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Personalization at Scale: What it Really Takes By Jason Heller


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From the #MarTech Europe Conference in London, November 1-2, 2016. SESSION: Personalisation At Scale: What It Really Takes. PRESENTATION: Personalization at Scale: What it Really Takes - Given by Jason Heller, @JasonHeller - McKinsey & Company, Global Lead, Digital Marketing Operations & Technology

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Personalization at Scale: What it Really Takes By Jason Heller

  1. 1. Personaliza+on at Scale: What it Really Takes Jason Heller Global lead, Digital Marke1ng Opera1ons
  2. 2. 2 McKinsey & Company $100MM+ 10x Testing throughput Hit rate Avg. impact per test Segmentation and model quality Incremental value=+ Personaliza1on at scale can deliver real value
  3. 3. 3 McKinsey & Company Fundamentally, personaliza1on at scale is data ac+va+on 101001001000101000101011001110010 101010010001010001010110101110010 101001001000100001010110101110010 101001001000010001010110101110010 Transac1on data Media data Social data Third-party data Engagement data Call center data Enhance targe1ng and op1miza1on of paid media Enable personaliza1on of owned channels
  4. 4. 4 McKinsey & Company Crea1ve itera1on Managing the content, offers, and experience the customer or prospects receives Analy1cs model scores propensity for segments to convert or up-sell Guided by a simple and effec+ve organizing framework Decisioning Design Customer scoring Advanced analy1cs Offer management Distribu+on Marke1ng technology used to target addressable audience across channels Delivering personalized experiences across channels Crea1ng a feedback loop to feed the data beast Tes1ng & experimental design Data from disparate systems is aggregated in a customer data plaPorm Data 360°customer view Adressability management
  5. 5. Ad Sales Data analy+cs Technology Internal ecosystem External ecosystem ▪  Website analy1cs ▪  Mobile site analy1cs ▪  SEO analy1cs ▪  UX analy1cs ▪  Combines 1st and 3rd party data ▪  Enrich targe1ng ▪  Look-a-like models ▪  Media analy1cs ▪  AWribu1on ▪  Social analy1cs E-commerce Design ▪  Consumer insights ▪  CSAT ▪  Ra1ngs & reviews ▪  Social listening Sales 3rd party data Paid & managed channels VOC Digital plaNorms ▪  Marke1ng ac1va1on ▪  Budge1ng ▪  Strategy ▪  Resourcing The customer ▪  CRM analy1cs ▪  Revenue / LTV ▪  Propensity models ▪  Churn models New baWleground: the customer data plaNorm
  6. 6. 6 McKinsey & Company Cri1cal to architect the data (and decisioning) integra1on across the marke+ng technology stack A/B / MVT plaPorm Decisioning engine Data management plaPorm (DMP) Customer data plaPorm (CDP) Campaign management / Content personaliza1on Ad server Affiliate plaPorm Web / mobile analy1cs Distribu+on: paid channels Content management system, website and mobile services Email / marke1ng automa1on Advanced analy1cs Distribu+on: owned channels SEM bid management tool Demand-side plaPorm (DSP) AWribu1on plaPorm Core data and decisioning Tag manager
  7. 7. 7 McKinsey & Company Agile marke1ng prac1ces are a vital component to iden+fy, prove, and capture value from personaliza1on Sprint cycles Daily Priori+zed backlog SCALING! Discobvery analy+cs Input from stakeholders
  8. 8. 8 McKinsey & Company Five core beliefs to mobilize the organiza1on for data ac1va1on at scale 1 2 3 4 5 Mobilize cross-func1onal leaders around the opportunity Define value at stake, secure cross func1onal engagement Mo1vate a sense of urgency Get crea1ve about naviga1ng the legacy Be relentless about solu1ons Shie legacy IT projects into marke1ng Opex Walk before you run For1fy the founda1on, prove ROI Then develop complex capabili1es at scale Priori1ze “lighthouse” projects to kick-start execu1on Define primary use cases and rally around them Pursue the biggest opportuni1es first Let data ac1va1on drive your new marke1ng opera1ons model New roles and processes around strategy and orchestra1on, campaign management, content and crea1ve, data and analy1cs
  9. 9. 9 McKinsey & Company In theory, prac+ce and theory are the same. In prac+ce, they are not.
  10. 10. Jason Heller Global Lead, Digital Marke2ng Opera2ons @jasonheller
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