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Is Your Customer's Personal Data an Asset or a Liability? By Jake DiMare


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From the #MarTech San Francisco Conference in San Francisco, California May 9-11, 2017. SESSION: The Meaning and Impact of Emerging Data Protection Regulations. PRESENTATION: Is Your Customer's Personal Data an Asset or a Liability? - Given by Jake DiMare, @jakedimare - Digital Clarity Group, Director of Marketing

Published in: Marketing
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Is Your Customer's Personal Data an Asset or a Liability? By Jake DiMare

  1. 1. Is Your Customer’s Personal Data an Asset or a Liability? @JakeDiMare
  2. 2. Jake DiMare Head of Marketing at Digital Clarity Group Los Angeles Office @jakedimare
  3. 3. § Personalized, contextual & real-time have become table-stakes. § The number of digital touch points is expanding. § More and more consumers are turning to digital channels to complete transactions. § Customer journeys are growing more complex. More is expected of marketing than ever before. @JakeDiMare Physical Web Mobile Wearables Social Connected Home Wearables
  4. 4. Let’s talk about the problems that can result from misusing personal data and why it matters to marketers. @JakeDiMare
  5. 5. @JakeDiMare9 believe the US gov. should do more to regulate advertisers use of personal data. 64%
  6. 6. @JakeDiMare
  7. 7. @JakeDiMare
  8. 8. @JakeDiMare
  9. 9. The Internet Strikes Back @JakeDiMare
  10. 10. @JakeDiMare unlikely to do business with a company that experienced a data breach. 87%
  11. 11. @JakeDiMare Average total cost of a breach, increased 29% since 2013. $4M
  12. 12. •Multiple complaints against Facebook w/ Irish Data Protection Authority in 2011 •Safe Harbor / European Court of Justice Case of 2013 – Succeeded •Austrian Class Action 2014 against Facebook - Within 6 days participation hit 25,000 – Pending decision of Austrian Supreme Court Meet Max Schrems @JakeDiMare
  13. 13. What is the GDPR? • The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, governs privacy and protection of personal data in the EU. • Contains substantial new and expanded requirements for the collection, processing, and use of personal data. • GDPR became law in every EU member state on 25 May 2016. Enforcement of the law begins on 25 May 2018. @JakeDiMare
  14. 14. A few suggestions… • Meet with your organization’s general counsel to determine if they are aware and preparing for compliance. • Schedule a workshop with an outside expert to learn more about privacy and data protection in your organization. • Accelerate digital transformation initiatives to close up existing gaps in your organization’s data protection strategy. • Create or revisit privacy policies with an eye towards compliance. • Work towards data minimization… @JakeDiMare
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