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2017 Stackie & Hackie Awards competition at The MarTech Conference

Presented by Scott Brinker (@ChiefMartec)

Here at the MarTech conference in San Francisco, we just celebrated the 2017 Stackies & Hackies Awards. Marketers contributed an incredible 57 marketing stack illustrations and 21 “marketing hack” essays to the community.

This is our third year of running the Stackies — you can check out the marketing stacks from the 2015 and 2016 competitions. But, wow, this year’s entries are even better. (As a reminder: to enter the Stackies, marketers send in a single slide that illustrates the way they conceptualize their marketing stack — technically, strategically, and/or operationally.)

We also expanded the awards this year with the Hackies, inviting marketers to send in an essay describing a brilliant “marketing hack” that they’ve used at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management.

MarTech Stackies & Hackies Donates to Girls Who Code

To encourage entries, we agreed to donate $100 to Girls Who Code for every Stackie or Hackie published. So this evening we were pleased to present them with a check for $7,800 (57 + 21 * $100 = $7,800).

The top three winners of the Hackies were determined by the number of social media shares those essays received — plus we also gave out an Editor’s Choice award to the one our editorial teams liked best.

For the Stackies, we had an incredible panel of judges — Barry Levine of MarTech Today, Elisabeth Osmeloski of MarketingLand, David Raab of Raab Associates, Marc Sirkin of the MarTech Conference, and Anand Thaker of IntelliPhi — as well as yours truly, as the Stackies & Hackies Awards Chair. We selected the winners by evaluating them on five criteria:

Alignment — how well-aligned is your stack with your business
Concept — how insightful is the conceptual organization of your stack
Clarity — how easy is it for a reader to understand your stack
Design — the aesthetics of your slide and its visual appeal
Detail — more detail is generally better, within reason for a single slide
Of course, all that really matters about a marketing stack is whether its effective for your business. So while we are happy to give a shout out to some of the stacks we liked best, all of the entries are extremely valuable — they give all of us a rich corpus of real-world marketing stacks, viewed through a variety of insightful lenses. This helps all of us better understand the reality of modern marketing technology operations and learn from each other.

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2017 Stackie & Hackie Awards competition at The MarTech Conference

  1. 1. =$7,800 total donation:
  2. 2. Eric Ramos BusinessOnline Matthew Parisi Tealium Liam O’Connor Lenati Congratulations to our Winners!
  3. 3. Congratulations to our Winners! Informatica Microsoft Red Wing Shoes Allocadia Aprimo Cisco
  4. 4. ENGINE (Data Core) MISSION CONTROL (Team) BOOSTERS (Marketing Channels) WINGS (Inbound Operations) GAUGES & METERS (Data & Intelligence) RADIO (Communications)
  5. 5. @chiefmartec Thank you to our judges Barry Levine, MarTech Today Elisabeth Osmeloski, MarketingLand David Raab, Raab Associates Marc Sirkin, MarTech Conference Anand Thaker, IntelliPhi Scott Brinker, Stackies & Hackies Awards Chair