emotionally. The Singapore Cancer Society helps thosepeople that do not have that level of financial or emotional support. So I really believe it is the numberone charity that I could help to support.” Carolyn Soemarjono Running for SportCares Age, as they say, is just a number. For 101 year old Fauja Singh, it is just another remarkable statistic for the world’s oldest marathoner who proves that one can never be too old to pick up the sport. Born on 1 April 1911, Fauja completed his first full marathon at the 2000 London marathon aged 89 and went on to set the marathon world record for above 90s at the 2003 Toronto Waterfront Marathon with a timing of 5hr 40 mins. He became the first 100 year old to finish a marathon in Toronto last year and to date, has completed nine full marathons including the latest London Marathon in April this year. As a 100 year old, he also set eight world records for his age group in one day for distances ranging from 100m to 5,000m. Fauja will be running the 10km at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012 and he will be doing so to raise awareness for the SportCares Foundation which leverages on the power and positive impact of sport to improve the welfare of Singaporeans who are underprivileged, disadvantaged or disabled. Fauja Singh Fauja’s running coach Harmander Singh remarked, “We aim to do something for the local community wherever we go. Fauja chose to raise awareness and funds for the SportCares Foundation as he believes in this movement which utilises sport to improve the lives of the less fortunate.”
  12. 12. Pg 17Fact SheetHere’s What You Need To KnowRefresh• Drink Stations Ice Mountain drinking water is available at: - The Start and Finish Points. - Approximately every 3km for Full Marathon and 10km (after the first 3km) - Approximately every 3km - 4km for Half Marathon (after the first 4km) 100PLUS isotonic water is available at: - Every alternate drink station and Finish Point.• Shotz Energy Gel Stations are available at: - Approximately the 22.8km and 34.4km for Full Marathon. - Approximately the 11.5km for Half Marathon.• Banana station is available at: - Approximately the 29.4km for Full Marathon.Relief• Tiger Balm ACTIVE Muscle Rub Stations are available at: - Approximately the 15.7km, 18km, 20.4km, 25.5km, 30.3km, 35.4km, 37.1km and 40.2km for Full Marathon. - Approximately the 18.8km for Half Marathon. - Approximately the 7.7km for 10km Race.• Toilets are available at: - The Start and Finish Points, as well as along the various routes.• Medical Aid is available at: - Approximately every 2km and at the Finish Point. RUN FOR A REASON “I want to run because running truly reflects the triumph of sheer will power, determination and perseverance.” Muhammad Sadikin
  13. 13. Pg 19Runner Statistics Full Marathon 17,500 Ekiden 271 Teams Half Marathon 10,000 Kids Dash 10km Race 3,520 20,000Full Marathon Half Marathon 10km Race Ekiden18 - 81 17 - 78 14 - 101 18 - 62 years old years old years old years old53,000 Runners 68% Male 32% Female
  14. 14. Pg 20 Pacers - Your Inspiration This year, the BMW Run Efficient Pacers Programme is designed to provide Full Marathon runners with the means of keeping track of their progress throughout the race. Using the Official Pacers as their guide and coach, runners will be able to relax and enjoy the race, knowing that experienced marathoners are looking out for them and moving them through the course at a steady pace. There will be close to 40 BMW Run Efficient Pacers for the Full Marathon this year. They will be easily recognised by their white singlets and different coloured balloons indicating their pace times (3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:15, 5:30). Photo courtesy of Byron Wee - VOUX Photography Spot the Pacers It’s simple! All pacers will be carrying balloons of the colour representing their pace group so all you have to do is to spot the balloons when you are at the start line and join our pacers to follow their pace. These are the colours with the times that go with them: Pace Time Group Colour 3:45 Yellow 4:00 Orange 4:15 Red 4:30 Pink 4:45 Dark Green 5:00 Light Green 5:15 Navy Blue 5:30 Light Blue Pace time Name Sex Age Profession Reason To Be A Pacer 03:45 Oh Zhi Jie M 25 SAP Consultant I like the structured training and the camaraderie of fellow pacers the programme provides. I see being a pacer as a way of contributing to the running community. 03:45 Eddy Herbert M 31 Sales & I would like to motivate friends and fellow runners to achieve their personal best time and optimal Marketing fitness. 03:45 Lars Fischer M 43 Director Being a pacer is a good way of sharing your passion with other runners and help them to achieve their personal targets. I have been lucky that I could improve my personal bests over time and think that pacers have helped me to achieve that, which I would like others to achieve as well. 04:00 Andrew M 46 Regional To serve the running community and help others achieve their marathon time goals. I firmly believe Cheong Manager that running an even paced or negative split marathon is the best way to achieve an optimal result. 04:00 David Chung M 42 IT Program I successfully completed my duty as a SCMS 2011 pacer, but there are still bits of "unfinished Manager business" and lots of room for improvement - for e.g. learn how to interact more with runners and be more encouraging during the run, run at an even more accurate and even pace, rely less on Garmin and technology, etc. So, I want to try and improve this year. And, of course, the camaraderie of the pacer team and personal rewards is priceless! 04:00 Arnel Villamin M 47 Accountant Being a pacer is another level of experience for a marathoner. This is another factor that would complete me as a runner. To be able to encourage other runners is to me living up to my belief that "Running is not only about Race, but more importantly how we care for fellow runners". 04:00 Shamshul Bin M 45 Cabin Crew To lead and share the emphatic feelings of crossing the finishing line. Eman 04:15 Gary Tan M 42 Remisier I would like to leverage on last year’s pacing experience to enhance and add value to the overall pacing process for this year’s marathon.
  15. 15. Pg 21 With the help of Terence, we have conducted a 16-week training programme Don’t be shy. Come chat with designed specifically to have the pacers the pacers (I promise they are run times on 2 December. The pacers have really very fun and friendly!). worked hard and are looking forward to Know their pace group strategy deliver an enjoyable and memorable pacing and let them help you achieve experience for all of you! Ben Pulham your targeted marathon timing. Terence Teo04:15 Marie Leautey F 35 Operations I have a passion and I am keen to share. I have paced a friend at a marathon last year and we Manager went until he went into cramps and I had to stop and go at his pace till the finish line. It was a great experience. I wish to renew this experience with a broader group and take as many as possible to the finish in their target time.04:15 Chong Chung M 52 Construction At my age I need proper training and would like to encourage more people to run. Running in a Fat Safety Director group is more fun and it’s good for me to try being a pacer.04:30 Pek Zhenqiang M 29 Civil Servant Love to be instrumental in sharing my expertise to motivate fellow runners to enjoy running and run safely. With such a great opportunity as a pacer it definitely gives me the most satisfaction apart from just attaining a personal best timing for myself in SCMS 2012.04:30 Kenichi M 41 Company Joining SCMS 2012 as a pacer is a new challenge that I have set for myself. Shohtoku Officer04:30 Abdul Khaliq M 24 Student I want to inspire all ages that we are born to run. All we need is a pair of shoes and you can just hit Bin Abdul the road or trail to run. Samat04:30 Eric Lim M 38 Customer I have achieved and completed better timings with trainings and feel that I should share this Support experience with fellow runners out there to help them to complete their marathon dreams like I did. Executive04:30 Roy Tay M 38 Engineering To lead and to motivate, at the same time to enjoy the fun of running in a group as well as bringing Assistant this fun to others.04:45 Boon Choon M 50 Baker Last year was a fun and enriching experience. I had a blast at last year’s event and want to Huat contribute once again to the success of the pacer programme.04:45 Robson Koh M 41 Architectural I find that running a marathon is a combination of both mental and physical challenges that Chen Lee Designer one needs to overcome; it is the determination and endurance that will lead you to a great achievement. As long as you believe you can do it, it is not impossible too. Having passion and a chance to be a pacer would allow me to have the opportunities to run and share my experiences with other runners, it would be indeed a very satisfying and fulfilling feeling in helping others and to see them achieving their target timing. I hope to be able to inspire and contribute to the running community. Not only to make running as one of their regular forms of exercise, but running a marathon is possible. I wish to see many runners achieving their goals when crossing the finishing line with joy and emotions, and we can say to them: “You guys have made it!”04:45 Alan Tan Joo M 36 IT Services I hope to give back to the running community in the form of pacing and to share with them my Lye Technician knowledge and experiences. Runners at the race can expect me with more Sometimes it’s a road too lonely To serve the running words of encouragement to go on their own, might as well community and help and cheering along the follow us and have a rocking others achieve their way! Steven Tan good time. Chew Sook Fun Marathon time goals. Andrew Cheong
  16. 16. Pg 22 04:45 Patrick Kok M 59 Retiree Contribute back to running activity. Yew Hoong 04:45 Sebastian Soo M 29 Civil Servant I hope to inspire more people to keep running! I managed to convince a group of friends to join Ley Gio their first marathon last year but many of them stopped running after that. I figured that it is due to the lack of training plans, so I hope to further gain more knowledge to build up training for this marathon and get my friends and others back on track to running! I hope I can motivate my students and other colleagues to keep running for life! 05:00 Gideon Ren M 28 Educator I am passionate about working with people to achieve success in the things we do. I believe that I am able to inspire along the journey of training and race, and get to the end line together with people for that mountaintop experience of satisfaction. I believe I am able to contribute with my mental strength and encourage others to be better as we run the distance. I hope to help others enjoy their journey and believe that running a marathon though long spanning, can be filled with fun and motivation. 05:00 Steven Tan M 36 IT Attempting SCMS 2012 shall mark my 7th marathon. I understand that it will not be my race but everyone’s race, to keep pacing and motivate runners cheerfully along the way, hoping it helps to strengthen them mentally and push their endurance to complete the race. Runners at the race can expect me with more words of encouragement and cheering along the way if they need a boost mentally. Last of all, I wish to achieve a sense of accomplishment as a pacer role again and hopefully to know more friends/pacers with running passion and to train as a pacer group together. 05:00 Gu Si Jie M 26 Civil Servant I have experienced first-hand, the benefits of a good marathon. As a pacer, I hope all runners can count on me to experience the same great satisfaction and joy too. From all my training runs and marathons, I know the importance of a good running buddy. As a pacer, I will not only set a consistent and good pace. I will also strive and put in effort to be a good running buddy to the runners. When they feel like giving up, I hope to be the one to encourage them to push through the pain and reap the rewards. I understand that there will be a high level of commitment needed as a pacer. Since I am already spending time training on my own, why not commit myself as a pacer and deepen the meaning behind my training? 05:00 Khoo Zhihao M 29 Running Coach My objective for being a pacer is to inspire everyone to keep running and maintain a healthy Sky lifestyle. Furthermore, as a pacer, I will be encouraging fellow runners in their quest to achieve their desired personal race target as I always believe encouraging someone will eventually save their life. 05:00 Irene Yap F 45 Administrative To motivate and push other runners to achieve their goals for the race. Assistant 05:15 Quek Ai Ling F 43 Retired Through the years, I developed an instinctive feel of the pace I run and I need to be consistent, to be a pacer for a long run. 05:15 Jack Kong Zi M 26 Teacher Being an educator, I believe in what motivation can do for us. Being a pacer for something I really Long love doing would realise not only my personal aims to become one, but also my needs to be altruistic to others around me who share my passion but just need a little encouragement to move along. 05:15 Andy Ng M 31 Civil Servant Running is in my blood. It’s something that I love to do and will always do whenever there’s a chance. After numerous operations on my head and leg, I am still running. I am a living testimony that “where you put your heart, you will find a way”. So keep running and feel the difference it makes. See you all at SCMS! 05:15 Charles Chng M 39 IT Manager I had a great experience as a pacer previously. In addition, pacing is also a great way to contribute to the running scene in Singapore. 05:15 Lance Sum M 29 Aspiring I started running as a slow runner but through the inspiration from friends and runners around me, Marketer I improved and loved the sport. I am inspired and love to pass the inspiration onwards to other runners. 05:30 Tan Heng M 39 Executive Sharing the joy of running, motivate when the journey feels daunting, and always be there at the Hock, Jason Manager, toughest stretch of a race. Financial Services 05:30 Chew Sook F 24 Engineer I wish to motivate and help runners to complete the race within the pace time Ill be doing. Make Fun new friends along the way. Sometimes its a road too lonely to go on on their own, might as well follow us and have a rocking good time. 05:30 Andrew Lee M 39 Civil Servant Since I’ve been a race participant all this while in races and also completed an ironman race in 2011, I would like to try something different for 2012. I want to be on “the other side” of races and if possible, give my share back to the sporting community. Other than being a race volunteer, the idea of being a pacer was just perfect. Ever since I started marathon races, I have always wanted to be pacer one day. I get to run, and I get to “provide a service” at the same time. Just a perfect culmination point to celebrate the year of 2012. 05:30 Simon Cheng M 60 Civil & I signed up for the Standard Chartered Marathon since 2004, only missed 2005. I clocked Structural Cad around 5 hours for my 4 full marathon events. I would like to be a pacer, have proper training and Operator hopefully contribute my experience to other runners. 05:30 Declan Teo M 24 Finance I have completed a couple of marathons and been inspired by several runners, now I would like to Executive contribute back to the community and be the inspiration for other runners. 05:30 Ngo Tien Leok M 39 IT Professional Its a good way to contribute back to the running community.
  17. 17. Pg 24 Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) After collecting your Race Entry Pack: • Please check for these items: - Exclusive Event Running Singlet - Bib with safety pins - B-Tag ^ Please take note that the bib with the B-Tag timing device affixed must only be worn by the person registered under the bib number given. ^ Please do not remove or fold your B-Tag. - Other sponsored goodies • All runners and representatives should perform a check for missing or faulty items in their race packs at the collection counter and notify the counter staff immediately should there be any faulty items or items missing from their race packs. Once they leave the collection counter, they will not be allowed to request for an exchange of faulty items or a top-up of missing items. • You should check the contents of your race pack before leaving the REPC. If you encounter any issues, kindly approach the staff at the help desk for assistance. • Uncollected race packs after the REPC period will be deemed unwanted. The Organisers shall be at liberty to dispose or re-distribute them accordingly. • Scanning stations are available at the REPC for runners and representatives to scan and check their timing devices. Those who receive timing devices embedded with incorrect personal particulars may proceed to the help desk for assistance. • As the Organiser has provided the size charts for participants’ reference before they chose their T-shirt sizes during registration, any request for a change in T-shirt sizes will not be entertained. • The exchanging of race packs and/or all other sponsors’ items is strictly not allowed. RUN FOR A REASON “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. This is the reason why I run.” Cadence Loh
  18. 18. Pg 25Bib Colour: Race Category• The bib colour shows the race category you belong to.• Runners in the Team category: please DO NOT EXCHANGE your bibs.• Please run in the race category you have registered for.• If you do not run in your registered race category, your time will not be acknowledged. You will be disqualified and will not receive any Finisher’s Medal or Certificate of Participation. Front Back 5hrs and below 5hrs and above Elites
  19. 19. Pg 26 Getting to the Race Extended train services to the Race There will be extended train services available at both SMRT and SBS Transit-operated train stations (except Changi Airport, Expo and Bayfront) for the benefit of both runners and their supporters on the morning of the event on 2 December 2012. Train services will run from 02:45am at 15-minute intervals.   Please note that standard fares apply to this specially commissioned service.   The train services are brought to you by the following community partners: Visit for more information. Important Notice On Race Day, Gardens by the Bay will still be open to public.  However, due to road closures, there are changes to the driving route. We have enclosed below detailed information for you: From East Coast Parkway (ECP) heading towards City: From East Coast Parkway (ECP) heading towards Changi Airport: • Take Exit 17 and keep right onto Prince Edward Road • Turn right onto Anson Road • Take Exit 17 and turn right onto Central Boulevard • Make a right turn onto Maxwell Road and go towards Central Boulevard • Turn right onto Marina Station Road • Turn right onto Marina Station Road • Turn left onto Marina Street • Turn left onto Marina Street • Follow through onto Marina Boulevard • Follow through onto Marina Boulevard • Turn left at Marina Gardens Drive • Turn left at Marina Gardens Drive Private Transport Runners driving to the race are encouraged to park at the following shopping centres: Full Marathon Half Marathon Location Lots Location Lots Far East Plaza 496 HarbourFront Centre 1,023 Far East Shopping Centre 138 VivoCity 2,000 Forum The Shopping Mall 225 Ion Orchard 451 10km Race Location Lots Liat Towers 148 Marina Square 1,008 Pacific Plaza 75 Millenia Walk 1,745 Shaw Centre 640 Raffles City 1,045 Tangs Orchard 409 Suntec City 3,200 Wheelock Place 185 Wisma Atria 348 Note: Runners who drive will have to make their own transport arrangement from the race end point to their various parking locations, utilising public transport services available.
  20. 20. Pg 28 Road Closure Orchard Area Central Business District Area Roads Location Details Duration Road Condition Roads Location Details Duration Road Condition Between Orchard Between Coleman Road closed (Traffic from Eu Tong 01:00am – Paterson Rd Rd and Orchard Left lanes closed Hill Street Street and Sen and River Valley diverted to 07.30am Blvd Stamford Rd Fort Canning Rise) Between Paterson Towards New 01:00am – Orchard Rd Right lanes closed Hill Street Left lanes closed Rd and Buyong Rd Bridge Rd 07.30am Between Orchard Left lanes closed (Right lanes for New Bridge Between Hill St and 01:00am – Buyong Rd Left lanes closed Rd and Penang Rd traffic to CTE or Orchard) Rd North Canal Rd 07.30am • Right lane for traffic fr direction Between North North Boat 01:00am – Between Buyong of Stamford/ Handy > Buyong Bridge Rd and Hill Road closed 01:00am – Quay 07.30am Penang Rd Rd and Penang > CTE/Orchard/Bras Basa Street 07:30am Lane • Left lane for Park Mall exit to Between North Somerset/ Clemenceau South Bridge 01:00am – Canal Rd and Upp Road closed Rd 07.30am Between Penang Pickering St Penang Rd Lane and Fort Left lanes closed Upp 01:00am – Canning Link Left lanes closed Pickering St 07.30am Fort Canning Between Stamford Road closed (Traffic diverted to 01:00am – Right lanes closed (Traffic diverting Link Rd and Penang Rd Stamford Rd/Queen St Pickering St 07.30am at Battery Rd) Between Hill Street 01:00am – Right lanes closed (Traffic diverting Stamford Rd Left lanes closed Church St and Armenia Street 07.30am at Battery Rd) Between Church St 01:00am – Cecil St Road closed and Cross St 08.00am Sentosa Area Roads Location Details Duration Road Condition Cecil St Between Cross St and Maxwell Rd 01:00am – 08.00am Right lanes closed Between Cecil St 01:00am – Towards Telok Blangah closed, Maxwell Rd Left lanes closed and Robinson Rd 08.00am up to before U-turn at Vivo City. Sentosa Sentosa Bridge - 02:00am – Between Maxwell Towards Sentosa converted 01:00am – Gateway HM start 09:30am Robinson Rd Rd and Collyer Left lanes closed 2-ways for access/exit to Cove 08.00am Quay and RWS Cross St/ Between Cecil Internal roads - 01:00am – Boon Tat St/ Street and Road closed (Gateway Ave, 08.00am Sentosa 02:00am – McCallum St Robinson Rd Artillery Ave, Siloso Island 09:30am Left lanes for traffic from Church Rd, Allenbrooke Rd, Cove Rd) Between Church St, diverted to Battery Rd towards St and Fullerton 01:00am – South Canal before 9am. Between Brani Collyer Quay Rd (Towards 09.00am Traffic from Robinson diverted to Terminal PSA Gate Traffic from AYE to Telok Blangah West Coast 04:00am – Esplanade) Finlayson before 9am and released 2 on-ramp and AYE diverted AYE westbound > Exit 3 Highway 10:00am to Battery Rd after 9am Exit 2A (Towards Lower Delta West Coast) Between AYE Westbound Exit 2A and ECP 04:00am – Exit 2A will be released as last AYE Westbound Exit 18 12 noon runner clears, approx 11am (Keppel) (Towards Jurong) RUN FOR A REASON “I am participating as a celebration of my 3-year survival after chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant for my Stage 4 leukemia. I am alive!” Edmund Ban Yong Toh
  21. 21. Pg 29Road ClosureMarina Area Mountbatten And East Coast AreaRoads Location Details Duration Road Condition Roads Location Details Duration Road Condition 01:00am – BetweenFullerton Rd Road closed 03:30pm Mountbatten Rd Nicoll 01:00am –St. Andrew’s 01:00am – and Middle Rd Road closed Finish Point Road closed Highway 10.30amRd 03.30pm (Towards Shenton Way)Connaught 01:00am – Road closed BetweenDr 04:00pm Nicoll Mountbatten Rd 01:00am – Right lanes closed (Traffic accessible Between Supreme Highway and Middle Rd 11:15am at Java Rd, Stadium Link and KPE) 01:00am –Coleman St Court and St Road closed (Towards Geylang) 03:30pm Andrew’s Rd Between StamfordEsplanade 01:00am – Nicoll Rd and Bras 03:00am – Road closed Left lanes closedDrive 02:30pm Highway Basah Rd (Towards 10:30am Between Temasek Mountbatten Rd) 01:00am – Left lanes closed (Traffic fromRaffles Ave Ave and Nicoll Between Beach Rd 02:30pm Bayfront Ave “U-turn” before bridge) Highway and Nicoll Highway 03:00am – Bras Basah Exit closed Between Republic (Towards Raffles 10:00am 01:00am – Blvd)Raffles Ave Blvd and Singapore Road closed 02:30pm Flyer Exit to Nicoll 01:00am – KPE Exit 2A Exit shut Between Singapore Highway Citybound 10:30am 01:00am – Left lanes closed (Singapore FlyerRaffles Ave Flyer and Temasek Between Nicoll 02:30pm Carpark access via Temasek Ave) Left lanes closed (Right lane for Ave Mountbatten Highway and Old 01:00am – traffic from Old Airport towards SimsRepublic Towards Raffles 01:00am – Rd Airport Rd (Towards 10:30am Road closed Way/Guillemard Rd)Blvd Ave 02:30pm Sims Way)Republic Towards Raffles 01:00am – Right lane closed (Access to ECP Between Old Mountbatten 01:00am –Blvd Ave 02:30pm towards airport via Ophir Rd) Airport Rd and Fort Road closed Rd 10:30am Rd (Towards ECP)Republic 01:00am – Left lanes closed (Mountbatten Road closedAvenue 02:30pm Between Meyer Rd bound traffic from ECP diverted into 01:00am – Fort Rd and ECP (Towards Tanjong Rhu. Right lane for ECP Between Beach Rd 10:30am 04:00am – ECP) bound traffic to exit Tanjong RhuOphir Rd and Republic Blvd Road closed 02:30pm towards ECP city.) Entry ECP Exit 13 Towards Airport/ 01:00am – Shut down will only be executed Marina Station Rd bound Between Marina St 01:00am – (Fort Rd) City 10.30am form approx. 4.30amMarina Place carriageway converted to 2 way and Marina Blvd 02:00pm East Coast Between Fort Rd 03:00am – traffic Road closed Service Rd and Big Splash 11:00am Between MarinaMarina Blvd Place and Marina Marina Station Rd bound East Coast Between Exit 7A 01:00am – 01:00am – Road closed(@ Marina Coastal Dr (towards carriageway converted to 2 way Service Rd and Carpark G 01:00pm 02:00pmSouth) Marina South Ferry traffic MCE Between Fort Rd Terminal) 01:00am – Worksites Circle Entrance to Road closed 01:00pm Between Raffles Service Rd Marina Barrage 03:00am –Marina Blvd Quay and Straits Left lanes closed 07:30am ViewRUN FOR A REASON “The overwhelming feeling of seeing so many people of different ages engaging in a common sport upon crossing the start line, and to FINISH!” Tan Theng Liat Alex
  22. 22. Pg 30 Orchard AreaOr ch ard MR T Grand Park Orchard Hotel Road Closure Orcha Emeralrd d Som erse t MR T Winsla House nd 1 Dho by MR Ghaut T The U n Ista of Ch iversity icago na Pa rk Singa p Shopp ore Centr ing e Dho by MR Ghau T t Park M all
  23. 23. Pg 31Road ClosureCentral Business District Area urt d Co mfor Sta Sta Ho mfor use d tel za Ho Pla d an Gr Ho elsio la c u tel r Ex nins Pe Hig h Cen Stree tre t The RT R yM Wa iver ua lk eQ rk Cla e l Th ntra Ce Min Ma istry npo of Sin wer Sou ga th C ana po l Rd re Rive r re ty nt Ci Ce ma ra Fu Sou th C ana l Rd rge Geo ne O OCB C Cen tre ark arp sC hoe en S Cap ital Gold Squ are Repu b Plaza lic Equit Plazay l tia en r ud e Pr Tow er Tow AIA Hon g Buil Leon din g g Ton Buil g Eng din g Lao Pa Octo Sat gon A AX Bu GB Te ildin lo g Pa k Ay rk er Ro bin Pa son rk g Bu SIA ildin Ca To pita we l r ild F ing Bu CP