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Maple Ridge Farms Holiday Food Gifts Programs Made Deliciously Easy


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Why food gifts are a great choice for your business holiday gift giving.

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Maple Ridge Farms Holiday Food Gifts Programs Made Deliciously Easy

  1. 1. Your Best Choice for Business Food Gift Programs
  2. 2. For over 30 years Maple Ridge Farmshas been producing premium qualitygourmet gifts for America’s topcompanies, including 75% of theFortune® 100. Companies from WallStreet to Main Street count on MapleRidge Farms to help them make agreat impression with their bestcustomers and valued employees.
  3. 3. Maple Ridge Farms is dedicated to onefundamental principle … Your gifts should be recognized for their outstanding quality and exceptional flavor. Whether it is the richness of the handmade chocolates, the crunchy freshness of the roasted nuts, or the remarkable flavor of the Applewood smoked meats. Maple Ridge Farms has built its reputation on high standards of excellence.
  4. 4. At Maple Ridge Farms, the goal is topromote YOUR company and YOUR brand,not the Maple Ridge Farms brand.Gifts from the giant foodgift companies are usuallyso emblazoned with theirlogo, the recipient has a hardtime figuring out who sentthe gift. Was it from thegiant food gift company, orfrom you?When someone opens aMaple Ridge Farms gift, thefirst thing they will see isYOUR logo, not the MapleRidge Farms logo.
  5. 5. No Fluff or Filler!Maple Ridge Farms gifts arejam-packed full of the finestpremium chocolates, fresh-roasted nuts and other gourmettreats…Not filled with fluff, air, andinexpensive fillers like so manyother food gifts.When your customers andemployees open these gifts,they’ll say, “WOW!”
  6. 6. Nations BusinessAccording to Nation’s Business magazine, “Food gifts are the best businessgifts for holiday giving.” There are a number of good reasons:• Universal – everyone enjoys high quality gourmet food.• Easy – No need to worry about the gender or size of the recipients• Food can be shared with fellow workers• It is easy to meet various price points with food gifts
  7. 7. What makes Maple Ridge Farmsthe best choice for your food gift program?• Your logo on every gift promotes your company and your brand.• Fresher Gifts Taste Better! Maple Ridge Farms gifts are packed-to- order, shortly before your order is shipped, not made up many months in advance like so many gifts from the giant food gift companies.• Value Driven Pricing -- Volume purchasing and the absence of certain middle-men, allows you to purchase fine quality Maple Ridge Farms gifts for less than you would have to pay elsewhere for stuffy, overpriced brand names.
  8. 8. Even more good reasons to choose Maple Ridge Farms• When you choose gifts that include a desk accessory or other durable item bearing your logo, that item generates goodwill for you, long after the food has been enjoyed.
  9. 9. Even more good reasons to choose Maple Ridge Farms • Innovative Packaging -- All Maple Ridge Farms food gifts are attractively packaged and designed to make a positive statement about your company. Most products are packaged in earth friendly, reusable containers that make great environmental sense.
  10. 10. Even more good reasons to choose Maple Ridge Farms • Maple Ridge Farms will even build customized gifts to fit your promotion, taste or budget.
  11. 11. Every Maple Ridge Farms gift provides 5 “Wows”• Wow -- when it is received• Wow -- when they open it• Wow -- when they discover the quality• Wow -- when they savor each piece• Wow – when they share it with co-workers or family members
  12. 12. Make certain your food gift program promotesYOUR company and YOUR brand… Not someone else’s!