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The Union Diner, Laconia NH - across from Lake Winnipesaukee. Take a peek at our menu!

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Union Diner Menu

  1. 1. Breakfast Served until 3 p.m.Three Egg Omelettes Breakfast SandwichesOur omelettes are made with three large Grade A eggs from a Served with your choice of homefries or beanslocal farmer. Served with toast and your choice of homefries Breakfast Wrap $5.99or beans (egg beaters add $.49 per egg) Two eggs scrambled with ham, onions &Cheese $5.59 cheese in a warm wrap Southwest Wrap $6.79 American, Cheddar, Provolone, or Swiss Two eggs scrambled with sausage, onions &Bacon, Ham, Sausage or Hash and Cheese $6.49 cheese in a wrap and topped with warm salsaWestern and Cheese $6.79 $3.59 Fried egg and cheese Onions, peppers, & ham Add bacon, sausage, or ham $4.59Meatlover’s and Cheese $6.99 $4.59 Western (ham, onions and peppers) Bacon, ham, and sausage $4.79 $6.19 Add cheeseVeggie and Cheese Onions, peppers, mushrooms & tomatoBroccoli and Cheese $6.29 Diner Benedicts $7.99Spinach and Feta Cheese $6.49 All served on a large Thomas’s English muffin $7.19 topped with hollandaise sauce, served withSteak and Cheese homefries or beans Shaved steak, onions, peppers & mushrooms $6.79 Eggs BenedictBroccoli, Ham, and Swiss Two poached eggs with hamLoaded with Cheese $7.99 Eggs Blackstone All veggies with ham, bacon, sausage, and hash Two poached eggs with bacon & tomato Meatlover’s BenedictDiner Classics Two poached eggs with ham, sausage andServed with toast and choice of homefries or beans $3.59 baconOne egg, any style $5.19 Veggie Benedict add Bacon, Sausage, Ham, or Hash $4.19 Two poached eggs with sauteed onions,Two eggs, any style peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, and add Bacon, Sausage, Ham, or Hash $5.59 tomatoEggs Lorraine $5.79 Florentine Benedict Two eggs scrambled with bacon & onions Two poached eggs with sauteed spinach and topped with cheese tomato $10.99Steak Tips and Eggs Hash Benedict Our marinated steak tips served with two Two poached eggs with corned beef hash eggs, any style $7.29Country Breakfast Top your omelette with hollandaise sauce, homemade Two eggs with a sausage patty served on a sausage gravy or salsa add $ 1.29 biscuit and topped with homemade sausage Upgrade to an English, Bagel, or homemade muffin (ask gravy (toast not included) your server for today’s selections) add $.99 Single Classic Double Classic One egg any style - DOUBLE RAIL - Two eggs any style Bacon, Sausage, Ham, or Hash With Homefries or Baked Beans Bacon, Sausage, Ham, or Hash Toast and Homefries or Beans 2 eggs, 2 pancakes or french toast, Toast and Homefries or Beans with Juice and Coffee 2 bacon strips, & 2 sausage links with Juice and Coffee $5.99 $6.99 $6.49
  2. 2. Breakfast Served until 3 p.m.Pancakes, French Toast & Waffles Create your own Waffle or Pancake Add .99 per topping to a maximum of $1.992 Pancakes or French Toast $3.593 Pancakes or French Toast $4.59 Blueberry Walnut Peanut Butter ChipsBelgian Waffle $4.79 Strawberry Almond Graham Cracker Cranberry Pecan Cinnamon Chips Banana Coconut White ChocolateSpecialty French Toast & Pancakes Raisin Chocolate Chips Marshmallow2 Sourdough French Toast $3.993 Sourdough French Toast $4.79 Sides and Extras2 Homemade Orange/Cranberry French $3.99 Bacon, Sausage, Ham or Corned Beef Hash $2.59 Toast Additional Farm Fresh Egg $1.293 Homemade Orange/Cranberry French $4.79 1 Pancake or French Toast $1.99 Toast 1 Specialty French Toast $2.792 Sweet and Crunchy French Toast $4.99 Homefries or Beans $1.792 Toasted Coconut French Toast $4.99 Bagel (Plain, Raisin, or Onion) $1.79 with Cream Cheese $2.29 White, Wheat, Pumpernickel, Raisin, Rye, $1.49 or Sourdough Toast Stuffed French Toast $6.99 Homemade Muffin (ask your server for today’s $1.79 Two hand-battered pieces of french toast selection) stuffed with our homemade cream cheese Thomas’ Large English Muffin or Grilled $1.79 filling and topped with your choice of Biscuit strawberries, blueberries, apple and Cold Cereal $1.99 caramel, or chocolate and raspberry Oatmeal Cup $1.99 Bowl $2.49 Real NH Maple Syrup $1.49 Homemade Sausage Gravy $1.99 Hollandaise Sauce $1.99Candy Counter Cakes $4.99 Salsa $1.592 Union Joy chocolate chips, almonds, and coconut2 CC Cookie chocolate chips and walnuts2 S’More chocolate chips, marshmallow & graham crackers Have you tried our homemade Bloody Mary?2 Fluffernutter peanut butter chips and marshmallow2 Yummy Nutty walnuts, pecans, and almonds2 Cinnamon Raisin raisins, cinnamon chips with a sprinkle of cinnamon & nutmeg Union Diner SpecialtyOver Light* Runny whites and yolks Poached Dropped in boiling water (cooked medium)Over Easy Lightly cooked whites and runny yolks Sunny* Lightly cooked on one side with runny yolksOver Medium Fully cooked whites and medium yolks Scrambled Whites & yolks mixed together prior to cookingOver Hard Fully cooked whites and fully cooked, broken yolks *We do not recommend consumption of raw or undercooked eggs and meat.
  3. 3. Soups, Salads & Burgers Starting at 10:30 a.m. Union Soups and Salads The Basic Burger Cup Bowl Homemade Soup We proudly serve Angus Beef. Our basic burgers are $2.99 $3.49 pressed thin and served medium and up. Served with Homemade Chowder $3.29 $3.99 french fries or homemade coleslaw. Homemade Lobster Stew $5.99 $7.99 Hamburger (1/4 pound) $4.99 House Salad $6.29 Double Decker (1/2 pound) $5.99 Lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, celery, green Triple Decker (3/4 pound) $7.99 peppers, onions, and shredded carrots Add Bacon $1.09 Chef Salad $7.49 Add American, Swiss, Provolone, or $0.49 House salad, add ham, turkey, american Cheddar Cheese per burger and swiss cheese, and hard boiled egg Ask for lettuce, tomato, pickle or onion Baby Green Salad $7.29 Mixed baby greens topped with candied The Not-So-Basic Union Burger walnuts, gorgonzola cheese and our 1/2 pound Angus burger cooked to temperature and homemade maple vinaigrette served with french fries or homemade coleslaw Stuffed Tomato $6.49 Barnyard Burger $8.29 A tomato stuffed with our tarragon tuna Hamburger topped with pulled pork & bacon served on a warm telera rollTried and True Sandwiches Union BBQ Burger $7.99Served with chips Cheddar cheeseburger with our BBQ sauce, sautéed onions & peppers on a warm telera rollHomemade Chicken Salad $5.79 Bacon Horseradish Burger $7.29Our roasted Turkey $5.79 Provolone cheeseburger topped withHam $5.49 homemade bacon horseradish sauce Cheeseburger Melt $7.49B.L.T. $5.19 Hamburger patty served in a grilled cheeseTuna Salad $5.99 (your choice of cheese and bread)Grilled Cheese $3.99 Chipotle Ranch Burger $7.29 Add tomato, bacon or ham $5.19 Hamburger topped with our homemade $4.59 chipotle ranch sauce with lettuce and tomatoEgg Salad $6.99 Mushroom Swiss Burger Exactly what it says! Upgrade to French Fries add $1.29. Farmer’s Burger $7.49Add tomato or cheese to any sandwich for $.49. American cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato & bacon, topped with an over easy eggTried and True Combinations1/2 Tried and True sandwich (please no 1/2 wraps) The Bow Wows All beef Kayem dogs served with french fries with a cup of soup $5.99 Plain ol’ Dog - on a grilled bun $3.79 with a cup of chowder $6.29 The Windy City $4.99 with a cup of lobster stew $8.29 With onion, tomato, relish, mustard, sport peppers and celery salt The Bacon Dog $4.79Served on your choice of: White, Wheat, Rye, Raisin, Bacon, sautéed onion and cheddar cheesePumpernickel, Sourdough, or Wrap The Fire House Dog $4.79 Topped with spicy cheese sauce and jalapeño peppers Clubs $7.29 Served with french fries or homemade coleslaw Upgrade to sweet potato fries, onion rings, Homemade Chicken Salad Cheeseburger or a side salad add $1.79. Tuna Salad Turkey or Ham Save room for our homemade dessert!
  4. 4. Signature Sandwiches and Dinners Starting at 10:30 a.m. Union Signature Sandwiches Served with fries or homemade coleslaw Grilled Meatloaf Sandwich $6.59 Fresh Haddock Sandwich $6.19 Our homemade meatloaf with swiss & Breaded fresh per order or pan-seared served chipotle mayo on grilled sourdough bread with lettuce on a warm bun Union Turkey Melt $6.79 Chicken Cordon Bleu $7.59 Turkey, bacon & melted swiss on grilled Grilled chicken breast with ham & melted swiss sourdough with our cranberry dijon sauce served on a telera roll Tarragon Tuna Melt $6.99 Grilled or Crispy Chicken Sandwich $6.49 Served on grilled texas toast with tomato & Served with lettuce & tomato on a warm melted provolone bun,plain, our homemade BBQ or buffalo Pulled Pork $7.79 Rachael $6.79 Pulled pork topped with coleslaw & chipotle Our roasted turkey, coleslaw, thousand island & mayo served on a warm telera roll melted swiss on grilled rye SpinaChicken Wrap $6.79 Veggie Wrap $6.99 Grilled chicken, spinach, mushrooms & swiss Sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomato, Pot Roast Sandwich $7.59 spinach, & broccoli with swiss cheese Our tender pot roast served on a warm bun Steak and Cheese Wrap $7.29 topped with gravy and onion rings Shaved steak and American cheese with sautéed onions, peppers, and mushroomsUnion Plates Union DinnersServed with fries, homemade coleslaw, and a Served with choice of potato, daily vegetable, and ahomemade dinner roll homemade dinner rollFish and Chips $8.99 Pan-Seared Haddock $8.99 Fresh haddock breaded to order Fresh haddock pan-seared in white wineFried Scallops M.P. Pan-Seared Scallops $M.P. 1/2 pound of fresh scallops breaded fresh to Fresh scallops pan seared in a white wine orderSeafood Combo M.P. Sirloin Tips $11.99 Fresh scallops, haddock, and clams (when Half pound of marinated sirloin tips available) breaded fresh to order Turkey Tips $6.99Chicken Fingers $7.59 Grilled and dipped in our homemade orange Hand-cut and breaded fresh per order cranberry glazeBuffalo Chicken Fingers $7.99 Apricot Glazed Grilled Chicken Dinner $7.59 Tossed with our homemade buffalo sauce Boneless chicken breast with our apricot glaze Country Fried Chicken $8.29Comfort Dinners Hand breaded fresh to order topped with ourServed with a homemade dinner rollOur slow-roasted pot roast $7.99 homemade sausage gravy With roasted potatoes and carrotsHomemade Meatloaf $7.29 Pasta With choice of potato, vegetable and topped Served with garlic toast with homemade gravy Pasta with Marinara $5.99Our own roasted turkey breast $7.59 Our homemade marinara With choice of potato, veggie, homemade Add our homemade meatballs $6.59 stuffing and a side of cranberry sauceFranks and Beans $6.99 Chicken Parmesan $8.29 Served with grilled brown bread Hand breaded chicken breast topped withHomemade Mac and Cheese $6.99 provolone served on a bed of pasta Nest Egg $7.99 Angel hair pasta tossed with mixed greens and bacon topped with an over easy egg
  5. 5. Beverages Union Specialty Drinks Sides Bloody Mary (Our own spicy mix) $4.75 Small French Fries $1.99 Mimosa - Champagne & OJ $4.00 Basket of French Fries $3.99 ManMosa - Miller Lite & OJ $2.75 Small Onion Rings $2.99 Rosemary Lemonade Fizz $4.75 Basket of Onion Rings $4.99 Iced Java (Ice coffee with Vodka, Small Sweet Potato Fries $2.99 Bailey’s & Buttershots) $5.75 Basket of Sweet Potato Fries $4.99 Real Mashed Potato $1.99 Homemade Coleslaw $1.99 16oz Draft Beer Homemade Gravy $1.99 Pig’s Ear (Brewed in Woodstock, NH) $3.50 Homemade Mac & Cheese $3.99 Magic Hat #9 (Brewed in Burlington, VT) $3.50 Sam Adams Lager (Brewed in Boston, MA) $3.50 Miller Lite (Brewed in Milwaukee, WI) $2.50 PBR (Brewed in Woodridge, IL) $1.50 Rotating Brew - Ask Server Join us Friday nights for our slow roasted Prime Rib Bottled Beer Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite 10 oz cut $11.99 Michelob Light, O’Doul’s $2.79 New Castle, Redbridge $2.99 14 oz cut $15.99 Wines by the Glass Have you seen our daily White Zinfandel $4.00 specials board? Chardonnay $4.25 Cabernet Sauvignon $4.25 Soft Drinks $1.99 (Free refills) Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Ginger Ale, RootBeer, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Ice Tea, Rob Roy, Shirley Temple, Ice Coffee, or Fresh Brewed Ice Tea Juice or Milk Small $1.39 Medium $1.79 Large $1.99 Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Tomato, V8 Union Merchandise Chocolate Milk Coffee Mug $5.99 Small $1.49 Medium $1.99 Large $2.39 T-Shirt $14.99 Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate Union Baked Goods $1.50 (Pre-order) $5.99 Join us for “dinner at the diner” Dozen Dinner Rolls $7.99 Loaf Orange Cranberry Bread Thursday, Friday and Saturday Cream Pie $11.99 Fruit Pie $12.99 evenings until 8. Save room for our homemade dessert!