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Implications of Cyber Communication


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Implications of Cyber Communication

  1. 1.  What are implications of cyber communication on writing skill of teenagers?  Educators are concerned that the youth diary writing or free writing habits are being taken over by face book and text messaging.  Eventually, this medium is altering their typographical skills.
  2. 2.  Resource person: -  Sir Muhammad Shaban Rafi  Presented by:  Maqsood Ahmad  ID #: - 090418002 MSc (Applied Linguistics)  University of Management and Technology,  Johar Town, Lahore.
  3. 3. Introduction: -  According to The Free Dictionary Online  Cyber is a prefix  Used to describe a person, thing, or idea as part of the computer and information age  That means computer or computer network  For example: - cyber crime cyber communication cyberpunk cyber age cyber culture cyberspace  It is an electronic medium in which online communication takes place
  4. 4. Discussion: -  Pew Institute and American Life Project reported  60 percent of teenagers did not consider text messaging and electronic communication to be real writing  Two thirds of the students used emoticons and Internet abbreviations such as “LOL” in academic papers.
  5. 5.  David Crystal  Author of Language and the Internet  Rejects the notion that Internet harms students’ writing  Internet increases the expressive richness of language  Providing language new set of communicative dimensions that haven’t existed in past  Actively changing nature of Internet makes it difficult to study its effects  He believes its influence on language is small.
  6. 6.  Dean Asserts  Language is meant to change, to evolve  Modern English is not same as Shakespearean English and should not be like that  Purpose of language is to communicate  Language and writing should adapt the method that makes communication most effective
  7. 7.  Regardless of whether poor writing habits come from text messaging, Internet use or another factor  Educators need to emphasize students basics of good writing  Grammar and spelling lessons may not be effective side of teaching  But they are imperative if students are to improve their writing skills  Strong writing comes from repeatedly learning the rules, practicing and mastering those rules  Outside factors cannot damage students’ writing as much if students understand what is and is not acceptable in academic writing
  8. 8.  Some implications of cyber communication on teenagers’ writing skills: -  If u wnt 2 se how fast ur mdr cn run? Jst tel hr: Ami dudh ubl gaya.  This sentence is Grammatically, semantically and syntactically alright  No proper spellings are there  Sender is using Urdu version and mixing Urdu code into English language  Infusion of Urdu language into English  Did these spelling mistakes intentionally and used abbreviations instead of spellings for his/her convenience.
  9. 9.  These spelling mistakes or abbreviations are called shortening  Now a day it is a cool way of communication.  Used English spellings for Urdu words because teenagers are very much use to and feel it very easy to write English spellings on internet or cell phone instead of Urdu.  Secondly he/she is successful in conveying his/her message.  These new words being abbreviations for existing long words don't enrich anything but they are just shortening the original words.
  10. 10.  Whts hpnd wid u….?  This sentence is also syntactically and grammatically alright  Again writer used the abbreviations instead of proper spellings  Saved his/her time and energy  Successful in conveying his/her message  These abbreviations are shortening of the original words  And creating new words for English language
  11. 11.  Nobody cn give u advice than urself. So if u wnt 2 take any opinion. u take suggestion from ur heart becuz ur heart is ur mirror which shoz ri8 path 4 ur leading way.  Victory lidz u 4 success.  Maan 4 u: salam my dear frndz don’t ad xchange nd join, “zabi-15” becuz he is a lier prson. 4m the owner of maan 4. plz show it 2 my frndz.  Writer again used abbreviations and shortenings instead of whole spellings.  These shortenings has made the writer more creative and he/she has become much more successful in his/her communications
  12. 12.  According to Erin Jansen, David Crystal and Eleanor Johnson  Teachers need to make sure students understand the uses and rules of language
  13. 13.  Eventually, this medium is altering the teenager’s typographical skills.  Yes, this medium is altering the typographical skills of teenagers  Question is,  “Is this medium changing the language?”  The answer is “NO”.  Why? Because it is only changing the spellings of words not the language.  In this era English language has changed into lingua franca and has got the status of world Englishes.
  14. 14.  Now there are European English, American English, Australian English, Indian English, Singaporean English, African English and so on  They all have typographical styles and these changes are acceptable all over the world.  So we may say that this typographical change will enrich English and everybody will get a room to communicate in English very easily.
  15. 15.  For Example: - In Navajo  It is important to express both the nature and direction of movement.  English – One dresses.  Navajo – One moves into clothing.  English – One is young.  Navajo – One moves about newly.
  16. 16.  Conclusion: -  After this discussion it is concluded that English language has got so many typographical changes till its birth.  These changes enriched it very much and gave it the status of lingua franca and world Englishes.  If there were no changes then perhaps English language never got so much appreciation and status of lingua franca.  Can Shakespeare understands this English language?  Answer will definitely be “No”.  Reason is, English has got so many changes and people of every age and area developed their own words according to their needs.  These words facilitated them as they wanted  When a word is introduced in a speech community it becomes the part of that language and every body of that speech community can use and understand it frequently.  So we can say that every new introduced word enrich a language especially English.
  17. 17. Thank you  very much  have a good day  bye bye Now questions please