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Value Prop Workshop - Slide Deck Template


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Template deck for workshop on value prop.

Published in: Investor Relations
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Value Prop Workshop - Slide Deck Template

  1. 1. Value Prop Workshop
  2. 2. Your Company Name • • • • Quick overview of your business Length of time in business Key personnel Core concept/product of the business
  3. 3. Problem Description • What problem are you solving for customers? • How are customers solving that problem today? • What are the major pain points that customers are currently experiencing in terms of the problem? • What are the major areas of opportunity to improve the situation?
  4. 4. Solution Description • Brief overview of your product/service • Pain points solved • New gains created in terms of money/time/effort or new capabilities
  5. 5. Customer Profile • Single-sided of multi-sided market? • Typical customer profile • Feedback to date from customers regarding your product/service
  6. 6. Progress/Challenges • What is going well in terms of the development of your value prop? • What hurdles are you facing currently? • What specific help or guidance would be valuable to you to move to the next step? • Any other key points that you would like to make.