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Personalization at Scale: It's Possible Today By Jason Heller


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From the #MarTech San Francisco Conference in San Francisco, California May 9-11, 2017. SESSION: Personalization at Scale: It's Possible Today. PRESENTATION: Personalization at Scale: It's Possible Today - Given by Jason Heller - McKinsey & Company, Global Lead of Digital Marketing Operations

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Personalization at Scale: It's Possible Today By Jason Heller

  1. 1. Personalization at Scale: It’s Possible Today @JasonHeller Jason Heller Partner | Global lead, Digital Marketing Operations
  2. 2. 2McKinsey & Company Using customer & prospect triggers to optimize the timing, content, offer and design of every experience… … tailored in real-time to each customer, depending on their attributes, context, and behaviors … connected seamlessly through the flow of each customer’s omnichannel journey … executed through new operating models that transform one’s ways of working Let’s define personalization at scale
  3. 3. 3McKinsey & Company $100MM+ 10x Testing throughput Hit rate Avg. impact per test Segmentation and decisioning quality Incremental value=+ Personalization at scale delivers real value Source: McKinsey Personalization Practice: Disguised telco case study
  4. 4. 4McKinsey & Company Fundamentally, personalization at scale is data activation 101001001000101000101011001110010 101010010001010001010110101110010101001001000100001010110101110010 101001001000010001010110101110010 Transaction data Media data Social data Third-party data Engagement data Call center data Enhance targeting and optimization of paid media Enable personalization of owned channels Clickstream data Customer data
  5. 5. 5McKinsey & Company DecisioningDistribution Capability Building program Data foundation Design Deliver marketing and experiences across channels and feed response to CDP Create Customer Data Platform to provide a 360 degree customer view Agile Marketing War room to manage a backlog, test execution, drive throughput Advanced analytics, and machine learning to create customer scoring and real time triggers Data Activation Framework Source: McKinsey Personalization Practice Guided by a simple and effective organizing framework
  6. 6. Ad Sales Data analytics Technology Internal ecosystem External ecosystem ▪ Website analytics ▪ Mobile site analytics ▪ SEO analytics ▪ UX analytics ▪ Combines 1st and 3rd party data ▪ Enrich targeting ▪ Look-a-like models▪ Media analytics ▪ Attribution ▪ Social analytics E-commerce Design ▪ Consumer insights ▪ CSAT ▪ Ratings & reviews ▪ Social listening Sales 3rd party data Paid & managed channels VOC Digital platforms Marketing activation data Customer data The customer ▪ CRM ▪ Revenue / LTV ▪ Propensity models ▪ Churn models Creating a new battleground: the customer data platform
  7. 7. 7McKinsey & Company Decisioning must be integrated into the martech stack A/B, MVT testing platform Data management platform (DMP) Campaign management / Content personalization Ad server Affiliate platform Web / mobile analytics Distribution: paid channels Email / marketing automation Distribution: owned channels SEM bid management tool Demand-side platform (DSP) Attribution platform Core data and decisioning Tag manager Potentially bespoke Content management system, website and mobile services Decisioning engine Customer data platform (CDP) Advanced Analytics or Machine Learning models
  8. 8. 8McKinsey & Company Executed through agile marketing practices to identify, prove, and capture value Sprint cycles Daily Prioritized backlog SCALING! Discovery analytics Input from stakeholders
  9. 9. THANK YOU! @JasonHeller Jason Heller Partner