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WEB4PRO. Key Results 2018


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WEB4PRO company is happy to start pursuing the new inspiring goals with the coming of the 2019 year. Let us share the results of 2018 which we managed to reach. We want to thank our clients, partners, website users, and our team. All we do serves the one purpose: making our clients happy and their brands - sustainable. Learn more at

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WEB4PRO. Key Results 2018

  1. 1. WEB4PRO Key Results 2018
  2. 2. BRAND GROWTH GDPR COMPLIANCE CONTRIBUTION TO MAGENTO COMMUNITY COMPETENCY PROVEMENT Improved WEB4PRO Website UX Posted 96 Useful Articles Promoted Brand and Reached TOP Positions in Google Search Results Updated GDPR Features on the Website Updated Corporate Privacy Policy Shared the Tips from the Experience on How to Reach GDPR Compliance Entered Magento Marketplace Provided 20 Technical Solutions Got Magento Community Insider Status Attended Meet Magento UK 2018 Shared the Experience on How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platform Achieved Reward "TOP 250 B2B Companies in Ukraine" Held the 27th position Among 625 Magento Agencies on Key Results of 2018 for Our Clients
  3. 3. WEB4PRO 01 Brand Growth Website UX Useful Content Brand Awareness
  4. 4. Your Dedicated Software Engineers Traffic Reputation Expertise Communication Our goal was to provide website visitors with quick access to our technical specialists. That's why we created a Dedicated Team page which describes the skills of our software engineers. You Are Our Hero! And they are the heroes for your Superteam!
  5. 5. Transparent Processes Traffic Reputation Expertise Communication Proved Our Expertise with Facts Created the Playbook Collected Fair Clients' Reviews Updated Company Portfolio We aim to keep our processes crystal clear. That's why we:
  6. 6. Blog & 'How to' with Solutions for You Traffic Reputation Expertise Communication Improved Blog Usability Posted 96 Useful Articles Answered 40 Users' Questions Users' Feedbacks for Each Post
  7. 7. TOP Positions on Google Search Results Reputation TOP 5 on Google Search Results OpenCart vs Magento: What to Choose in 2018 (Updated) Magento 2: How to Add a Custom Attribute to The Customer’s Address Best Magento Instagram Free Extension for Your Store Guide on How to Save Related Models in Yii2 SAP Hybris vs Magento 2 for B2B: Let’s Compare the Titans Magento 2 vs WooCommerce: Complete Comparison How to Upgrade Magento 2.1 to 2.2 Community Edition Magento Import Tax Rates.TThefiFull Guide How to Become Magento Partner: Follow the Magento Partner Program Magento 2 Security Best Practices – How To Protect Your Store How to Add Product to Cart in Magento Programmatically? How to Replace Theme() Function in Drupal 8 The Complete Skill List of Professional Magento Developer How to Choose the Best Magento Outsourcing Company Magento vs ATG Oracle Commerce: Your Choice for B2B Magento 2 vs PrestaShop: Which Is Better? How Much Does Magento eCommerce Cost? How to Set Up Amazon CloudFront in Magento 2 Best Solutions for Magento 2 Amazon Integration Features of Social Commerce for eCommerce Business Best Hosting for Magento 2 How to Change Email Logo in Magento 2 How to Call Phtml File in Cms Page in Magento TOP 10 on Google Search Results The priority factor for Google ranking algorithm is quality of content. Our priority is to keep the content useful for you and your website visitors.
  8. 8. GDPR Compliance 02 Website GDPR Features Privacy Policy Updates Data Protection Measures
  9. 9. GDPR Compliance Traffic Reputation Expertise Communication Updated Data Security Policy Added Website Features Added Cookies Policy Concept Shared Our Expertise on GDPR Compliance Measures
  10. 10. Contribution to Magento Community 03 Magento Marketplace 20 Technical Solutions for Magento Meet Magento UK 2018 Magento Community Insider Status
  11. 11. Magento Marketplace Traffic Reputation Expertise Communication Now You Can Find Our 3 Extensions for Magento 1.x Platform on Magento Marketplace: Abandoned Cart Extension Product Attachments Extension Custom Stock Status Extension
  12. 12. Technical Solutions for Magento Issues Complete Guide on Data Migration to Magento 2 TOP Magento 2 Issues: Solved and Resolved More Technical Article on Our BlogTraffic Reputation Communication Created 20 Solutions for Magento 2 Issues by Our Software Engineers: Our goal is to help people who use Magento Platform solve their tasks and help Magento developers around the world create the best possible solutions for their clients. Thanks to you that we grow as professionals.
  13. 13. Meet Magento UK 2018 Traffic Reputation Expertise Communication Our Project Managers, Sergey and Julia, visited one of the largest Magento Conferences - Meet Magento UK in London.
  14. 14. Magento Community Insider Status Traffic Reputation Expertise Communication Official Relationships with Magento Company
  15. 15. Competency Provement 04 Complete Guide on How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platform for Business Interview with Our CEO on Trends in eCommerce Fair Clients Reviews on Award "TOP 250 B2B Companies in Ukraine"
  16. 16. Guide on eCommerce Platforms Traffic Reputation Expertise Communication How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platforms The goal of this guide for blog is to help business owners choose the best eCommerce platform for their business that suits their particular needs.
  17. 17. Interview with Our CEO Traffic Reputation Expertise Communication Magento Development and eCommerce Trends from Marat Mingazov Our CEO, Marat Mingazov, granted the interview for Cloudways on eCommerce trends and Magento development in Ukraine. As a company, we stand for the transparency, and we are glad to share the experience worldwide.
  18. 18. Reviews from Our Clients for Traffic Reputation Expertise Communication 9 positive reviews from our clients 4.8 is an average score of our company 5 of 9 reviews with 5 * score 4 of 9 reviews  with 4.5 * score 27th position among 625 Magento development agencies
  19. 19. TOP 250 B2B Companies of Ukraine Traffic Reputation Expertise Communication Award by
  20. 20. Thank You. Our goal remains the same - helping you to develop your businesses and create exciting projects. Let's Co-Create!