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A Herculean Story From Intuit's Global Marketing Automation Rollout By Jaemi Bremner and Pat Spenner


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From the #MarTech Conference in San Francisco, California, March 21-22, 2016. SESSION: A Herculean Story From Intuit's Global Automation Rollout: Scaling The Soft Stuff To Unlock Technology Upside. PRESENTATION: A Herculean Story From Intuit's Global Marketing Automation Rollout - Given by Patrick Spenner, @CEB_Marketing - CEB, Strategic Initiatives Leader, and Jaemi Bremner, Marketing Technology and Capability Leader, Intuit

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A Herculean Story From Intuit's Global Marketing Automation Rollout By Jaemi Bremner and Pat Spenner

  1. 1. A Herculean Story from Intuit’s Global Marketing Automation Rollout Scaling the Soft Stuff to Unlock Technology Upside Jaemi Bremner, Intuit LinkedIn: jaemibremner Pat Spenner, CEB   LinkedIn: patspenner
  2. 2. Lament of the Marketing Leader “YESSSS!!!!!”   “…aaaand,     here’s  where  we’re  stuck.”   “A  li;le  help?”  
  3. 3. From Orchestras to Jazz Bands By  Ri&er  Alexa  (saját  készítésű)  [Public  domain],  via  Wikimedia  Commons   By  imaFk  (h&p://     [CC  BY  2.0  (h&p://],  via  Wikimedia  Commons  
  4. 4. The Danger of Bolt-Ons By  Ri&er  Alexa  (saját  készítésű)  [Public  domain],  via  Wikimedia  Commons  
  5. 5. Consumers   Small  Businesses   AccounBng  Professionals   Intuit Mission and Our Customers To improve our customers’ financial lives so profoundly… they can’t imagine going back to the old way
  6. 6. Orchestrating the Shift to Jazz s Customer Experiences ss MarkeFng  Technologist   Source: Intuit Customer Experience Deliver Awesome CX Win Together Product Marketing Sales Omnichannel CX Delivery Global Lead Management Customer Experience Platform Global Capability Enablement IT Care Consumers Small Businesses Accounting Professionals
  7. 7. The Challenge: Building Capabilities Concurrently with Martech 2016 February Blueprint Completed March Eloqua Selected July Eloqua Deployed US & UK On boarded December Verticurl Selected France Enabled January US Enabled UK Enabled Fall Redundant ESPs Retirement in EMEA and APAC Source: Intuit June AU, CA and BR on boarded 2015
  8. 8. The Answer: Simple? Source: Intuit
  9. 9. The Journey CX Vision Deliver Awesome CX at every Intuit touch point Capability Strategy Enable employees to deliver awesome CX across every Intuit touch point Martech Architecture Build a durable, scalable & secure CX platform to fuel Intuit vision & strategy Source: Intuit
  10. 10. Martech’s “True North” is Customer Experience Vision Enablement Intuit customers experience seamless and continuous “right for me” messages from any Intuit touch point delighting them to be customers for life. Customer Experience Platform (CXP) will enable our employees to deliver awesome experiences via personalized content, data and audiences throughout the customer lifecycle. Product Marketing SalesCare Manage Content Manage Audiences Manage Data Acquire   Acquire NurtureRetain Customer Experience Source: Intuit
  11. 11. Orchestrating the Change through a Marketing Capabilities Blueprint Customer Segmentation Data Aggregation & Correlation Lead Capturing Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring Omnichannel Campaign Delivery Campaign Testing (A/B) Customer Data Analytics Research Insights Segmentation CX Definition (Personas / Journeys) Touchpoint and Content Strategy Trends & Insight Predictive Analysis Content Publication Management Content and Asset Production Agency Management Targeting/Re-Targeting Budgeting and Forecasting Planning Financial Tracking Campaign Calendar Reporting & Visualization Tag Management Audience Management CareSales Ad Management Media Optimization SEM Traffic Acquisition SEO Campaign Planning Billing & Revenue Management Governance Marketing   Adjacencies   Commerce & Pricing Lead ManagementCampaign Management Customer Experience Content and Asset Management Marketing Resource Management Analytics and InsightsMedia Management Product Phase I Marketing Automation •  ConFnues  to  add  to  our   current  global  investment   in  SFDC   •  Gives  MarkeFng,  Sales   and  Care  to  work  in   concert  to  deliver  CX.   Source: Intuit
  12. 12. What Does “Capability Driven” Really Mean? Marketing Automation Spend* •  45% Enablement •  33% Deployment •  22% Licenses People Process Are you this… …or this? DataTech DataTech ProcessPeople * Source: Intuit
  13. 13. Capability Building Blocks: Enablement, Adaptation & Transformation Exec Council MarTech Team Level 3: Major Business & Technical Resourcing Source:  Intuit;  CEB  analysis  
  14. 14. Playbooks from Day 1 Deployment and Program Onboarding FAQBusiness Requirements Source: Intuit
  15. 15. Customer Experience Requirement Gathering Product Management Discipline: Product Discovery, Personas, Minimum “Awesome, User Stories Estimation and Scoping Product Management Discipline: Product Roadmap, Feasibility Assessment Source: Intuit Product Management as an Enabler to work as an “One Team” Customer Experience Requirement Gathering Product Management Discipline: Product Discovery, Personas, Minimum “Awesome, User Stories Iterative Development and Testing Product Management Discipline: Agile Development, Product Validation, Prototype Testing, Rapid Response
  16. 16. Inform Marketing Leaders Early on Talent Enhancements Needed Source: Intuit CX DesignerMarketing Manager Audience ManagerMarketing Data Analyst Omnichannel Content Manager Web Developer Case-In-Point: Role Enhancement Business Architecture Initiatives §  Role Enhancement and Increased Capabilities Customer Experience Analyst Sales Analyst §  Processes and Workflows
  17. 17. It’s About the Customer...Advocate for Internal CX Capabilties US: Trials UK: Training for Certifications UK: Nurture Cold Leads from Sales Source: Intuit
  18. 18. Power of Influence Architecture Source: Intuit US UK
  19. 19. •  Customer Experience Vision, Capability Strategy, then Martech Architecture. •  Design Influence Architecture to complement your Martech Architecture. •  Cultivate CX Designers, they are the new black of marketing talent. •  Build global playbooks on day 1 to fuel knowledge pollination. •  Spend 50% of your budget on capability building to ensure your technology investment has a ROI. Takeaways
  20. 20. Herculean Effort is done by awesome people - the “One Team” Executive Council Americas EMEA Global Operations IT APAC Past Year Accomplishments •  Global, secure and extensible platform to build omnichannel customer experiences •  Global enablement – All countries except IN by June 2016 •  21 campaigns in flight Source: Intuit
  21. 21. q  Are you implementing tech or building capabilities? q  Are you resourcing to build capabilities rather than just deploy tech? q  On enablement (post-deployment), are you a 50%er? q  Are your capabilities CX-focused or channel-focused? q  Do you consider cultivation of future marketing skillsets and ways of working your responsibility as a marketing technologist? Self Reflection