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Oa framework tutorial_deployment_in_apps_environment

  1. 1. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications Consultant By : Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications ConsultantDeployment of OA Framework Tutorials in APPS EnvironmentThe steps in brief are : • Development of the JSP form in local machine • Transferring the related source code/files to the Oracle APPS environment. • Importing the new directory structure/path of the page/form in the MDS repository • Registration of the form in the Oracle Apps environmentDevelopment in Localhost:I’ve developed the Person Detail pages in Myprojects of JDev/jdevbin folder.
  2. 2. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications ConsultantI’ve kept my xml pages in webui and EOP, VO and AM in server folder of thepersondetail folder.On project compilation the class files along with xml files are generated in Myclasses ofJDev/jdevbin folder.The Folder Structure for xml pages and respective Controllers are as belowC:JDeveloper_Setupjdevbinjdevmyclassesoracleappsakpersondetailwebui
  3. 3. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications ConsultantSimilarly, the server folder structure is as belowC:JDeveloper_SetupjdevbinjdevmyclassesoracleappsakpersondetailserverThis was the development of files in our localhost m/c.The next step will be to move the files into the JAVA_TOP.Transferring To Java_Top:Through FileZilla we can easily move our files into Java_top folder.So I first transferred the Persondetail folder in ASCII Transfer Type mode inthe path : /kolvis01/prj03/prj03comn/java/oracle/apps/ak/prj03 being my Apps server path.
  4. 4. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications ConsultantJust drag and dropped the persondetail folder from local m/c to Apps Java top path.
  5. 5. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications ConsultantNext we need to transfer CLASS files in BINARY mode.Though we have the files already transferred but we need to do it in binary mode.Path : /kolvis01/prj03/prj03comn/java/oracle/apps/ak/persondetail/server/
  6. 6. Anjani PandeyOracle Applications Consultant
  7. 7. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications ConsultantPath : /kolvis01/prj03/prj03comn/java/oracle/apps/ak/persondetail/webui/
  8. 8. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications ConsultantSo now we are done with transfers.Next we need to change the mode of the class files to 777.Login to Telnet and change the mode through CHMOD 777 command.IMPORTANT :- 777 is not necessary. But this being a development instance, its fine.Ideally you must ensure that read permissions exists for jserv application server. This canalso be achieved by say 755 permission
  9. 9. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications ConsultantImporting the XML files:Run the import scripts for the PG and LOVRn files.The import command isimportD:OAFjdevhomejdevmyprojectswhooracleappsxxwrpprtwhoregwebuiDummyTesterPG.xml-username <DB user name> -password <DB password> -rootdirD:OAFjdevhomejdevmyprojects -dbconnection "(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=<host IP>)(PORT=<portno.>))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=<SIDNAME>)))"The command is to be run from Jdeveloper/Jdevbin/Jdev/Bin.The import for PersonMain1PG and PersonCreatePG is as follows:
  10. 10. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications Consultant importC:JDeveloper_SetupjdevbinjdevmyprojectsoracleappsakpersondetailwebuiPersonMainlPG.xml -username apps -password cognizant -rootdirC:JDeveloper_Setupjdevbinjdevmyprojects -dbconnection"(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST="importC:JDeveloper_SetupjdevbinjdevmyprojectsoracleappsakpersondetailwebuiPersonCreatePG.xml -username apps -password cognizant -rootdirC:JDeveloper_Setupjdevbinjdevmyprojects -dbconnection"(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST="Import Completed message appears.
  11. 11. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications ConsultantRegistering the Main Page as a functionEnter the Function Name, User Function Name and Description.Enter Properties (Tab) Type as SSWA jsp function
  12. 12. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications ConsultantIn Web HTML(tab)Enter the Main xml page pathOA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/ak/persondetail/webui/PersonMainlPG(Don’t append .xml with the path, it results in error)Attach the function with a menu and then run from the respective responsibility.
  13. 13. Anjani Pandey Oracle Applications ConsultantYou may need to bounce the Appache server.When I run the page from menu – function in Apps:When I click Go button:
  14. 14. Anjani PandeyOracle Applications Consultant